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  1. Given the opening weekend levels internationally, including countries that are good proxies for the US one can assume the different that is likely due to next weekend being Thanksgiving. After Black Friday I think we will see things differently. And ~130M is great anyway
  2. F2 is doing very well in Virginia FWiW. Even the RealD showings largely filling up. Looks like a pretty monstrous Saturday around here anyway
  3. This is different in the sense it replaces a social experience with pure consumption. This isn't just consolidation of hardware
  4. Agreed. Direct to streaming is still very much unproven as far as the economics eventually working out. Don't let the stock market convince you differently. Theater release of a successful movie can offer tremendous returns immediately AND advertise the eventual streaming release. That said the box office studios are independent...and to think they would come together to save the box office...I just don't know. But they absolutely should. If theaters disappear then Disney better hope Star Wars and Marvel stay popular forever. Which we know very well will not happen
  5. I haven't posted in over a year (I think) but I accept this judgement as quite fair! It says something when a person who doesn't post (me) feels annoyed enough that they are compelled to. Anyway, thanks. And...nice to see you as a moderator (dunno when that happened, but seems a good choice)
  6. I guess if there are people who simply pine for the movie to flop due to some distorted internal mechanism by which this gives them pleasure then have at it... In the end, you're missing out. There'll be people who watch the movie and enjoy it. There'll be people who analyze the box office of the movie and enjoy it. And unfortunately you're going to miss all that to instead follow some hollow compulsion to annoy people with no payoff
  7. IW made 16M on 3rd Friday so from here on would expect slightly worse legs than IW. Probably gonna finish 830-840M range in that case. IW made 130M after this weekend so I think 115-120 for EG likely
  8. So the slew of people on here who said 300M is "impossible" ......a lesson that sometimes "impossible" is only a perception due to your own narrow mind and not an objective thing. Don't be boring.
  9. In my opinion, if someone completely random hurts your enjoyment on a movie forum on a consistent basis then block/ignore them. Not saying to ignore someone just because they don't agree with you as that's not a big deal...but some people are literally here to annoy you as their primary goal. This isn't Thanksgiving with the extended family or your workplace where you have to just take it....don't let someone random hurt your experience on a forum you come to for mutual information/enjoyment/escape from the grind.
  10. Aw man I wanted to be the one who stands out by something that is quite likely is actually impossible. Congrats
  11. I'm still waiting/hoping someone has an explanation for how Harry Potter DH2 made 43M from only midnight showings in 2011. Anyone?
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