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  1. So now it’s coming in under the Tracking? Looks like we have have couple of people learning a valuable lesson in looking at the data without their emotions taking over.
  2. Doesn’t look like a stretch to say Far From Home could win the summer season (not counting the obvious). I’d still say Lion King but Spider-Man will make it close.
  3. And all of those people will be closer to the mark than those two. And FYI, making slightly more than 50 million doesn’t mean people who predicted 90-100m made better predictions. Th
  4. I...never made a prediction lol. But if I did, 50m is far closer to the stupid numbers being thrown around in Detective Pikachu thread lol
  5. You don’t need to worry about competition at this rate man. DP will have fizzled out by the time Aladdin even releases.
  6. These would all be pretty bad entries for anyone not a hardcore Pokémon fan....and as we can see it really isn’t that big of a deal anymore. I doubt we see anything Pokémon related rushed into theaters now.
  7. If Pikachu wanted to be above endgame this weekend it’d ha e to be outselling it already for opening day.
  8. If you only look at the good tweets of course it will looks amazing.
  9. You must be seeing some serious over indexing because even places like Empire 25 are getting nowhere near sellouts.
  10. WOM for this movie is one big “ehh it’s ok”. I really don’t know where you’re seeing this fantastic WOM, unless you’re looking at only positive tweets and ignoring the rest.
  11. Kinda hard to argue against the MCU when it’s about to have the biggest grossing movie of all time. But go ahead. Take your potshots in favor of a movie that’s been through production hell before Disney ever got a hold of it.
  12. “Probably” and considering the fanboy nature of Pokémon, I’d lean that way over movies like dumbo or grinch.
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