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  1. Well Social Media, Huge group of friends, Cinemascore etc. I can tell it really is not good.
  2. I think WOM for Ant-Man 2 is not that good.
  3. That why on reddit boxoffice content from him banned since he is clickbait.
  4. @AndyK Superman snapping Zod neck was sure a great fucking moment wasn't it?
  5. Here is one thing I love about The Rock is that he seems to be a Box Office Nerd like us posting stuff like these for example:
  6. I wonder the Next Live Action superhero movie after Ant-Man and before Aquaman Is Venom. Since Brazil as a superhero loving country, how well will Venom possibly do in Brazil?
  7. @StevenG I agree with you that BP VFX was awful and that was my only issue with the movie that prevented me from giving it an A+, and I gave it an A.
  8. My Opinion on four main Superhero Franchises: Disney Marvel, WB DC, Sony Marvel, and Fox Marvel. Disney Marvel: They seem to be the main one and they are the most successful and they try to maintain a consistent formula and it seems to work for them. I feel like they have a record of huge success and also mixed ones with a some consider Great, Good, Okay, Or Meh. I also known that they have a formula that may irritate people but I feel like with each of their movies they try to be different while confirming to the formula. At least some of their movies are in my top CBMS and happy for their success and hope they continue. WB DC: I have to say that so far they have not been good with their recent movies with the exception of Wonder Woman. I like their past movies like the dark night movies by Nolan, Man Of Steel, Superman 78, and Batman 89. But the Recent ones like BVS, SS, and JL soured on me that I have lost faith with the exception of Wonder Woman and I hope they can get their act up in future movies so as not to lose my trust. Sony Marvel: They seem to have a mixed record with the positives being to me SM1, SM2, AM1 with the worst ones being AM2 and SM3. I hope they continue to find success with Venom hopefully being good but the trailer have underwhelmed with me that I hope the next trailers are better. I am excited for the Animated Into The Spider-Verse movie since it looks unique and look forward to it more of the movies in the future. Fox Marvel: It is a universe where they had more mixed success with the outliners being Deadpool, Logan, X2, and DOFP. The FF series I hated all of the movies. I known that they will be integrated into the MCU once the purchase of Fox by Disney goes through. To me they are more projects in development but might be canceled because of the deal. To me with the news of Dark Phoenix delayed and that of New Mutants being delayed despite having a trailer already I have lost faith in this universe with the exceptions mentioned above and I am glad Disney is stepping in. 
  9. Man July 27 will be such a day. It is the day where Fox Shareholders meet to vote on merging with Disney. My dad is a Fox Shareholder and will vote yes for reasons not having to do with Marvel.
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