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  1. You might be confusing pessimism and realism due to the IP involved
  2. Man this movie is doing so bad that we’re talking about WB using literally its biggest round in the chamber to feel better.
  3. Well...I don’t know what to think now. Didn’t think of enjoy this very much but it was pretty good. Unfortunate performance
  4. Lot of talk around ScarJo and David Harbor with the people I’m around but I’m pretty sure Florence is gonna be the show stealer
  5. You need to have “mouths” to have word of mouth.
  6. People are trying to find a whole host of excuses. It simply audience apathy. Turns out people don’t care as much about Harley Quinn as much as some were lead to believe.
  7. I hope a deadshot movie is in the future with Will. Dude is clearly still a huge draw and would be a smash hit.
  8. Well the movie is messy but in the way Revenge if the Sith was messy. I liked it. Certainly far more than Last Jedi where I walked out thinking “what the hell was that”
  9. Oh marvel (well perlmutter I guess). Why did you shoot yourself in the foot waiting so long for a Widow movie. I suspect endgames cliff scene would have been reversed if they knew the demand for widow
  10. So now it’s coming in under the Tracking? Looks like we have have couple of people learning a valuable lesson in looking at the data without their emotions taking over.
  11. Doesn’t look like a stretch to say Far From Home could win the summer season (not counting the obvious). I’d still say Lion King but Spider-Man will make it close.
  12. And all of those people will be closer to the mark than those two. And FYI, making slightly more than 50 million doesn’t mean people who predicted 90-100m made better predictions. Th
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