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  1. No its people not learning from Homecoming, the drops will keep coming this week and more people will see what im saying . Earlier I said this will struggle for a 170 six day now im saying it will struggle for a 150 six day
  2. Hardly ... People said the same hyperbolic crap after Civil War, "oh spider-man homecoming would make a billion cause of RDJ" then, in its first weekend that dream died Now after endgame and infinty war, the sure thing of a billion dollars is dying on its arse once again in the first week It doesn't matter how good marvel or sony makes these movies past spider-man movies have burnt too many bridges and those people aren't going to go see these movies. Also people dont go back to see it again either. Look at twitter now, its full of good-great reviews but none of them saying oh I can wait to see it again, most of them are just excited about the next phase of marvel movies There will never be a 400m domestic spider-man movie again or a billion dollar spider-man movie, Worldwide, no matter how good it is, the damage was done years ago, this character is not fresh
  3. Already flopping like Homecoming did expecting actual to go lower and lower since its Charlie the actuals are more likely to be 20-22 The first billion dollar spidey movie is dying on it arse just like Homecoming did
  4. The repeat of the 2017 disappointing Homecoming first week drops begin.... Seriously whatever predictions are made on here I'm immediately taking away 25% from the lower option, because predictions on here by some for the last while have been way off. You know who are........
  5. But spider-man movies always fall below expectations. So either people on here can't predict or over predict or it's the fact this is more then 11 movies for Spider-Man in less then twenty years and no matter how good marvel does with the movie that fact will always remain. When it comes to predictions with this movie always go lower, Homecoming should have shown people that. Also after being in endgame this will get the same kind of increase Ant man 2 got which is woeful
  6. I think the fact that a number of critics have likely seen this and haven't said a word is kind of telling to what kind of reaction this movie is going to get
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