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  1. Riiiight... Guess we'll see when a studio finally decides to make one. Digimon > Pokemon at the box office would be inevitable
  2. You're right. Digimon wouldn't come close because it'd leave Pokemon in the dust. Better monsters/creatures, more spectacle, better fights, stronger story...etc
  3. Still waiting on that live action Digimon movie! A Digimon film would blow Pokemon out the water, as the anime of the former has always been superior to the latters.
  4. It is so very good! Especially for stress and anxiety. I'm so glad i live out West, where it's legal. West Coast, Best Coast!
  5. That's how I came here too. BOT was always referenced on other forums for box office numbers. I came over when Wonder Woman opened. Thankfully I missed out on SS and BVS opening weekend threads.
  6. Someday we'll get the JL film us DC fans deserved! Seems like we're headed in the right direction finallt! Solo films, then a big team up. So eventually we'll get a JL film with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Mera... Count me in! Bonus points if they include Blue Beetle, since he's getting a film. Also Zeeko Zaki for Hawkman. Sofia Boutella or Eiza Gonzalez for Hawkgirl.
  7. Same here. I want my Latino lucha mask wearing Bane played by an actual Latino actor!
  8. Season 2 is my favorite. It'll show you just why WB is developing a Blue Beetle film.
  9. Have you not heard of the Dark Knight Trilogy? Do I have to bring up the cast for those films? Very diverse! Also Suicide Squad isn't the only film with diverse leads either, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam do great in that regard too. Birds of Prey and Joker too... Then you look at the films in development for DC vs the ones for Marvel and it becomes more apparent. Also Black Panther, while a ground breaking film, isn't a diverse film. It's 95% Black. You wouldnt call a film with a 95% White cast diverse, would you?
  10. Aquaman is biracial (Polynesian), Wonder Woman is played by an Israeli woman, Suicide Squad featured the moat diverse cast in CBM history (Asian, Latino, Native American and Black leads), Shazam has a foster family with superpowers made up of kids from different races, Birds of Prey feature multiple Asian leads and a Latina and Black woman in lead roles. With Marvel it's mostly Black and White and they make a publicity stunt out of it. With DC it's everybody and the diversity is natural (ie best actor gets the role, no publicity). DC also has a Blue Beetle film (Latino led) and Green Lantern film ( a franchise with Black/Latino/Arab leads) in development. There's also Black Adam led by the Rock and featuring Hawkman (Egyptian/Middle Eastern actor).
  11. Yeah, but notice where the recent Wizarding World films are landing. They're either at the bottom or missed the top 20 altogether. Middle Earth is also a finished franchise. DC is still active, and 4 of their 5 recent releases have landed in the top 20. I wouldn't be surprised to see DC knock the bottom two Wizarding World films out of the top 20 with WW84 and The Batman. Throw in Blue Beetle, Aquaman 2 and other surprise DC hits and we'll be looking at half the list being DC. Guarantee that that list is going to look very different in the next few years.
  12. Maybe, but it's still one of Hollywood's most successful franchises of all time. Has spawned spinoffs, theme park rides, an animated show, video games...etc. I think that's impressive, considering back in 2001 when the original was released nobody would have guessed it'd still be a thing nealry 20 years later. I say bring on the female spin-off and bring them all back!
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