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  1. It is a lie to say that critics don't like blockbusters. And most of Disney's remakes are trash, they deserve the critical drubbing.
  2. The trailers aren't grabbing me the way they are the rest of film twitter and I still think that it will under perform or flop because it looks too artsy for mainstream filmgoers.
  3. Even before Miller responded Incels were attacking the film because apparently Sarah Connor didn't exist in the two first and most well liked films in the franchise. If a female character isn't a total damsel in distress their are always a group of men on the internet who whine. The film is going to bomb anyway so I don't see how it is a threat to them.
  4. The Lego Movie proved that critics will put anyway any bias about a film being unnecessary and judge it for what it is.
  5. Mixed reviews for the Lion King. I expected better but the film does look lifeless so I don't have a difficult time believing that it is a mixed bag at best.
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