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  1. For a nation of 1bn, those numbers are really low. What does a typical local film net?
  2. SMH was pretty terrible, although I don't think that qualifies as an MCU movie. Terrible is probably not the right word, it wasn't terrible, it was just bland AF.
  3. Or it could be that they have a team of reliable in-house script writers that thoroughly peer review before releasing.
  4. In the Black Panther reactions everybody was praising Micheal Jordan.
  5. WB doesn't need a marketing budget, just let Sandberg loose on social media.
  6. She's not been helping herself. There are plenty of ways to promote diversity without attacking your core audience. I wonder how critics will reacted since she's been attacking them as well. We'll find out soon enough
  7. That HTML code makes even less sense than Bries gobbledegook.
  8. Its now 60% with critics on RT and has a 93% audience score. It seems that critics are getting it wrong more often than not nowadays.
  9. Watch Captain Marvel Monday, Shazam Wednesday and EndGane Friday. Problem solved, no need for push backs.
  10. SH origin movies are in vogue, I'm thinking 140/390 and a 1.01 WW.
  11. Which is why you will see the marketing go apeshit the week before release, they will delay the review embargo to as late as possible for maximum impact.

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