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  1. If I'm impatient enough then I'll make an attempt to catch this in theatres like I did with Shang-Chi. But since this seems to be free on D+ by Christmas (it would be cruel of them to charge extra for a "gift"), it's going to be interesting to see how big this gets on D+. Curious to see how this legs out in theatres though. Most WDAS Thanksgiving releases still had a fair bit left in the tank after day 30, but the current December slate is so crowded it was probably going to cut into the gross regardless, but we'll see.
  2. After reading the comments from the Klev's livestream in the clip I can definitively say that I am very much excited for... Bus Boy and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Also I'm just noticing that the jacket that Shang-Chi wears in both the bus clip and the scaffolding clip appears to be one and the same.
  3. I kind of feel the same way here. Outside of the Avengers films, I usually took my sweet time to see most Marvel movies in theatres pre-pandemic (and I still haven't seen Black Widow yet). So if I'm only waiting an additional 45 days to see Shang-Chi on Disney+, then I honestly wouldn't mind the extra wait, especially since it's only gonna be 12 days after Black Widow shows up sans PA.
  4. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from DID, but having seen the trailer... I love it. Decided to do the practice test at the start even though I barely touch quadratics in my studies now (2) -5 (3) 0 and 6 (1) x2 + 6 = 0
  5. Decided to take a peek at Critics Choice before the embargo went up: Cruella 81/100 Given how the previous live-action remake things from Disney did, this is on the higher end? If I had to wager a guess, this will probably be fresh... Film RT Critics MC CC RT Audience Maleficent 54% (5.7) 56 73 70% (3.8) Cinderella 83% (7.2) 67 84 78% (3.9) The Jungle Book
  6. I enjoyed the trailer. Not my fantastically outstanding by any means, but it was enough to get me interested in the film. I'm more pumped about there being a live-action Asian superhero in Hollywood than anything, and it's something I would have loved to see growing up. That said, I do hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment seeing as this is Disney's third big release in the span of a year with a predominantly Asian cast. Mulan was a bit of trainwreck, to put it lightly; with regards to Raya, I was able to catch that one a while back, and while I think it's a good movie, I was under
  7. If I'm being honest, I think Disney has been hoping that their animated releases were pretty reliant on WOM for the last several years. It's great when there's a large enough opening for it to spread, but when the WOM is fairly tepid, or in Raya's case, not enough people are seeing it in the first place, then it really doesn't do it any favours. I think Soul being an OTT release without PA helped it greatly with regards to getting the word out. It died out quickly, but having it as brand new release just pop up in the service is probably enough to pique the interest of anyone who l
  8. I'm assuming the movie would have kept it's original November 25 date in that case, So it would have been a Thanksgiving opening with what I would guess to be $55M/$80M for the 3/5-day weekends and then leg out to $200-250M, if Moana, Coco and Ralph Breaks the Internet were any indication.
  9. They've confirmed Raya will be free on Disney+ on June 4. If I'm being honest, 3 more months really isn't that long of a wait, but I've gotten used to seeing almost every WDAS film since Wreck-It Ralph in theatres within the first 3 weeks (I didn't catch Frozen until a month in, but I still managed to sneak in a viewing of Ralph Breaks the Internet and Frozen II on opening weekend just before finals), and I was really looking forward to seeing this at the nearest drive-in when they announced this was still coming to theatres, but that last part really didn't pan out.
  10. It's even worse up here in Canada. Cineplex is far and away the biggest chain here with 164 theatres and none of them are showing Raya. The next two largest chains, Landmark and Imagine, are showing it but combined they only have 59 theatres (Landmark has 45, Imagine has 14) of which a handful are still closed, which to be honest, screws over Imagine far more than Landmark. Premier, a drive-in chain here, isn't showing it here either.
  11. I don't really think that was the case with Big Hero 6 and Moana's early trailers. Big Hero 6's teaser is literally just a montage of Hiro struggling to put on Baymax's armour that's played for laughs, while Moana's arguably played up the musical aspects of the film more, while introducing Maui. I was going to say Zootopia hued closest since it's teaser sort of laid the groundwork for the main premise (even if it made Nick look more like the main character), but then I remembered the sloth trailer exist, so maybe not.
  12. It says 112 minutes on Disney+ for me, and the closest theatre open to me has it at 108 minutes. I'm assuming the extra minutes are there to credit the dubs for the film. For Disney+ times, there's also Incredibles 2 at 118 minutes, The Incredibles at 115 minutes, and Ralph Breaks the Internet at 116 minutes. Ratatouille comes close at 111 minutes though.
  13. I wouldn't say it's impossible to match any of their releases - it should at least be able to get past Winnie the Pooh's $50M worldwide.
  14. 98% now with 43 reviews. I like seeing this go up. Also 78 on MC now with 14 reviews.
  15. Critics Choice is up for Raya right now, and it's looking very good: Raya and the Last Dragon 93/100 Here's the last 12 WDAS and Pixar films for reference: Film Critics Choice Film Critics Choice Meet the Robinsons 75 Cars 2 67 Bolt 85 Brave 81 The Princess and the Frog 85 Monsters University 79 Tangled 84 Inside Out 93 Winnie
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