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  1. An update on my lads PPE escapade... Spoke with him tonight, he delivered 1500 masks to the local hospital funded through crowdfunding, his efforts have gone wide on social media, he's on the BBC news website and got an interview for radio tomorrow. Now many hospitals from the south of England are phoning him for their own needs. He's actually making full face visors, that is what they were short off, they have been fasttrack type approved by the NHS and he has a contract to make tens of thousands. He just taken delivery of material to make 25,000 for the first tranche, he can't do it all himself, he has enlisted other local companies with laser cutters, it's going to keep them busy too. Sounds like total requirements could be going more towards millions and this obviously can't be funded through donations but the NHS have said they literally have unlimited funds for procurement so they agreed a price per mask so it's actually going to be a commercial transaction but he's kept the price as low as possible whilst still being able to pay the bills. They said the reason they need so many is that it's not just for the hospitals, its for all the doctors surgeries and care home and other staff, you don't realise how many people need this equipment other than the front line staff.
  2. DT would like it known he has tested negative for CoV....very negative....possibly the best negative ever !
  3. I heard that Germany doesn't record death cause as CoV if they die of an underlying health condition, they record the health condition itself even if CoV is present, is that true?
  4. Yeah, to put it in perspective, without these measures, there would be more UK fatalities in the next 4 months than there were in the whole 6 years of world war 2....including military deaths. Just let that sink in !
  5. Not to mention they have previous experience with SARS, both them and Korea were vigilant and perfectly set up to suppress any outbreak. This is just a lesson learned by western nations, we will be prepared next time.
  6. Actually it looks like an overestimate, look at the Italy peak numbers, it says 1200/day by the 27th, thats tomorrow, no way Italy are going to hit those numbers. Also it all depends on the current measures being maintained, it will go pear shape if the measures are removed.
  7. This is imperial colleges updated model predicting total fatalities for each country, Spain is in deep trouble. This was calculated on 20th March so it looks like quite an overestimate as Italy will not reach 1200/day by tomorrow. Source - https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.25.20041475v1.full.pdf
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