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  1. Casting wars: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood vs. Knives Out vs. Dune vs. Untitled Christopher Nolan Event film.
  2. There are a number of placeholder run-times from various theaters but I doubt we'll get full confirmation possibly until ratings boards weigh in on their classification e.g. the UK's BBFC always give the run-time alongside their classification of a film.
  3. Miguel Sapochnik is back, so you don't need to worry about that (though I liked 7 a lot despite its flaws). When it comes to delivering on the big moments (key deaths, battles, concluding character arcs) GOT has usually knocked it out of the park, at least for me, so I'm very optimistic.
  4. If this huge battle in Season 8 that has been reported on recently is indeed episode 3, then the weekend of April 26-28th is going to be the death of the Internet.
  5. gadd

    Rambo: Last Blood

  6. The parents apparently died when Anna and Elsa were still young. I actually think that first scene in the teaser could be from midway through the movie. The fact that it ended without us finding out how she gets off that island suggests that this might be a very pivotal moment.
  7. I see what you mean, but I actually think the May release date sandwiched between huge blockbusters like Iron Man and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was what hurt Prince Caspian. The 2008 winter season, particularly December, was crying out for a family fantasy movie, especially when Half-Blood Prince got pushed back to summer 2009.

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