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  1. Welp, I'll be back Saturday when we get the Friday estimate. I can't talk about numbers that aren't there.
  2. I wish I could come into these weekend threads and discuss box office but it is always the same song and dance. The constant whining and melodrama about how theaters are dead is utterly embarrassing. Oh well, I guess I could start using the block button again. I'm going to actually wait to see what the film heading towards Children does on Friday and Saturday. Strange I know. You'd think some people would stop the hyperbole after they were proven wrong about Toy Story 4 flopping but they won't.
  3. You aren't doing a good job of defending his filmmaking abilities. Yes, it has to be straight forward because I'm tired. 5 years of excuses makes one tired of hearing them eventually. I defended Snyder for years after Man of Steel. I gave him all the chance in the world to become a better filmmaker but after BvS my defenses were over.
  4. People have claimed this since Man of Steel. "If only he had a good script." I think it's time to face the fact that Snyder himself is the problem. He is not a director who likes being on a tight leash. Disney would never work with him because he likes making three-hour movies where he doesn't explain character motivations nor the story in any clear manner.
  5. I remember when people claimed that Mary Poppins Returns was going to make a billion dollars because of America and Europe's love for the original. Although I think the movie could do okay I'm not ready to say that it does any more than a standard non Disney live action remake musical. So like 375mil is the most that I see right now.
  6. Warcraft flopped in North America and only did mediocre numbers everywhere else so of course China didn't save it. China has never truly saved any film.
  7. Without China. Don't get me wrong China is money too, it counts just as much as the rest of world.
  8. Lol at people pretending that Full Throttle wasn't disliked. Bringing back the 2000's Angels would lead to a bigger budget and it would still flop. What was needed was new buzzed about actresses and interesting visuals. I care about KStew but the public doesn't and the other actresses weren't at her level, even the Aladdin girl.
  9. Nobody can downplay the highest grossing R rated movie's success no matter how hard they try. Just like nobody can downplay Wonder Woman and Aquaman's success. The fanboying is garbage on both sides. People who try to downplay Black Pather's and most big MCU movie's success look foolish as well.
  10. I love Taylor Swift and I think Cats looks terrible visually and terrible in every other way possible. That still doesn't mean that it won't be a hit of course. It could very well be a hit at the box office.
  11. I like Banks and her response to the failure was good but that still doesn't change the dumb stuff that she was saying before the film was released.
  12. If one wants a complete 100% comic accurate Watchmen then read the comic. That's my feeling on that one. Neither Snyder's film nor the original source material is perfect to me.
  13. I love that The Hangover director did what Zack Snyder was trying to do. I'm not saying he was wholly successful because Joker is a flawed movie but at the very least it has a very special performance at the center of it. There is nothing special about Batman v Superman, especially the performances. But then again Zack Snyder can't direct actors for shit so a special performance was never going to happen.
  14. I don't know why I should care about Alan Moore's opinions more than anyone else's? I have no issue with him voicing his opinions like everyone else but I never read up on his opinions because I don't care. I'm not one of those insecure fans that doesn't agree with people every time they say something bad about comic book movies. I agree with plenty of things that are said that aren't nice regarding comic book movies but I'm not a lap dog. I don't really care about what every Tom Dick and Harry thinks about it. I don't worship any of these people. I give my own opinions and make up my own mind about these things.
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