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  1. So best case is it follows the first Kingsman film? Won’t get close to it Worldwide though
  2. It’s only 3pm on the east coast and 12pm on the west. I think we should calm down either way about the numbers. Way too early to say
  3. People underestimating WW84 just like they did the first one...
  4. This is going 150M+ opening at least. Everything points to a breakout sequel. It made 410M off a 100M opening. Calling it now. 160M+ ow 500M Domestic
  5. Next year is looking good for them on paper. We never know how movies are going to perform unless it’s MCU. Not even Star Wars is sure fire. Birds of Prey kong Vs Godzilla (probably 400M Max now?) Scooby Wonder Woman 1984 (biggest summer film?) Tenet Conjuring 3 Dune
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