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  1. If my opening weekend prediction were based on online discussions about the movie and that curiously low RT score, I'd have predicted even less than 198 million. I kept expecting to see a sudden drop day after day but nothing drastic is yet to happen. It's a Star Wars film. 'Everyone' is going to see it. It shouldn't have any problem getting past 750M at this rate. But this is 2017 (the franchise killer year), so failing to pass 650M, while unlikely, isn't impossible.
  2. If TLJ has the same multiplier as R1, it will end at about 760M. Not bad. R1 was not this divisive though. TLJ is a critically solid film but with plot points sure to anger some fans for the same reasons it pleases others. Dunno if that will lead to a weaker multiplier than with R1. With TFA's multiplier, we're looking at 830M. I don't think it's going to have that kind of multiplier unless the controversy actually fuels word-of-mouth and rewatches. Captain America: Civil War was not as controversial but it did have lots of debates surrounding it for a long time. Man of Steel was c
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