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  1. Theres a Rotten Tomatoes editorial up. https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/article/everything-we-know-about-wonder-woman-1984/?cmp=TWRT_Edit_Everything_WW84 Wasn't aware that the one of the photos on the mantelpiece was Diana standing outside the Trevor Ranch, which means she spent some time with Steves family. I guess there's a story to be told.
  2. What song could feature in the next trailer. Has to be something that can be turned into a cinematic remix, be <=1984 and have a good beat. I'm thinking Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams.
  3. I thought the trailer wasn't as half as bad as I was expecting. There's def enough theatre lovers to be attracted to this. On the other hand, it could flop hard, who knows lol
  4. It looks like the first social media reactions, which were overwhelmingly positive, have proven to be a false dawn yet again. It's time the industry stopped these pre release screenings to selected critics, they are just buying votes. I'm still going to see it, cos I loved the last one.
  5. YT views about to overtake BoP trailer. I guess people were just too busy this time of year to be watching trailers, so views are getting more spread out.... unless your Marvel of course.
  6. Some small details I noticed in the trailer. When she's looking up at the aeroplane in the dark, she's probably seeing a flashback to when steve died. Why is Steves watch on the mantelpiece moving of its own accord ? There's a continuity error at the end, she drops the wings, then they're back on again in the very next shot.
  7. Yeah, it also depends on the breakdown of the followers brandonMD is heavily Marvel for instance and BW won that one. If it's a battle of the stans, Marvel would win every time because they are the Apple of movies ATM and people are going to buy it whatever.
  8. I think origin trailers tend to do better because of the curiosity factor, BW has more views than RTOS for instance. Watching a few reactions on YT and there does seem to be a lot of confusion on what the movie is about. Unfortunately Patty is assuming a level of intelligence that doesn't seem to be there is a lot of these YouTubers, I mean Lord is practically explaining the plot in his infomercial and they still didn't get why ST was there.
  9. Was you alive in the 80's ? Max Lord style adverts in the US were pretty commonplace.
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