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  1. It wasn't perfect by any means, but I really enjoyed it. A bright and fun superhero movie, emotional but not heavy, which was most welcome to me and perfect for the current times. Diana's energy--as a superhero who's loving and hopeful and kind--continues to be what sells these movies. She, and the movie that reflects her, was/were exactly what I needed right now.
  2. Was just about to post that. I thought the most interesting part was this:
  3. Yep, plus the brand was still relevant back then. It was 20 years after the TV show, but it had run in syndication for years so a lot of people knew it and were fond of it. In the 16-19 years since the last movies, there's been a failed TV reboot that was canceled after 4 episodes and is barely remembered, and the movies were a lifetime ago. The brand is meaningless to a lot of people. I realize it's not in the studios' makeup to let IP die...but they should have.
  4. Love Actually, which is probably the comp they're going for (in more ways than one), debuted in limited release this same weekend in 2003--it made $6.9M. On November 14 it went wide(r), doubling its theater count and made $8.9 M. Last Christmas's numbers are not a disappointing or underwhelming start for a British romcom in the US market at all (especially one with fewer stars and less obvious appeal).
  5. I love how, despite getting far less hype than Midsommar (which felt like it had been talked up for months), this movie is doing better and has already outgrossed that one though it's been out one week less. Well-deserved.
  6. Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway & Steven Knight Are Furious With Aviron Over ‘Serenity’ Bailout Drama. So evidently the studio had agreed to spend a certain amount on advertising, which they didn't (and weren't exactly upfront about it until the very end), likely figuring it wasn't worth it on a dud. You'd think they'd be happy fewer people were tricked into seeing a movie they likely wouldn't enjoy, harming the actors' reputation more in the long run, but I guess not.
  7. The thing is, they've been selling this based on McConaughey's supposed full-frontal nudity (and that first article says he gets naked 6 times). And while I'm totally in favor of McConaughey getting naked,
  8. A more detailed summary of the whole thing can be found here: 'Serenity’ Has the Wackiest Ending of 2019 and We’re Only a Month In I was actually going to see this, because I love twist endings, no matter how crappy the movie (and this one at least looked like cheesy fun). But now...I don't think so.
  9. I know she doesn't have a chance of winning against Gaga even if she gets nominated, but Dolly's song is the one I've listened to repeatedly.
  10. Italy 15 August 2018 Portugal 15 August 2018 Lebanon 16 August 2018 Netherlands 16 August 2018 South Africa 17 August 2018 Malaysia 22 August 2018 Philippines 22 August 2018 Singapore 22 August 2018 Germany 23 August 2018 Hong Kong 23 August 2018 Romania 24 August 2018 Taiwan 24 August 2018 or, per ERC, 18 markets: CRAZY RICH ASIANS scored $6M in 18 int'l markets this weekend. Singapore ($1.8M) Philippines ($1.5M) Malaysia ($749k) Taiwan ($435k) Hong Kong ($422k) 8:17 AM - 26 Aug 2018
  11. I posted this in the reviews thread, but it's such a good read, analyzing every aspect of the climactic scene: What was really happening in Crazy Rich Asians’ pivotal mahjong scene
  12. Here's a good article that analyzes the mahjong scene. I really appreciate how much thought all the filmmakers put into it. For a much more in depth analysis that examines every aspect of the scene at length (as well as how the early poker scene foreshadows this one, this is a great read: "What Was Really Happening in Crazy Rich Asians’ Pivotal Mahjong Scene"
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