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  1. Instead of making it a competitive category, it could just be an honorary award for a film that achieved a certain level of box-office success. At least that wouldn't negate the success of the actual Best Picture nominees while genuinely recognising a film that was popular with the masses.
  2. It was stupid to announce the category without providing any clarity on the rules for eligibility, especially when the title is so ambiguous. Ironically this year would've been a golden opportunity to try it out if they'd had any idea what they were doing with it.
  3. Not to mention it would've gotten lost in a crowded market whereas September is looking pretty barren apart from The Nun and The Predator.
  4. For any UK/Irish members interested in seeing this, it looks like the release date has been moved forward from early November to September 14th.
  5. Releasing JW2 earlier in international markets just before the World Cup was a great move. For almost a month it was the only blockbuster on the market with four-quadrant appeal in certain territories. It also helps that it has a unique hook and doesn't risk the possibility of fatigue.
  6. My only issue with this movie is that it's the first Mission: Impossible flick I don't think can be topped by a sequel. The climax in particular is basically action movie heaven.

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