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  1. He is by far the main character, regardless of the actor's age. This is one of the year's most aclaimed films. Plus, after Moonlight sucess and the continuous influx of new Academy members, we may need to reconsider past assumptions. Movies like Moonlight and La La Land in years past would not had as much sucess as they had this past ceremony.
  2. Yeah. People on AwardWatch who have seen the movie are predicting Chamalet for Best Actor and Stuhlbarg for Best Supporting Actor. They say Armie Hammer don't have a showy scene, like Stuhlbarg. So, if he was to get a nomination will be a signal that the academy (at least the actors branch) are huge fans of the movie.
  3. I was just reporting what Stacey Sneider herself said: Fox doesn't do gross deal. And that policy already existed before she got there. I would speculate, because of his reputation, that the person responsable for this was Tom Rothman. For that reason alone I would be suprise if Nolan would ever direct a movie at Fox like Interstellar at Paramount.
  4. I liked the movie but I can see people being bored or not enthusiastic about another teen Spider-Man movie. I actually prefer adult Peter, but I understand Marvel/Sony (especially) decision to adapt a teen Peter. Because if the adaptation is sucessuful they would be in a position to make multiple Spider-Man movies (beyond the planned High School trilogy) with the same actor.
  5. You mean Ike Permulter? Since Marvel Studio became independent from Marvel Ent. Kevin Feige have been making interesting choices.
  6. Emily!! Get that Oscar nom and box office sucess!! Shutting up Grace Randolph and Award Watch in one single stroke. 🤞🏾
  7. Thanks. When I read the Wikipedia article about this comic/property they wrote in a way that I thought the original title was "Valerian & Laureline" and I was not happy about the film title dropping the female character. But I see I was wrong.
  8. In France is the comic know as "Valérian" or "Valérian et Laureline"?
  9. There are so many people in this movie. [emoji848] I hope is 3 hours long. I do not want Cyclops and Storm being sideline yet again... [emoji37]
  10. Question: Is it worth seeing this film on IMAX? I ask this because IMAX here in Rio de Janeiro is like 1 hour away from me, so I need to chose wisely the movies I see there.
  11. And yet Greg Silverman was de facto fired in the end of year. So, cleary, Tsujihara or/and Bewkes was not / were not happy with the movie studio performace.
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