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  1. This might be the most intriguing category of the big 8 right now for me; so many iconic actors in contention for highly praised work. I'd love for Pacino to win a 2nd Oscar for a performance in a movie that is actually acclaimed this time, but he doesn't necessarily stretch himself to any great extent - he is just doing what he does best. Pitt winning his first acting Oscar for that role in OUATIH would be quite strange to me but also pretty amazing. Hanks is the other strong contender here of course, can't wait to see that performance and that film in general in December.
  2. I feel like I say this all the time now, but what a week for Kevin Feige!
  3. Funny you say that, because my dad saw it too and afterwards he told me that it wasn't as enjoyable as The Martian. I was like: "Well....yeah, but it wasn't designed to be as entertaining as The Martian". This is where the initial marketing may have hurt its potential general audience reception. I remember being underwhelmed by the first trailer because it gave me Gravity/ The Martian vibes, which were not what I was expecting from Gray. However, it was edited in a way that contained a broader audience appeal, something the movie itself doesn't carry imo.
  4. Very curious to know what the 9/10-year-olds in my screening made of their (probable) first experience of a James Gray film. I really liked this overall but can't see general audiences taking to it unfortunately. I found it to be a lot more emotionally engaging than The Lost City of Z and ranks just above Two Lovers as my favorite Gray film. I'm still waiting to fully adore one of his works but he's clearly a very gifted filmmaker.
  5. Feig also dismissed those theories about a supposed twist in an interview with the Radio Times, sorry guys!
  6. It's not short for this series. The longest of them is Rambo III at 106 minutes, and the previous movie was around 90 too. That's one thing I appreciate about these movies - given their fairly basic premise they don't tend to overstay their welcome.
  7. Pleased to see such great notices for Zellweger. In an ideal world her co-star in this movie, Jessie Buckley, would be nominated alongside her for the latter's amazing performance in Wild Rose, which is one of 2019's most overlooked films. I want to familarise myself with more of Garland's work before seeing this. Having obviously seen The Wizard of Oz as well as the 1950's version of A Star is Born, what's the next best Garland performance to check out?
  8. Has it? The word of mouth is SLIGHTLY more mixed than it was at Telluride but it's not a Downsizing situation where the reception went downhill fast after its Venice debut. To answer your question, this premieres tomorrow at TIFF, so it'll be interesting to see how it plays given it now boasts the Golden Lion winner tag.
  9. For the record, these reviews are not exclusively from TIFF attendees, it's been screening to press for a week or so and the embargo only lifted after its premiere at the festival, similar to Joker which had screened in the US for members of smaller publications alongside the trades covering Venice.
  10. Todd Phillips at this moment: "When I told people that my movie about the Joker was going to compete at the Venice Film Festival, everyone laughed at me. Well no one's laughing now!"
  11. In the space of 7 months we've seen a comic-book movie get nominated for Best Picture and a comic-book movie win the Golden Lion at Venice. What a world.
  12. Remember when some people rolled their eyes at this being in competition?
  13. I'd imagine he'll go Supporting, not just because of the nature of his role in the film itself but because he has a far greater chance of being nominated there than Lead given how competitive the latter is.
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