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  1. This is so great for Us. Can’t wait to see it. Deadline’s numbers are off for Captain Marvel. I don’t see how 8.5-9 million only gets it to 31.7. Plus, they wrote that she should just make it passed 294 million today. She has at least 286.4 as of today. Now, I am no math wiz; but let’s say they are right and she gets to 294.2 today, then 294.2 - 286.4 equals 7.8. If the estimate is 8.5 - 9, then CM will be at or above 295 at the end of today.
  2. Ms Lady Hawk

    Monday - CM 5.2m

    Let’s see how it plays out. It probably is going to be a photo finish between the two. I do recall several (maybe not majority) of folks saying that CM was going to crush WW domestically. There were even a few who thought it would make in excess of 500 million. Many thought it would make ~450. So I don’t think they were considering March v Summer. At this point, I think CM is looking at 400-420. But again, we will see. Fun times!
  3. I see that @Charlie Jatinder didn’t give us the very early estimate today. He often provides us with numbers to play with, which is fun. Thank you, Charlie! I wonder whether he will give us some early Monday estimates tonight or whether we’ll have to wait for the middle of the night. I am done with the weekend. Ready to move on to this week.
  4. Almost all the movies in the top ten expected drops in the low to mid 30s. Disney for some reason did not account for St. Patrick’s Day. They know what they’re doing over at Disney and if they expected St. Patrick’s Day to affect the box office, they would have accounted for that in their estimate. Having said all that, the drop is negligible when we’re talking about such huge numbers. Is it really that big of a difference to gross 69.3 v 67.5? Not really.
  5. Thank goodness they’re getting a new face to direct Suicide Squad, because the one that hit theaters in 2016 was the worse of all the DCEU movies by a mile.
  6. That’s pretty cool, considering that I scanned the AMC app for NYC, and matinees were really slow. HOWEVER, judging by the same app, tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day for CM. There are already sellouts and a few shows nearing sellouts. Therefore, I expect the huge Saturday that Marvel movies usually get. If your 19-20 educated guesstimate is correct, then I can easily see over 70+ for the weekend.
  7. I agree. Combine that with Marvel/Disney’s great ability to market, and you have what usually amounts to a fantastic outcome. WW had to fight her way up the box office with the quality of her movie and her loyal/nostalgic fans. There was not much else to boost her. Anyway, it’s great that two female superheroes are kicking butt and taking numbers. I know it’s natural to pit them against each other, and it can also be fun. Nevertheless, there are no losers here. WW did her thing when it was her turn and CM is doing hers now.
  8. Ms Lady Hawk

    Thursday (03/14/2019) Numbers - Early Estimates.

    Wonder whether we will get a gender breakdown for this weekend. If women start to even out audience wise, then CM may be in for a very leggy run.
  9. I am not sure I like the idea of that. People were invested in the characters in the first movie and I think there is genuine interest in seeing the arc of that story play out. It’s confusing to have the same characters and not acknowledging their past.
  10. So I just saw CM. I thought it was solid. Maybe a 7/10. Don’t judge me, but I enjoyed it much more than Thor Ragnarok. 😛 I liked the Stan Lee tribute. It was a nice touch. I expected Brie to be really stiff after reading some of the comments on here, but she was actually quite charming and funny in parts. There were some missed opportunities. I thought they could have spent more time developing Jude Law’s character- which goes hand in hand with telling the audience more about the Kree civilization. All in all, it was a good time at the movies. Oh yeah, and Fury’s unrequited love for Goose was funny.
  11. Not that I know what the 2nd weekend drop will be. But I think Napoleon, Nova and Zak’s guesses are all valid. They are all grounded in historical data for the month of March and the history of certain brands (Marvel superhero films tend to drop in the 50-55 range), so why the snark? You are consistently one of the more knowledgeable posters on this board, so I am surprised at your response with no historical data to bolster your point. Anyways, interested to see how weekend plays out as well as the remainder of the week. Good day!
  12. It’s pretty hard to be disappointed with 150-155 million, unless you set yourself up for 180-200 million as the expectation. Anecdotally, just scanning the AMC app in my area, theaters look a lot busier today than they did yesterday. I would say that bodes well for a 30%+ jump from true Friday. I remember during BP’s run, Fridays were often average, but then it would completely blow the doors off on Saturdays. May be the same thing here, as more families go to the movies on Saturdays and Sundays. It sure is fun when big movies hit the market.
  13. Maybe they’re using Charlie as an industry source. I bet wouldn’t be the first time that’s been done.
  14. Deadline is gonna Deadline but they are using Suicide Squad as the comp. 20.7 is mighty impressive no matter how you slice it. The weekend is going to be impressive. I think we won’t truly know how impressive until estimated. I will say that if WW1984 pulls 20.7 in previews, I will do the happy dance all through the weekend. Great number!

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