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  1. HouseOfTheSun


    The SE Asia surge is real...
  2. We got the magic number don’t adjust to 70 now Disney
  3. HouseOfTheSun

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Why don’t you want it to break out?
  4. And come to think of it WB hasn’t ever had an original IP hit 1 Billion while Disney has lol
  5. So you appreciate that WB doesn’t have to rely on live action adaptations and superheroes and then say that WB had to rely on a superhero and a live action adaptation to hit the billion mark?
  6. I really only watch sports highlights and am relatively clean on my recommendations, but I do see the odd Ben Shapiro now and then
  7. HouseOfTheSun


    Worrying about WHEN the movie crosses 1 Billion dont stress over a matter of a day or 2. We know it’s going to cross the mark
  8. Captain Marvels Wednesday to Friday increase is bigger than IW and Black Panther...could be walkup heavy over the weekend
  9. HouseOfTheSun

    MAYbe it’s MAYbeline: Pikachu, Aladdin and Godzilla all over $100M OW

    Shrek the Third and Pirates: At Worlds End. And Spider Man 3 opened 151m two weeks before shrek.
  10. HouseOfTheSun

    MAYbe it’s MAYbeline: Pikachu, Aladdin and Godzilla all over $100M OW

    Out. Godzilla won’t make it

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