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  1. 10/10 finale. Absolutely stuck the landing and opens up a world of possibilities. MCU phase 4 is gonna be weeeeird and and it’s gonna be great
  2. lucasfilm was one of the biggest bargains in the history of IP acquistion. you cant really judge based on that
  3. No it doesn’t help matters but i don’t want to be lumped in with him as someone who starts the derailing. But I will simply report from now on b
  4. You understand why I get pissed when this dude continues to flame me for no reason other than the fact that he doesn’t like what I’m saying, which by the way has no intent directed towards him. I once again gave a harmless opinion and he’s the one who came at me because he took it upon himself to be insulted for some reason. I frankly don’t mind if he disagrees with me but calling my opinion troll bait out in the open? I’m gonna respond to him considering he’s asking for it. I have heeded your warnings. I read his comments and move on and don’t respond to him. But if he com
  5. Whatever doesn’t fit your world view is troll bait now? Been saying this for the past year and it’s coming to fruition. Almost like exactly as I imagined. Has it been troll bait all along? Even when it comes true? Still troll bait? sorry the world isn’t going exactly how you want it to.
  6. You know they’ve outright said they’re easing prices as the service fills out and originals expand right? Why do people keep saying this like it’s some grand conspiracy. They’ve literally laid it out as their plan and they don’t care about the other streamers. Other than Netflix nobody is close them and never will be.
  7. All of the “lost revenue” some of you speak of has already been recovered by the simple subscription price to Disney plus. Disney could never have another physical media sale or tv deal and they’d come out better than before just because of that simply subscription to D+ as for saying that PA needs to go so BW could have made 10m more domestic? 😂😂😂 you guys better be prepared to adjust to theaters behind a distant priority for Disney and by default, the movie industry. It’s a perpetual decline now.
  8. from you specifically they of course will be making less, but that market was rather niche in the grand scheme of things. in the aggregate with how many subs they have, they will make far more than the previous paradigm
  9. thats nor really accurate. D+/Hulu is meant to replace all ancillary sources of revenue as well. Tv deals, home media, everythings...simply with the subscription price. and it will easily do that. the days of individually monetizing a piece of content are over for disney with how successful D+ is.
  10. lol yall can try to deny it as much as possible, PA absolutely going nowhere. its a massive success.
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