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  1. I guess. But I’m definitely not going overreact like some people are. Sure it might be a flop but WB shouldn’t be that worried. They just had Joker. WW84 is an almost guaranteed hit, The Batman should make close to a Billion. They’re in a good position still. It’s not like BOP also got bad reviews.
  2. I honestly say let’s check back in a month because it’s opening is On track to be very similar to Kingsman, Which also had a 80M budget.
  3. So best case is it follows the first Kingsman film? Won’t get close to it Worldwide though
  4. If this can get close or match Shazam’s domestic opening it should be fine. I just looked again and I didn’t realize how bad Shazam’s legs were. BOP should have a bit better legs since the schedule is pretty barren until March
  5. Trailers weren’t great but maybe that’ll just lead to better legs. Way too early to freak out imo. It’s not like this cost 200M to make either
  6. Don’t get why this isn’t certified fresh since it has almost 120 reviews and it’s at 88%. And I also just love people overreacting to box office. It’s a small scale low budget r rated Harley Quinn solo film, how much did we honestly expect? It’s budget is also small enough that it’s almost impossible for it not to make money. I Also think WB is fine with continuing building the goodwill.
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