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  1. This is one of the hardest Marvel movies to predict how well its going to do from this far out.
  2. So many bad takes, ZS is not a bad director, BvS was just too rushed and JL was bought down by studio interference.
  3. I think its natural that cinema goers need a reason to go see something at the cinema rather than on their TV, it needs to be cinematic.
  4. Not impossible, just improbable. https://m.phys.org/news/2018-11-stephen-hawking-day.html But from my point of view, a sci-fi movie based on some facts, however stretched they are, can be ruined by introducing the totally incredulous, which is what the second movie did for me. Just my opinion.
  5. Yes, time travel is based in some kind of reasoning in science. Robots with complex circuitry and power sources that maintain their structural integrity while becoming a gooey mess on the floor, makes no sense at all. If it was a sentient being with godlike powers or even a talking tree, that would be easier for the brain to adjust too in the cinema than a liquid metal robot. That's why T1>>>>>T2, the terminator was plausible.
  6. Scorsese and Coppola probably still liked Wonder Woman, I remember John Landis had a pop at Marvel.... https://www.cbr.com/john-landis-wonder-woman-bored-marvel/
  7. WOM was strong in my household, daughter saw it last week and rated it higher than Joker. BTW, did anyone see it in 2D? We didn't get the choice in any of the showings, they were all 3D. Also, the only real criticism I had was that the Cinematography was kinda weird, like it was too clean and well defined. We saw it in Xplus/Atmos.
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