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  1. 92% of UK population have Covid19 antibodies. Not wise to cut loose without high protection levels.
  2. 7th day in a row with declining cases, 50% down on same day last week. Positivity rates also falling. The UK has also been doing more daily tests than whole of the rest of Europe combined.
  3. I think the criticism was not unwarranted, but there is another 36% drop today, so either Boris is extremely lucky or he's fiddling the numbers because this is baffling.
  4. Despite huge criticism from the WHO and others abroad, the plan in the UK was to fully open up and let the remaining virus burn itself out over summer to prevent another winter lockdown. It was widely thought cases would reach >100K per day and yet it suddenly turned around and started falling and no one knows why. Some think the surge was related to the EUROs football, but the surge is also happening in other countries who didn't get so far in the tournament. The grand experiment continues....
  5. I guess at the time, delta didn't didn't exist so getting optimum efficacy wasn't so much of an issue. It's not a huge problem, because it's still effective against severe disease. The problem was, in the race to be first to market, Pfizer didn't test the variables, like dosing intervals. Astrazeneca did, which is where the 12 weeks came from originally in the UK.
  6. How long from the first dose? 8 weeks should be the minimum, the Israeli studies show Pfizer is only 40% effective against Delta to prevent symptomatic disease with 4 week interval.
  7. Vaccine jabs have hit a brick wall here in the UK and the USA. I guess the real aim here was to get as many jabs in arms over the winter period when infections were highest and that was a success. This last bit of getting younger cohorts done is proving more difficult, many they think they are invincible and dont need it,.
  8. Look what happened to vaccine bookings in France when the passports were announced.... Antivaxxers are all mouth.
  9. In the rush to get people fully vaxed to stop the spread of Delta, there is a risk that vaccine protection becomes impaired. All vaccines including mRNA need to be >8 weeks apart and preferably 12.
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