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  1. They did, now opening on April 6th like the US.
  2. 12 Years a Slave Moonlight Birdman Argo The Artist The King's Speech The Shape of Water Spotlight
  3. Great decision for two main reasons: 1) Gives it some much-needed breathing room before the one-two punch of Deadpool 2/Solo 2) Prevents the risk of people in the US getting spoiled and/or watching leaked bootleg copies. I know this hasn't been a big issue for Marvel films in the past but for this movie in particular it would suck if bootleg videos started circulating the web before its US release. Now watch Fox move Deadpool 2 up to May 11th just to mess with us.
  4. I'd have to go with American Sniper as well partially because it was coming off the back of a really underwhelming year box-office wise (2014), where very few of the big blockbusters had matched or surpassed expectations. Although the marketing for American Sniper was excellent, especially that first teaser, and it had signifcant Oscar buzz, I was worried a malaise had set in among movie-goers. The rest is history.
  5. Oh it's certainly a good trajectory, she's definitely chosen her projects carefully and correctly. It's just that you would expect someone coming off the back of an Oscar win to have featured in many more movies in the years that followed and occasionally hit a few bumps. It's a testament to her decision-making that she's got herself into a position where she isn't over-exposed but has been in enough high-profile films to inevitably attract offers for exciting projects further down the line.
  6. I'm hardly attributing the success of TJB, TFA/TLJ and BP to Lupita Nyong'o, especially considering she barely features in 3 of them. I just thought it was an interesting piece of trivia heightened by the fact that those films are pretty much the only ones she's been after her Oscar win, making her career trajectory even more strange.
  7. Lupita Nyong'o is on a serious box-office winning streak at the moment. Since she won her Oscar in 2014 she's featured in 5 films; 4 of these had opening weekends above $100 million, 3 of which were different IP's (The Jungle Book, Star Wars and Black Panther).
  8. 10 years ago the big tentpole February release was Doug Liman's Jumper with Hayden Christensen. Now, in the same month, we're about to witness a $190-200 million opening weekend for a Black Panther movie. How far we've come...

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