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  1. In the last few years we've seen more of the various Disney divisions open their movies closer together (the MCU this year, even the live-action remakes like Dumbo, Aladdin and TLK have already or will be released within 2 months of each other). On the two previous occasions when a pair of Pixar movies opened in the same calendar year, there was one obvious "lackey" (The Good Dinosaur in 2015 and Cars 2 in 2017). I'm sure WDAS has something waiting in the wings for November 2020 otherwise Soul probably would've taken the Thanksgiving slot. The Pixar movies themselves are in good individual release spots, and if Onward has a great run then it will make for a nice lead-in to Soul.
  2. I was actually a little disappointed initially with Homecoming's final post-credit scene because it had been built up so much by bloggers and fans that I was expecting something that had a serious impact on the MCU narratively as opposed to, well, a self-parodying moment with Cap. I warmed to it much more afterwards though and now it's one of my favorite MCU stingers. The FFH ones must be pretty huge if they're generating these kind of responses.
  3. I'm really looking forward to hearing about the cast. Docter's Pixar outings have featured some inspired and memorable casting decisions (Billy Crystal for Mike in Monsters Inc., Ed Asner as Carl in Up and Lewis Black as Anger in Inside Out). Hopefully he continues to give some notable TV actors some spotlight.
  4. The teen-centric stuff was my favorite part of Homecoming, my main issues were with the action sequences honestly. Thankfully it seems like the set-pieces are handled much better in FFH.
  5. The Wrap review apparently spoils elements of the ending just in case people are thinking of reading it. If anything else I'm loving the notices for Pugh, she's a star in the making (her turn in The Little Drummer Girl was superb) and hopefully 2019 is to her what 2011 was to Jessica Chastain and 2015 to Alicia Vikander.
  6. I notice some of these bloggers weren't hesitant to give away the movie's biggest open secret. Anyway, great reactions so far, really intrigued to see what all the fuss is about in regards to the supposed surprises.
  7. If Pixar's 2020 is akin to Disney Animation's 2016 then we're in for a treat. In regards to Moana's release date, in hindsight you could say that July 2016 was crying out for a big family film (The BFG and Ice Age 5 both underperformed), but it was still successful and has arguably grown in popularity since its theatrical run. Ultimately, Zootopia and Moana combined probably made about as much, if not slightly more than most of us would've expected, it's just that the majority of users thought their respective grosses would've been the opposite ( I highly doubt anyone called Zootopia making a billion worldwide). As for Onward and Soul, I'm very intrigued to see which one comes out on top (there will be some close clubs that's for sure). I know Pixar had two originals in 2015 but The Good Dinosaur was riddled with production problems and felt like a backwards step even on a visual level, plus it was one of many victims of TFA hype that led to lackluster box-office in late November/early December 2015. Both 2020 Pixar movies have compelling premises and strong talent behind them. I'm really hoping WDAS has their next flick ready for the end of 2020 because a trifecta of original animations under the Disney umbrella will be fascinating to track.
  8. A Pixar movie directed by Pete Docter opening in the middle of June a few weeks before a Minions movie. Let's hope the parallels to Inside Out extend to the critical and commercial reception.
  9. That's true. It feels strange to have a summer Pixar movie opening in the UK and the US simultaneously, in fact I think it's the first time since the studio's inception that this has happened. TLK's release date has definitely facilitated it though, therefore TS4 will be an interesting one to track.
  10. I think that one came out in January 2016, not entirely certain. I went back and watched it afterwards and I still felt like it didn't reflect the movie's quality, it even had that trailer voice-over that went out of fashion in the mid-noughties. In regards to F2, we'll probably hear more about Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown's roles at D23 as their characters have presumably been absent from the marketing material so far.
  11. It's probably more of a personal experience but I didn't see the main theatrical trailer for Zootopia before I watched the movie itself - all I saw was that announcement teaser and then the Sloth one that was attached to TFA.
  12. The trailers for Disney Animation movies don't tend to show much of the story, which I really admire. It was great to walk into Frozen, Zootopia and Moana for example not knowing what the crux of their story was and being blown away by the emotional depth and spectacle they boasted. On the other hand, I'm often frustrated with their marketing campaigns because they rely too heavily on comedic moments or humorous side characters which don't do justice to the scale of the films themselves. That's why I'm so thrilled with how Frozen II is shaping up - as usual they're not showing much of the story, but they're actually giving people of all ages reasons to be invested instead of just pandering to the kids with slapstick comedy or seemingly goofy characters. When I saw some of the visuals in Moana's third act I didn't think Disney could reach those heights again, but amazingly there are moments in this trailer that are just as aesthetically pleasing (I got a warm feeling of Harry Potter nostalgia with that Patronus looking underwater horse).
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