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  1. I'm gonna do 2009-2018 since I haven't seen Bolt or Meet the Robinsons: 1. Moana 2. Wreck-It Ralph 3. Zootopia 4. Tangled 5. Big Hero 6 6. The Princess and the Frog 7. Frozen 8. Winnie the Pooh 9. Ralph Breaks the Internet 2-5 could easily be switched around, and I still like Ralph Breaks the Internet more than most Pixar films from this past decade, so a pretty enjoyable decade from Disney Animation so far.
  2. Here's a quick refresher on how every Pixar film did critically and how Toy Story 4 compares: Film RT Critics MC Film RT MC Film RT MC Toy Story 100% (9.0) 95 Ratatouille 96% (8.47) 96 Inside Out 98% (8.92) 94 A Bug's Life 92% (7.9) 77 WALL-E 95% (8.54) 95 The Good Dinosaur 76% (6.6) 66 Toy Story 2 100% (8.66) 88 Up 98% (8.71) 88 Finding Dory 94% (7.65) 77 Monsters, Inc. 96% (8.02) 78 Toy Story 3 98% (8.87) 92 Cars 3 70% (6.1) 59 Finding Nemo 99% (8.69) 90 Cars 2 38% (5.48) 57 Coco 97% (8.31) 81 The Incredibles 97% (8.34) 90 Brave 79% (6.95) 69 Incredibles 2 94% (7.86) 80 Cars 75% (6.92) 73 Monsters University 80% (6.81) 65 Toy Story 4 100% (8.57) 85 Here's hoping Onward keeps up the 90%+ RT/80+ MC streak that Coco started. I'm just gonna do a Pixar ranking right here as well while I'm at it: 1. Inside Out 2. WALL-E 3. Coco 4. Toy Story 3 5. The Incredibles 6. Monsters, Inc. 7. Toy Story 8. Up 9. Ratatouille 10. Finding Nemo 11. Toy Story 2 12. A Bug's Life 13. Incredibles 2 14. Finding Dory 15. Cars 16. Brave 17. Monsters University 18. Cars 3 19. The Good Dinosaur 20. Cars 2
  3. Currently seeing 12 reviews, but no information on score. It rough calculates to 8.7-8.8 though.
  4. It's quite fitting that this trailer got uploaded on the same day Ralph Breaks the Internet goes up on Netflix. That said, loved this trailer. Can't wait for it and definitely gonna try to see this opening weekend. I haven't missed a WDAS film in theatres since Wreck-It Ralph, and I don't intend to miss this one.
  5. The LA premiere is this coming Tuesday, so we should probably see a ton of reactions by then. https://www.averagesocialite.com/la-events/2018/12/25/toy-story-4-premiere-la-1
  6. Yikes for the "big" openers this weekend. Dark Phoenix is burning down quite rapidly. I don't think Apocalypse's 4-day OW ($79M) may happen by the end of its run. Heck, if this legs out more like BvS, Apocalypse's 3-day OW might be in jeopardy as well. I don't think this would have done well in any of its previous release dates either. Altogether a terrible performance. SLOP2 will most definitely be profitable, but it's all together a pretty sloppy result. Had this been Dumbo instead with the same $80M budget we'd be singing a much different tune here, but this is a sequel to a movie that opened to $104M and broke records just 3 years ago, so alas, here we are. Given Illumination's track record, a 50%+ drop next weekend is certainly in the cards, and Toy Story 4 will only make things worse for it. $150M seems somewhat reasonable here, but a run similar to Cars 3 (or worse, Dumbo) would put it even closer to holding the title of the lowest grossing Illumination film adjusted for inflation. Probably would have been equally bad (if not worse) if this kept its original date releasing alongside Far From Home.
  7. Moana's was the first teaser. Coco had it's teaser in early March and Ralph's was in late February. Then again, Coco and Ralph both had their June trailers be glorified teasers, so I wouldn't be too surprised if Frozen 2 had the same thing happen to it. The proper story-focused trailer will probably come in mid-late September as it has for the other three, with another trailer in early November being a possibility (but unlikely).
  8. Ralph Breaks the Internet: June 4 (Monday) - 11 days before Incredibles 2 Coco: June 7 (Wednesday) - 9 days before Cars 3 Moana: June 12 (Sunday) - 5 days before Finding Dory So the earliest we're probably getting it would be this coming Monday, and I'm expecting the trailer sooner rather than later.
  9. I'm enjoying this trailer, but is anyone else getting Diary of a Wimpy Kid vibes when the van pulls up?
  10. Just saw this last night. While I don't think all of the changes work, most of them do and I think it helps this one have a different feel from the 1992 classic. Is it as good as the original? No, of course not. But I enjoyed it quite a bit. With that... I guess I should update my preferences of Disney's live-action remakes/reboot-sequels/films based on their classic IP (the ones I've watched): 1) Aladdin 2) Cinderella 3) Christopher Robin 4) The Jungle Book 5) Mary Poppins Returns 6) Beauty and the Beast 7) Maleficent
  11. That one would be an interesting one to redo. I still think it's a little soon to remake it (it's only been 10 years), but it would probably be a successful venture (though not as much as Tangled, Frozen or Moana)
  12. Which makes the wait for D23 all the more agonizing right now, but still exciting. They're incredibly tight lipped about everything coming after Onward (which we'll probably get a trailer for in a few weeks) - now that I think of it. maybe Pixar and WDAS are keeping everything close to themselves after what happened with Newt and Gigantic. As someone who's been underwhelmed by every Pixar sequel that doesn't have "Toy Story" in the title, I really can't wait for their next slate of films, especially after Coco and Inside Out.
  13. Wait it's not showing up on Cinemascore... did you take the original film's cinemascore and copy paste 😂
  14. This being the first Disney Memorial Day opener to potentially open above pre-release tracking in a very long time, would have been enough on its own. There probably hasn't been this much positivity around a Disney Memorial Day opener since Pirates 3 broke the 4-day record.
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