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  1. Contrary to what seems like popular believe striking is not a favorable outcome to the people striking. If a good deal is presented and there are those that are insistent that people who can not afford it do it anyway, it comes from a position of privilege that others do not have. a safety net, people they can rely on, coming from a family of money…something.
  2. The people adamant about voting no are the hardliners who wanted to get all of their demand not understanding what a negotiation is. Also probably mostly privileged people who can afford a strike.
  3. Anyone bringing up “they still have to ratify” is just doomposting at this point. iatse does not want to strike. They want their jobs…this will pass with something like >95% approval
  4. I don’t think someone as prominent as Rice is going to attach his name to something like this unless it’s inevitable. Also I don’t think we’re going to hear a peep from iatse until the deal is sealed. It serves them no purpose to make statements. Meanwhile the studios do have incentive to tide over their business partners. I don’t see anything controversial in one sided reporting regarding this situation.
  5. Ehh by the sounds of it it will be resolved before the strike. These things do not get resolved spontaneously and then a news announcement drops. It’s a slow grind with the details
  6. but but but what about that clown that said they had walked away from Negotiations LOL
  7. I also don’t believe anyone That is saying that one side “walked” away from negotiations. negotiations will be taking place around the clock until Monday.
  8. Originally I figured studios would cave to avoid another production delay…now I’m actually worried that studios have seen that they can can survive through a major delay period and can wait out the strike indefinitely
  9. Neither the fact that it’s cheap debt nor the fact that they could liquidate shares makes them cash rich. In fact it points to the opposite.
  10. With nearly 18 billion in long term debt. Sure they can raise debt and hold the cash. That’s not cash rich.
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