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  1. Twitter is not very happy. I bet there is a consolation in the form of a cameo, wouldn't be suprised if it was in BoP.
  2. I think the thread title says it all - What went wrong? Nothing....thats the problem.
  3. Spectre took 7 months for principle photography, but it uses primarily practical stunts rather that VFX. SO there is not much to do in post production. A short shoot indicates a rather simplistic plot and a lot of VFX unfortunately.
  4. One of the trailers for Halloween was for John Carpenters "The Fog" which is a bit odd. Seems that 4 of JC's original works have been digitally remastered to 4K and the CIneworld is going to be showing all 4 of them. https://bloody-disgusting.com/home-video/3520192/studiocanal-restored-four-john-carpenter-classics-4k-theatrical-home-video-release/
  5. Every knew how Apollo 13 ended.
  6. The movie was all I could have hoped for in bringing the nostalgia of the slasher genre back. Sure it could have introduced some new concepts, but it didn't need to. JLC was brilliant.
  7. Venom was magnificent and so was Halloween. Just got back, am tempted to say - they don't make them like they used to - but they both did just that and they both deserve all the $.
  8. I'm going to add some more dosh to the Halloween cash mountain tonight.
  9. I've also noted the lack of a sense of humour in US customs officials.
  10. It's a slasher movie, it's not supposed to be oscar bait.

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