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  1. All the evidence we have is that the body can't maintain high antibody levels for very long, they drop back very fast around 90 days to the level that the standard 2 dose vaccine background level, which is not really going to cover until April. Here in the UK, they deliberately dropped all measures back in July and let Delta rip through whilst the hospitals were in the normally quite summer period. Now cases are declining and are expected to minimise by Christmas. Its cyclical and the next wave is expected in spring, each wave will be smaller. It's a very ba
  2. The vaccines are only 50% effective against infection, their cases are already taking off and boosters wont last long enough to cover all winter.
  3. Countries that kept restrictions during summer are going to pay for it in winter.
  4. Countries that kept mask mandates in summer are going to pay for it in winter.
  5. The antibody seropositive rate in the UK is 97%, we still have a lot of infections going on. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1016276/Weekly_Flu_and_COVID-19_report_w36.pdf (page 74)
  6. Not really. It's not about how many are vaccinated, it's about how many have antibodies.
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