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  1. One reason I'm not ruling out Comic-Con is that they showed early footage for Justice League back in 2016 which had the same gap between SDCC and its release date (16 months) as this movie will. I guess the main difference is that they had been shooting JL for 3 months as opposed to 1, and the only other DCEU movie that they showcased there was WW whereas this year they will have Aquaman and Shazam.
  2. I'm fearful for this movie too, but yeah, the August release date on its own is not a concern for me. In fact, I'm thankful Fox recognised that August is a perfectly viable slot for tentpole films because I don't understand how last August and this August are so barren in terms of big studio productions given how successful SS and GOTG were. The issue is that it's the one occasion in recent years when August is pretty stacked, with Hobbs and Shaw, Dora the Explorer, Artemis Fowl, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood all currently opening in the space of a fortnight.
  3. I could be jumping the gun on this, but if they're releasing these images now, on the first day of shooting, it makes it more likely that they might have some footage ready for Comic-Con. And we know WB has recently started to release their SDCC footage online right after premiering...
  4. Very solid teaser. I wonder who it's written by... ''Screenplay by Ehren Kruger''.

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