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  1. This is a great opening for a movie like this! Dunno why people expected CBM numbers. This is a good horror movie with a lot of nostalgia, but without that viral grab that something like IT has. You need that to really get the younger demos. The horror aspect is also not gonna satisfy what many of the Conjuring series fans look for
  2. Wife and I enjoyed it. But it was nowhere near IT level full around here
  3. Rumpot

    Tuesday Numbers

    I said Joe Mantegna....
  4. Rumpot

    Tuesday Numbers

    Deadline may end up wrong about ASIB>Venom
  5. "Oof at Venom's drop, sequel isn't going to go well" and "Literally no one is saying Venom is dropping well" were your supposed points....anyway, I'm quite ready to move on...assume you are too
  6. Hahaha. You sir, are laughable. This forum should be about factual analysis and not just a place for taking out a bad mood you're having.
  7. Haha raise your hands if you actually though ASIB would beat Venom Saturday....it's barely above half
  8. People get so rooted in their original prediction that once it's clear they are wrong the just nudge in that direction but try to stay as close to their original prediction as possible. This is why you had people on this forum and Gitesh, etc still saying 50-55M even after the 10M Thursday. Once you realize you are wrong about something you will do better forgetting your original prediction and looking at it again fresh. People are off Monday and this IS getting good WOM/buzz. 85M+ in my mind is quite likely and higher possible if it plays well with kids/matinees which it seems to be in this area at least
  9. You guys can't be serious about Venom losing Saturday or Sunday to ASIB. This isn't summer, kids are in school. This movie is made for them and matinees are gonna be full. Frontloaded blah blah, RT score blah blah. None of that matters. And predictions of 60M or lower are silly at this point. I'm watching both Venom and ASIB this weekend and think both will do great, but Venom has a much wider potential audience and anyone who thinks RT effects more than a fringe group of people for a movie about a gooey monster that eats people and talks about it is just plain wrong
  10. Showings near sold out or sold out in decent numbers for Venom around Northern VA/DC

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