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  1. Reviews do matter for certain movies though. RT audience scores NEVER matter. Ebert seemed like a great guy so I'll miss him as a human being but as a critic he and I didn't see eye to eye enough for him to be a critic whose opinion that I cared about.
  2. I didn't like the weekday numbers but still thought it would hit 13mil.
  3. Well, at least it's pulling in big numbers somewhere.
  4. I dug it quite a bit but it's obvious that the good word of mouth isn't reaching outside of the people who like films like Battle Angel.
  5. Alita's chances at 100 million just died.
  6. Alita has to do the best it can before Captain Marvel hits. It needs a good drop this weekend and the one after that. If it really only does like 11.5mil then chances of 100mil are dead.
  7. RT audience scores mean very little. I never take them as seriously as fanboys for a reason.
  8. Alita's drop will probably end up a little better than 60% but it really needs under 50%.
  9. Sounds like a good release date change to me. They wouldn't have put it in March if it wouldn't be ready in time. That worry makes no sense.
  10. Great opening day in China. 1.6mil on Thursday. Okay I can see 14+mil with that number.
  11. Alita could very well drop 60% this weekend. Certainly I am hoping for a 47ish percent drop.

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