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  1. Don’t particularly care for either team but I want Lebron to get #4. Better LA teams than Boston teams lol
  2. This might be an unstoppable freight train in awards season
  3. They could get Amitabh from 1970 and SRK from 2000 and it wouldn’t do anything for the movie except maybe 1 or 2m more in India... I liked this performance in New Girl. Probably the one non bastardized depiction
  4. Anyone comparing this to LOTR is out of their mind. Since LOTR the only book series to penetrate popular culture to the point that LOTR is Harry Potter. Dune wouldn’t even be in the next 50....
  5. Nope no data on that ( I’m not sure anyone has tracked that yet, but they might now). So your figures are the best we have to go upon as of now.
  6. I’m not sure using the sign ups number would be the best way to go about calculating how many people would pay for a the premier access on mobile. Paying for a sub vs paying for a movie purchase are a lot different. I think at best it might give the floor for Mulan
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