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  1. I don't want to put a jinx on him but I really feel Lindo is going to be collecting his fair share of accolades at some point next year. In regards to his category placement, his role to me what Brad Pitt's in OUATIH was last year: it fits in both Lead and Supporting. I personally believe his chances of winning in the latter are stronger. On the one hand, Da 5 Bloods is a true ensemble piece and doesn't revolve around one person's perspective, so it doesn't feel quite right to have anyone in a Lead category. However, Lindo's character arguably gets the most to do and leaves the strongest impact, so I wouldn't be totally opposed to a Lead push. Supporting seems like a more open field in regards to contenders, whereas with Lead you've got Hopkins and Oldman to compete against, whose films are expected to release in the thick of awards season (whatever that will look like this year). I'll definitely be rooting for Lindo though, whatever category he's in. He's absolutely outstanding.
  2. I was just watching Awakenings and the song 'Time of the Season' by Zombies plays at one stage. Unfortunately I can only associate that track with eeriness and unease because of this trailer, which is probably my favorite preview for a horror film in the past decade.
  3. I've continued focusing on watching films I haven't seen from celebrated directors, and this week revolved around Brian De Palma's movies. I pretty much enjoyed every one I caught up with, but what struck me when watching films like Dressed to Kill and Body Double was how sad it was that De Palma isn't even making efforts of that ilk anymore, nevermind the crime epics like Scarface. Both are so entertaining and extremely well-crafted but also resonant commentaries on the state of Hollywood at the time. Even something like Phantom of the Paradise holds up pretty nicely.
  4. I was fearing a longer delay (12 months or more) so I can deal with a 4 month push back, although it's no guarantee that there won't be further changes.
  5. This might've been the first time I saw a trailer that pulled a bait-and-switch on me.
  6. Great list idea, I love going back and revisiting old trailers.. This will probably be the only time I mention Battle: Los Angeles on a 'best' list.
  7. Once I finish the second season of Twin Peaks this week I'm going to dip into some of the miniseries that have been discussed here. Mrs. America, Devs, The Plot Against America and The Last Dance are ones I'm eager to check out, as well as those premiering next month. Better Call Saul had its penultimate season finale last night and to think I resisted watching this show for 4 years makes me feel shameful. I binged the first four seasons in a month last year, and somehow the most recent set of episodes might trump everything that came before. I never imagined that I would feel as tense watching an entry in the Breaking Bad universe as I did when the original show was wrapping up, but there were moments in the past 3 episodes of BCS that had my heart pounding. Kim Wexler ranks alongside Ruth Langmore and Kendall Roy as my favorite characters on current TV series and I sincerely hope Rhea Seehorn gets the recognition she thoroughly deserves from Emmy voters this year. If fans of Breaking Bad here haven't watched Better Call Saul, you've got 2 years in all likelihood to get on board before the final season. It'll be worth it.
  8. Over the past 6 weeks or so, my main aim has been to catch up on some older movies I ought to have seen by now, so the way I set about doing that was picking a filmmaker and watching some of the stuff they made I hadn't previously seen over the course of a week. A fortnight ago I focused on Jean-Pierre Melville's work, last week was based around Francis Ford Coppola's, this week is Michael Mann's. Here's what I got around to finally seeing from those guys: Melville - Le Samourai, Le Doulos, Army of Shadows (the best film I've watched in the last few weeks, incredible work), and Le Cercle Rouge. Coppola - The Conversation, Rumble Fish, The Godfather Part III (I held off as long as I could, it's not terrible but not great either), and Dracula. Mann - Thief, The Last of the Mohicans (I plan on watching Ali tonight and Miami Vice later in the week). I've watched some other older movies as well as some 2020 ones too like Tigertail, Bloodshot, Vivarium and best of all Never Rarely Sometimes Always which is my favorite of the year so far. In terms of TV, I jumped on the Tiger King train like most and caught the third season of Ozark which was easily the best of the show thus far in my opinion. I've also been slowly getting through Twin Peaks and The Sopranos, both first-time viewings. Needless to say they're pretty good...
  9. I caught up with some of the 2011 films I hadn't seen - Take Shelter, A Separation and Margaret - and there's a chance all 3 will be making my top 50, with A Separation in particular being a lock for my top 10, I can't believe it took me so long to watch such a superb piece of cinema. I won't say too much for the people who haven't seen it yet, but the story went in a drastically different direction to what I expected based on the premise. Margaret was also pretty astounding. I went with the extended cut (3 hours) rather than the theatrical (2 and a half hours) and one of my thoughts when it ended was that while I adore Manchester by the Sea, this is what Kenneth Lonergan should've won his Oscar for (same with Anna Paquin by the way). Unfortunately, post-production was a complete mess but thankfully Lonergan's cut got to see the light of day. There's still a handful of films from the decade I want to check out for the first time including Mommy, Weekend, Leviathan, Ida, 45 Years and The Hunt but I'll have to start finalising my list now.
  10. There are a few films from 2011 I need to catch up with before I compile my list. I had thought for a while that it was a year of many really good films but not many great ones. However, I've heard very strong things about Margaret, A Separation, Take Shelter and Detachment so I'm going to try and watch all of those before submitting my picks.
  11. This is one of the things that's so surreal about both Mulan and A Quiet Place Part 2: people have seen both already and are now going to be waiting for potentially months to publish their reviews.
  12. Here in Ireland they're closing schools and colleges from 6pm this evening until March 29th. I work in a college and the last 90 minutes have been insane. Teachers/lecturers are rushing from class to class to make contingency plans as there's a possibility the students might not be back in until the week of their end-of-year exams given the Easter holidays.
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