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  1. She's typical stage school, there are a number of young actors out there that are only famous because they landed high profile roles but are really two-a-penny. Luck of the draw.
  2. AndyK

    Tuesday Numbers - Early Estimates

    Saw Pet sematary tonight, thought it was perfectly serviceable, not sure why the critics had such a downer on it. On the way out, the wife said "so, would you bring me back to life?", I said "hell yeah, if they come back as opposites, you'd might be nice!". Luckily she took it as a joke....
  3. You mods should try visiting a gay music forum. You don't know how easy you got it here.
  4. Shazam did slighlty better than it was looking at one point.
  5. Well, its a movie box office forum, so its kind of implied. Otherwise McDonalds and Starbucks might as well be crowned champions and the thread can be closed.
  6. I went on wiki just after the fire started and read a paragraph about the towers before they actually fell and it read "which was destroyed in the April 2019 fire". Jeez they get wiki updated quick these days.
  7. Saw the trailer a few days ago. Ryan Reynolds was the weirdest choice to voice the Pokémon. Just doesn't work at all.
  8. You mean DCEU is getting better, DC has been tonking Marvel in Cinemas for decades.

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