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  1. Just got back from seeing this (and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood). I enjoyed it quite a bit. I find the music to be even better as a whole (it's in no way balanced evenly throughout the film though, it felt like the first act barely had any speaking scenes), but there's nothing quite like Let It Go this time around, which is fine. The film is also gorgeous, and it's absolutely breathtaking at some points. Olaf is hilarious and brought out plenty of laughs. For the most part, the story is captivating enough, but there are quite a few cracks that pop up near the end, but I won't say what they are. Also, the new characters introduced here are underwhelming, to say the least. That said, I'm happy this film doesn't feel like a retread of the first film, which is more than what I can say about most Pixar sequels that don't have "Toy Story" in their name. As a whole, I don't think it's quite as good as the first film, but there are a lot of moments where the sequel matches or surpasses the original.
  2. Right now it's at 94%, same as Aladdin and Toy Story 4, so I'd say things are looking pretty good.
  3. Not particularily relevant now given the reactions on the thread, but a review score update: RT All Critics: 77% (6.88) RT Top Critics: 67% (6.33) Metacritic: 65 Critics Choice: 78
  4. Frozen 2 has a theatre count of 4,300+. Taking that lower bound, Frozen 2 would require a PTA of approximately $36,761 to get the November OW record.
  5. There is one A, but yeah, I'm not even expecting reviews to go up to Ralph Breaks the Internet level - that film was still hovering at around 92% at this point.
  6. Critics Consensus is up: Even though at times Frozen II doesn't quite nail the showstopping feel of the first film, it is still a dazzling adventure into the unknown. These reviews are definitely quite good, but they are a fair bit lower than almost everything else WDAS put out this decade.
  7. Film RT Critics MC CC RT Audience RT Top Critics Cinemascore Meet the Robinsons 67% (6.34) 61 75 74% (3.81) 59% (6.04) A- Bolt 89% (7.18) 67 85 74% (3.74) 84% (6.7) A- The Princess and the Frog 85% (7.39) 73 85 74% (3.8) 78% (7.19) A Tangled 89% (7.49) 71 84 87% (4.16) 89% (7.28) A+ Winnie the Pooh 91% (7.23) 74 75 80% (3.97) 95% (7.48) A- Wreck-It Ralph 87% (7.4) 72 82 86% (4.14) 72% (7.3) A Frozen 90% (7.69) 74 88 85% (4.22) 85% (7.32) A+ Big Hero 6 89% (7.34) 74 85 91% (4.28) 87% (7.03) A Zootopia 97% (8.07) 78 91 92% (4.37) 98% (7.78) A Moana 96% (7.88) 81 89 89% (4.23) 98% (7.78) A Ralph Breaks the Internet 88% (7.32) 71 83 65% (3.51) 85% (7.07) A- Frozen II 83% (6.93) 68 76 75% (6.25) The site is saying it's at 81% right now, but I'm guessing Captain Marvel level scores look to be the end result.
  8. 87% RT (7.65 average) at 22 reviews - not bad. First film is at 90% with 7.69 average score 67 MC with 13 reviews - well below the first film's 74, but still a solid score
  9. Starts at 71 on MC Edit: Oh wait it's going down. 64 at 7 reviews
  10. Yeah, should be. There's already a review up on RT. A worthy follow up with a deeper mythology, a bigger scope, and some great character moments. Nov 14, 2019 | Rating: B+
  11. I'd say there's no almost no chance but never say never. The only WDAS film in the last 20 years to even get past that 80 MC was Moana, and that's sitting at 81. Reactions are looking at something closer to the first Frozen and Ralph Breaks the Internet, which puts the range at 71-74 and is still in good company (every WDAS film this decade besides Zootopia and Moana has fallen in this range). THIS. I 100% agree with everything that is said here.
  12. I think going off of Ralph Breaks the Internet and Toy Story 4 is a good start, so I'm guessing November 14-15
  13. On critics choice (desktop) there should be a search bar underneath the log in. you can use that to find the scores each film got.
  14. Reviews may have some factor into the opening weekend, but long term legs will be up to how much audiences enjoy the movie. Good music and songs should probably be enough for this one to have great legs so long as the story doesn't end up being too divisive, it won't be a 5.95x multiplier like the first film, but something close to a 3.6x multiplier like that of Ralph Breaks the Internet and Toy Story 4 doesn't seem out of the question.
  15. We're might be looking at the worst reviewed (relative of course) WDAS film in over 10 years. Should still land on the side on certified fresh, but Critics Choice isn't looking too hot right of the bat (in fairness it didn't look too great for Moana at the start either). Frozen II 70/100 vs Meet the Robinsons 75/100 Bolt 85/100 The Princess and the Frog 85/100 Tangled 84/100 Winnie the Pooh 75/100 Wreck-It Ralph 82/100 Frozen 88/100 Big Hero 6 85/100 Zootopia 91/100 Moana 89/100 Ralph Breaks The Internet 83/100
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