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  1. Does anyone else think there were some weird choices in the musical score at key points in the movie?
  2. Yeah 3rd act is like an Avengers 3rd act, great visuals but way too overstuffed. It also borrows from many movies, star wars, the Hobbit.... The end fight is good though with a satisfying outcome.
  3. Bonkers is definitely the right word for it. But Wan can be taught a thing or two by Patty on how to direct actors. The cinematography and VFX though, that was easily the best I have ever seen. Just a shame about the acting.
  4. Looks like Marvel doesn't trust female directors to do action scenes. https://www.worldofreel.com/2018/12/director-lucrecia-martel-was-approached.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&m=1
  5. I'm just pointing out that the average critics score is higher for MP than it is for both AM and Bumblebee. The MP RT score is an anomally that will correct itself over time, it should be sitting in the 90s at this point with that rating.
  6. No it isn't MP is going to be at least 5% above AM and probably 10% higher, its probably going to end up higher than Bumblebee as well.
  7. Mods protecting critics = Mods are anti DC. Thats my conspiracy theory for the day.
  8. I think the review count will be slow for a few days, which is par for the course. Most critics only see it through standard admissions.
  9. Actually, I've seen "Aquaman Ragnarok", "Thor wannabe" and "Black Panther ripoff" terms used by blue ticks. Critics are really not helping their perception by some fans.

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