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  1. Production on Raya has probably going on for quite some time now, and had the pandemic not occured we would have definitely had a teaser by now, probably to play in front of Mulan. Disney has been removing their bookings on dates for their non-Fox films one at a time: March 27, May 1, and May 29 were all removed separately and not all once, so I'd give it another few days before they remove June 19 from their schedule and move Soul to November 25, likely pushing Raya to March 12, 2021.
  2. Given that both Frozen films have had a nearly identical release calendar, it makes it easy to compare release timing of certain things. Frozen II came out on Blu-Ray before the first film came out on digital, and on Disney+ before the first one released on Blu-Ray. Granted, the movie landscape is quite a bit different compared to where it was in early 2014, but its still interesting to see.
  3. Noelle was originally supposed to release on November 8. It ended up launching 4 days later on Disney+. Also does anyone know what happened to the Magic Camp film? It was supposed to release almost two years ago.
  4. Heh, might as well put out my updated one as well. Inside Out WALL-E Coco Ratatouille Toy Story 3 The Incredibles Up Toy Story Monsters, Inc. Toy Story 4 Finding Nemo Onward Toy Story 2 A Bug’s Life Cars Incredibles 2 Finding Dory Brave Monsters University Cars 3 The Good Dinosaur Cars 2
  5. Looking at it again, I don't find 2018 to be that amazing for Disney. They had 3 of the biggest bombs of the year, and of the other films, none of their non-superhero films (except maybe Ralph, but even that was pretty front-loaded) really did much for their bottom line. You could make the same argument for 2016, but at least it wasn't just superheros carrying the year (and most of their $100M+ budget films actually paid off in spades). 2017, while smaller, likely had a better return, seeing how Cars 3 was probably the only red spot that year theatrically, while everything else pulled in $750M+, and we all know how 2019 went for them. Maybe the year as a whole won't be too bad for Disney, but this is a really bad start.
  6. I wonder if this has something to do with it... From the Deadline article: So far, it’s a great response to the Dan Scanlon-directed animated feature, with general audiences giving Onward 4 1/2 stars, parents a fantastic 5 stars, and kids under 12 (largely boys at 61%), an OK 3 1/2 stars. Overall guys under 25 lead at 29% followed by guys over 25 at 28%, then females over 25 at 23% and females under 25 at 20%. Diversity demos showed 52% Caucasian, 22% Hispanic, 12% Asian, and 8% African American.
  7. Interesting that a comparison to HTTYD is being made here, but like... Yikes. This is the third widest opening for Pixar movie yet it's going to wind up with the third/fourth lowest opening. $37-40M here results in a sub-$10k PTA, which is absolutely normal for Pixar movie when it's not in it's opening weekend. Even The Good Dinosaur managed a $10,444 PTA during its OW. Now, HOPEFULLY the film is able to leg it out and wind up with a somewhat decent domestic total, but I'm not holding my breath for this. Quite unfortunate too, I really did like this one. And reviews (if you're not looking at Metacritic) were still quite good.
  8. Probably $175M, solid possibility of it losing money too (especially if it opens at the lower end of tracking, or worse) sadly. Generally speaking with animation... if a budget isn’t given yet I assume: $75-80M for Illumination and Warner Animation Group <$100M for Sony Pictures Animation $100M for Blue Sky $125M for DreamWorks $150M for Disney Animation $175M for Pixar originals $200M for Pixar sequels and for the most part it’s a pretty good guess, with a few exceptions.
  9. Just got back from this one. Not one of Pixar's absolute best, but it still has a lot going for it (and far better than most of their sequels in the last decade IMO). Great moments throughout, and while I do have some issues with it, it's still a plenty enjoyable film and I hope people see this (because a) it's good, and b) I don't want Pixar going back to sequels anytime soon). Edit: also, what trailers did people get in front of this? I was in a 3D showing (why do I do this to myself I already wear glasses) and got Jungle Cruise and Mulan (the one that played Reflection though, not the one released around Super Bowl)
  10. It's seems probable that we'll have one by the end of the month, and maybe another one in late May. Finding Dory/Inside Out had them out around now, Toy Story 4 had its trailer out in mid-late March, while Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 didn't get theirs until April. It's a bit surprising that Disney didn't have anything new to show in front of Onward besides Artemis Fowl, but I'm sure we'll get a trailer for this as well as a teaser for Raya for when Mulan releases (or within the next 3 weeks) - which by the way, I'm kinda surprised the Raya teaser hasn't surfaced yet, Frozen II and Ralph Breaks the Internet had their teasers surface in February, and Coco's teaser popped up around this time 3 years ago... but I'm still waiting for that... and the Soul trailer. I really just want both now.
  11. So Onward's audience score is already showing... looking pretty good at 100%, 5/5 rating there Edit: ...and now it's not showing Edit 2: That said, it's nice to see the score going up, even if it doesn't really move much from here on out. I wonder if this is going to become a new trend for Pixar originals, because Coco started in the 80% range and moved it's way up to a 97% over the course of a month.
  12. The thing is though, most Pixar originals do not open to $45-55M on their 3-day openings. Only Coco and Ratatouille have. The median for a Pixar original opening is $62.6M and the average is $57.8M. Majority of Pixar originals have opened to $60-70M in their opening weekends. Onward opening to $45-55M would be fine, though still below average for Pixar originals, and it wouldn’t guarantee $200M DOM. It doesn’t need $1-1.2B to be a success, but even $500M is up in the air right now.
  13. Certified Fresh at 83%, 7.2 average from 87 reviews. Top Critics isn’t looking good at 56%, 6.44 average from 18 reviews. Metacritic is sorta just there at 63 from 27 reviews, Critics Choice is at 79 (same as Monsters University)
  14. Nice to see this going up in the score (not the first time for a Pixar film, and hopefully not the last), probably gonna end up the range of the mid-high 80s, which is surprising how long it took for Pixar consider it's basically been the norm for WDAS for a while now. There's still a chance this could hit 90% and keep the mid-high 80% range 0-22 for Pixar, but the average score hasn't exactly changed as much as the tomatometer has, so it'll likely stay in the 80s.
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