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  1. I wished that I would have called you the C-Word but it is unfortunately censored on this forum.
  2. Hey @Barnack is their any source or contract that talks about such thing?
  3. I saw the movie and want to say it was quite underwhelming and I agree with this review from @ConnorFilm : https://revengeofthefans.com/2018/06/21/rtf-film-review-connor-says-jurassic-world-fallen-kingdom-offers-same-old-spectacle/
  4. manny1234

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix

    Feb 2019.
  5. manny1234

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix

    513.9 M X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) 388.5 M X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
  6. For this year 2018 it's seems like the highest grossing movie of this year in the UK is IW, but do other movies like Mama Mia 2 or FB 2 have a chance at dethroning IW?
  7. What will JW II final total be in pound/dollar?
  8. How has Pixar Coco been doing in home video sales and streaming down in Mexico? P.S. IW and Coco both with over 20 million admissions if the ER had been at late 00s to early 10s level damn they would be over 100 million usd.
  9. I known, also @Nova @Slambros this sure will be a huge pissing contest between Disney and Comcast for Fox.
  10. @Hades @IronJimbo @JamesCameronScholar @Nova If Comcast got Fox somehow then Avatar would be part of the Comcast family which has its own Universal Theme Park which is a rival To Disney but the Avatar theme park it is based would be at Disney instead of Universal.
  11. I feel like Disney should just give up and let Comcast have Fox.
  12. Man @Barnack you sure have a good track of making of post about the financial things about movies, my question is do you have a career or education about knowning such stuff?

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