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  1. The less doses you have the more need to target the people at most risk. Italy have 15% vaccinated, if they had used a single dose and targeted over 80s first, their death chart would be on a downward trajectory. Canada is making the same mistake.
  2. Yes, vaccinating teachers instead of 80 year olds is the most stupid idea imaginable.
  3. Profile of non aged-ordered vaccination strategy - Italy Profile of strict age-ordered vaccination strategy - UK Canada is using the Italy strategy.
  4. 😎
  5. We are down to under 2000 cases total, 99.3% of which are UK variant. So not really, UK variant seems to crowd all the others out. Retail opens tomorrow, we shall see if that causes any increases, the school's have been back 6 weeks and that had no effect. They will approve J&J here this week, I don't think will do anything as we are not due any supplies for a while. Novavax is probably the next up and we have local production capacity for that.
  6. I think tourism is a big problem for most of western Europe. Offshoring our manufacturing was not the best idea in the world.
  7. Pretty sure the individual countries have quite a bit of relief to people. Didn't the US just give a single $1200 cheque?
  8. Yes, Its all just guessing on my part, in the absence of any data its just trying to fit a scenario to what we have observed. Of course there is a difference in that one is RNA based and one is DNA based.
  9. I did say further back in the thread if one did it, they likely all would. It's a feature of Covid itself, it had been noted that a proportion of young people suffer strokes due to an overreaction of the immune system. If Covid does it, the vaccines are likely to do it too. Its emergency usage, they haven't done enough testing, it could be they need to lower the dosage for younger adults. We saw in the AZ trials that they made a mistake in one of the group's and only gave a half dose, it made no difference to efficacy, in fact that group had a higher efficacy that the full dose gave.
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