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  1. Another good point. They are getting a lot of data on viewing habits. Direct to D+, PA exclusive, Hybrid model - all very valuable data for the future. But since we can’t put dollars and cents on it, it obviously is a terrible idea around here 😂
  2. Yea no way they would roll over against a company releasing movie on a day and date basis on streaming. No way.
  3. “much more liberal guidelines by July 4th celebrations” if we keep the current pace if anyone wants to know why this was moved to July 9th
  4. I agree with it in western countries, some markets are growing and have yet to see if it was solely for Disney/Marvel. There have been successes like Aquaman.Jumanji or even something like Dangal in China that make me not so certain
  5. 1, yes I’m making assumptions. Everyone is making assumptions. Nobody here has any clue of what they’re talking about when it comes to the finances of releasing a movie in a pandemic. I stand by what I said. For your second point, that’s great. I’m sure the rest of the planet is vaccinating just as much as the US right? Oh wait. No they’re not. And they will still make money from theatrical even then, so I still do not see what the issue is. And Godzilla vs Kong making 35m 3 day against quite literally 0 competition, is not going to quell my doubt. In fact it just makes me think Disney made a good move pushing back 2 months to let the feeling that a lot of people have gotten the vaccine, and thus feel safer, pervade even more. what I think the actual issue is, is that many people have an over romanticized view of what going to the theaters is like since it’s been so long, and that if Disney is able to make the finances work (which in my opinion they clearly are on the way to doing), theaters will continue to lose their place in society. no it won’t be today and it won’t be tomorrow, and it won’t even by in the next couple of year, but they will eventually make far more money from streaming than they ever could have hoped from theatrical. and it is not that I wish to see theaters fall. Some movies feel better when seen with many people, but most movies are not like that.
  6. I am convinced that BO is a zero sum game in the western countries and even some Asian markets. As for your first point, I didn’t believe it at first, but I’m beginning to come around on it.
  7. At some point, and Disney got their far quicker than everyone thought, satisfying an existing base of subs becomes more important. Moving Luca directly to D+ and BW to PA achieves that. Yes the atmosphere of a mega theatrical success is important, but that is very clearly and obviously not going to happen at any point this year. (Which it seems very few people here understand) they have sat on this movie for over a year now. Marvel can not just keep waiting on the world to be ready to go to the theaters and then continue. They have TON of content in the theatrical pipeline and obviously much more in the planning stage. disney+ also doesn’t need to pull a desperate maneuver to bring themselves to relevancy. They already gave the subs and the notoriety. they are clearly going to make more money doing hybrid release than not. For a forum focused on money, it seems odd that people would question it from a Financial standpoint.
  8. People here really think that having a vaccine will all of a sudden make people forget the most paradigm shattering event of their lifetime and hop and skip to the theater 😂😂 In the Us, theatrical revenues will likely never, ever, return to what they were in in the last 2010s. The domestic box office has stagnated for a long time. No company is going to hold themselves back because of it.
  9. It’s stupid only if you consider a single title making up its money with its own grosses at the theater. It’s not so stupid to grow your streaming service into the biggest in the world, which financially, will mean far far far more than having a movie it a green P&L statement. theatrical is probably dead last on the list of Disney’s priorities these days. They are reforming the company around entirely de prioritizing it, and these are the moves that have to happen. Yes, that means taking a fat L on the wallet on some of these movies...but they were already doing that so why not help the growth of you most important part of your company.
  10. Yes imagine that was a big deal as well. Marvel is simply too big to ignore on D+. although perhaps it might have been better for them to do Luca and BW under the same Premier Access charge so people feel like they get a better deal. But boosting the base sub is important at as well. Disney is a different company now. Put them in a group with Netflix. That’s what they want to be. And I can’t blame them
  11. Disney must be making more from PA than people realIze and certainly more than any theatrical release. At some point people are going to have to admit that it’s working for them. im also not understanding what is so hard right grasp for you people. Do you imagine consumer confidence to go to theaters is going to magically appear overnight? It will take years to return to normal. believe me. The world has grown accustomed to not going to theaters. And guess what? Nobody really cares that much outside of fanatics like us.
  12. I don’t think this is something that Disney is going to look to reverse at all either. In the back of everybody’s minds, you had to have known that theatrical was being less and less prioritized over the coming 10-20 years. but crazy things happens and one once in a lifetime, industry altering pandemic later, Disney very likely deprioritize theatrical overnight. premier access is likely just a short term method to get whatever money they can and move on. I do not think I they want to be in a position where they have to depend on break out hits to generate revenue. They had a ridiculous run over the last decade that would be virtually impossible to replicate, and even then that run generated a pittance in revenue compared to parks and media networks. they’ve already had their DTC surpass theatricals best ever revenue year in the blink of an eye. pixar and wdas will begin to shift into long from television/episodic content, which likely is the future. theyre in the position to make this change very quickly and they are not going to ignore what streaming has done for their share price. Chapek would not Make it to the end of his contract if he did. we’re not really in a new era of just animation for Disney. We’re in a new era of Disney owned content production, distribution, and creation. It is disappointing to enthusiasts like as that data will likely never be released as box office data is.
  13. Sometimes y’all go way into the rabbit hole sometimes good movies don’t break out. Not everything has to be a major cultural moment.
  14. Good lord just triage China as a market at this point and focus on the rest of Asia as a massive growth market.
  15. I think they are waiting until after May. If the summer season looks like it has revived they’re give it a massive push.
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