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  1. I think it’s score is still too high. I honestly liked Green Lantern and JL more than this
  2. Drama in here is definitely more entertaining than the sloppy mess the movie was
  3. These YouTubers sway their opinion to whatever the majority of the internet is saying to keep their audiences happy. The worst of the bunch is Chris Stuckman who waits until a consensus has formed and then frames his review on that. The way he talks during his review of a bad movie, especially of WW1984, makes it absolutely clear he’s not sharing his actual review. He’s simply creating a comedy routine based on what the the interest is saying and using that as his review. It truly feels like he’s pulling comments from the most retweeted tweets about this movie.
  4. You’re telling me that Warner Brothers made a superhero to not try to appeal to the biggest and most consistent movie fanbase on the planet? some of you are twisting yourselves into so many knots you’re starting to look like pretzels
  5. This dude is a rather large dc fanboy. B+ is awful for a 4 quadrant blockbuster
  6. Wonder how Warner execs are handling knowing they just torpedoed their best franchise bet.
  7. Alright...I bit the bullet, paid for Max, and watched. I don’t know how many more times I can do this with DC movies. seems like it’s 2 bad for every good movie. Blah what a waste of 2 hours and change.
  8. I just can’t see Patty coming back for #3 with the whole WB situation, her comments on her pay, and going to Lucas for Rogue Squadron
  9. Using phrases like “dude lmao” is definitely hostile. Your opinions don’t grate on me because it’s not that serious but mine seem to have some sort of profound personal affect in you. I’ll respond so long as you keep responding to me
  10. I haven’t posted on reddit in years so no (not since I discover red this forum). I suggest you either ignore my presence or become tolerant because of this annoys you this much...well I’m not going anywhere
  11. I listed Wall Street separately because I wasn’t including them in the general public. you are simply being very hostile over a simple opinion. And now you’re trying to accuse me of being defensive when you’ve been nothing but hostile. You’re clearly upset by this situation or what I said because it doesn’t line with your worldview. you’re going to have to learn to adjust how you deal with people who disagree with you in trivial manners. Who cares if I am the only one in here speaking on Disney’s defense if they move. It seems as if you are waiting as some sort of outrage sentinel against anyone and everyone who isn’t against the streaming move. this is not the first time you’ve been hostile against me either.
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