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  1. Well Social Media, Huge group of friends, Cinemascore etc. I can tell it really is not good.
  2. I think WOM for Ant-Man 2 is not that good.
  3. That why on reddit boxoffice content from him banned since he is clickbait.
  4. @AndyK Superman snapping Zod neck was sure a great fucking moment wasn't it?
  5. Since this has a lot of competition I might wait till it is available on Vero to see it.
  6. Aquaman in such a crowded marketplace really needs good reviews and WOM or it might tank.
  7. Here is one thing I love about The Rock is that he seems to be a Box Office Nerd like us posting stuff like these for example:
  8. I wonder the Next Live Action superhero movie after Ant-Man and before Aquaman Is Venom. Since Brazil as a superhero loving country, how well will Venom possibly do in Brazil?
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