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  1. Appreciate it, thanks. Was trying on phone initially and couldn't find it
  2. How do you block someone on here? I've done it before, but can't figure it out this time. Thanks,
  3. Nm, I see it's just a matter of adding it up. Didn't realize it scrolls all the way down
  4. I have the link for the hourly Fandango counts, but anyone know the link where someone puts the 24hours together? Thanks,
  5. Some pre-release tracking metrics have approached the levels of Hotel Transylvania 3 and The LEGO Batman Movie. https://pro.boxoffice.com/weekend-forecast-spider-man-spider-verse-mule-mortal-engines/ 30-45M predict. Tracking moving up it seems to me
  6. Will pick up a lot today. I've been waiting for my local AMC (one of the busiest in the country) to finally add some show times to the 5pm and 1030pm ones it had. Several added today including 3 in the 7-9pm timeframe so booked my tickets just now. It's not unusual for theaters to add showings this time of week, but that the choices were so few and off peak up til now (for the theaters in this area in general) kept me waiting
  7. Doubt you've seen it. But as that is not proveable either way I'll leave it at that. What gets me is people like you making emphatic takes and then just slinking away when wrong. It's easy to antagonize that way...and quite common.
  8. I'm shocked how reluctant people are to connect the dots and predict above the mental box of tracking or prediction sites. Seriously...30M, guys?? Take a logical leap or two... -I think it opens 60M+ and runs a multiplier of 4+
  9. Sure. It's a well reviewed Spider-Man movie. Thats it. One can get into all sorts of complex analysis on this and I'm not saying that's not a worthwhile exercise if it's enjoyable, but the complexity of the argument has absolutely no correlation with how correct it is (or how likely it is to be). I'm fine with different opinions, but I always call out when someone says they are "sure" of an outcome. I guess it's just phrasing. Obviously you don't have to cater to me...and why would you, but just reacting to one of my pet peeves. Nothing more than that
  10. Oh yes it sure as hell will. And the reason why is in your post about why it won't
  11. Agreed, always better when it's mutual. Cheers

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