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  1. Okay I’ll go with you on Frozen 2. But SW9 is 1) going to get a much different marketing push than Solo 2) has JJ directing who is not a risk-taker but is instead a crowd-pleaser 3) culmination of the story and the last Star Wars on the calendar for probably a few years. I would be stunned if it didn’t go over $1bn WW.
  2. 2019- Virtual Locks: Avengers 4, Star Wars IX, Lion King, Frozen 2. Possibilities: - Maybe F&F spin-off depending on how strongly it’s marketed. - Maybe SLOP2, wouldn’t require too big a lift off SLOP. - Spider-Man 2 and/or Captain Marvel could pull it off
  3. It was the technology, not Avatar itself, because 2011 is virtually a match to 2010. And 3D is basically gone now, less than a decade later. So the novelty of 3D was interesting for a handful of years longer than Smell-O-Vision was.
  4. It does say something about its cultural impact. Something like Superbad has had immeasurably larger cultural impact than Avatar, at least in the US.
  5. Bro, a half dozen comments every day beating this drum for five or six months in a row is getting so tiresome.
  6. Not sure who is allowed to start clubs, but my new favorite idea is “Chris Pratt’s Billion Dollar Summer” which is A:IW + JW:FK over $1bn domestic.

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