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  1. I'm digging this new Marvel trend of bringing back actresses from previous movies who had very little to do and giving them the material they deserve. As for Barry Keoghan, any Irish representation in the MCU is good in my book.
  2. It's funny, Arlington Road often comes up when people discuss the most shocking movie endings, but the film itself kind of falls by the wayside when it comes to the discourse surrounding 1999 films. It's a favorite among my parents though.
  3. Agreed. The circulation of articles reflecting on its impact, its re-release in various cinemas and Keanu's surge in popularity definitely boost the chances of it taking the top spot.
  4. It would be pretty ironic if this ended up being a time-travel mystery thriller given that John David Washington's father starred in one 13 years ago (Deja Vu).
  5. I'm inclined to agree with you here. If it was "THE time has come for a new protagonist" I'd understand some of the pushback, but the emphasis on time as the subject appears to heighten its importance in the story.
  6. I'm hoping against hope that there aren't meltdowns when this shows us pretty much nothing. It'll be, like other marketing launches for Nolan flicks, an announcement more than a full-on teaser.
  7. Uncut Gems, from the directors of Good Time. It has a December release date and is playing at some major festivals in the next few months.
  8. And possibly, POSSIBLY, Eddie Murphy for Dolemite is my Name. Those are 3 actors you'd expect to see in a Razzie line-up together a decade ago.
  9. I don't think I've ever been so pleased for a movie to cross $1 billion that I thought was merely decent. Even more impressive is the fact that it did so while competing in an incredibly crowded market. The main reason I'm happy is that it's a welcome lesson to not write things off prematurely which many of us, myself included, were doing with this movie for months up until its release. What a couple of years for Guy Ritchie. 2017 saw him direct one of the biggest flops in years, and now he has his first billion dollar grosser.
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