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  1. Given how huge musicals have been in the UK in 2018, I understand that many cinemas do not want to underestimate a potentially huge audience for a Christmas musical with brand appeal. Also, the DCEU hasn't exactly resonated deeply with audiences. If I'm not mistaken, Paddington 2 came extremely close to defeating Justice League on the latter's opening weekend last year (in fact, here in Ireland it actually DID beat it), and Wonder Woman didn't do the massive numbers it achieved in other territories. I can see why some are annoyed by the disparity in the number of screens but I also get that cinemas don't want to sacrifice the screens of a film that could possibly sell out its capacity for something that might only attract 10-20 customers.
  2. I dread to think how this place would've reacted if they'd just shown a logo followed by the title.
  3. April 26th. There was no way this was coming out in the US a week after it premiered in certain markets.
  4. I think it's really refreshing that with many of Disney's 2019 tentpole releases, we have seen very little footage from them as we enter the new year. Of course the first Infinity War trailer was much grander and more spectacular; they had to emphasise the threat of Thanos. I wouldn't mind if the next trailer, which should premiere around March if it follows Infinity War's marketing strategy, keeps things to a minimum as well because the idea of seeing hardly any action, important story beats and potential third act moments before we walk into the theatre is very exciting to me.
  5. To no one's surprise, they've moved the US release date up a week too, like with Infinity War.
  6. I could've done without the voiceover at the beginning of the teaser as I wanted the amazing visuals to 'do the talking', but apart from that it was a very satisfying trailer. That poster, however, is gorgeous. It's so simple but I get goosebumps looking at it.
  7. In regards to the underwhelming performance of various films, potentially award contenders, aimed at an older demographic, I think film studios are going to have to realise that if they stick to traditional release strategies for these kinds of movies, they're going to get eaten up by the big tent-pole releases. The fall movie season is starting to become the new summer in that there's almost a tentpole release every other week, leaving little room for films like First Man or Widows to fulfill heir box-office potential. Studios might have to think about giving them a slot in August and September when the market isn't filled to the brim with blockbusters or event films. It remains to be seen if the 2018 fall season is an outlier for the abundance of tent-pole films, but you can guarantee that after the successes of Venom and Halloween in particular, studios are going to heavily rely on these release slots for films of a similar profile in the future. I might be over-reacting but it disappoints me to see stuff like Widows, Bad Times at the El Royale and First Man being left by the wayside when they may have done considerably better in August/September when the market is quite dry.
  8. The most shocking thing about this news is that New Mutants hasn't had its release changed.

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