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  1. I guess Oz is in midwinter now which is the worse time for spreading.
  2. We have other studies that show exposure to Covid-19 through T-Cell tests on blood donors. They show that mild cases do not create measurable antibodies and the actual number with T-Cells specific to COVID19 equate to around 30% of the population. So the antibody tests mean nothing if the vast majority of people are asymptomatic or mild cases.
  3. This is going to screw your minds http://insight.jbs.cam.ac.uk/2020/flu-and-coronavirus/
  4. Just put China in quarantine until they can prove they have a functioning health and safety regime. Bubonic plague cases linked to eating raw marmot meat as boy, 15, in hospital https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/two-cases-bubonic-plague-linked-22308095
  5. There's a limit to how long even a big cinema chain can last without income.
  6. Apparently a 100 year old Elk Statue has been set on fire by Antifa protesters in downtown Portland. I wasn't even aware there was Elk supremacist movement to protest about, you learn something new every day !
  7. Sky are being pummelled by Netflix and Amazon Prime, it's quite an expensive package, especially if movies and sports are in the bundle.
  8. Doesn't look anything we haven't seen before. I don't mind Gerard Butler, he ticks all the boxes for action star even if his movies are all a bit samey.
  9. I'm cancelling my bet, the level of stupidity being displayed is just too great to be overcome with better treatments.
  10. It's very frustrating that the virus can be managed with simple measures and no need for damaging lock downs if people just did what they are supposed to do.
  11. I'm going to bet that the death rates never reach what happened in NY. Doctors have learned how to treat the symptoms more effectively.
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