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  1. The disappointing box office performance pretty much solidifies the fact that these most anticipated lists mean next to nothing. Birds of Prey made the top ten on Fandango and it probably will not be in the top 25 grossing films for the year.
  2. What spoilers are being discussed? I have not seen any. The swinging on lightning that I mentioned is in the trailer. So maybe others have included spoilers. I have seen people refer to Steve’s return, but in a non specific way.
  3. It’s a comic book movie. There’s usually not logic involved. Kind of like someone getting rid of 1/2 the population of the universe with one snap and then five years later, some super heroes travel back in time to undo everything. That worked extremely well, because people were invested in the story. There are many people invested in WW and Steve. I recall during the review period for the first film, many critics remarked on how ridiculous many of the lines were: “My mother sculpted me from clay and I was bought to life by Zeus”, yet people just went with it. It’s all about how it comes together on screen in its finished form.
  4. Yeah, like they were making fun of her swinging on lightning. Yet lo and behold, that scene from the trailer is what for the biggest reaction. One never knows until the movie comes out what audiences will like and what they want.
  5. I knew this movie was going to have a tough time, when I watched the trailer and had no interest in seeing it. I will go to see it, because I am a loyal DC/comic book movie fan. The movie comes off as quirky and just plain old weird. In this thread, I wrote that they just should have dumped SS Harley Quinn- like they did with Joker. They could have kept Margot Robbie and just changed the concept. Why not make her look normal appearance wise? Instead, you have a face painted psycho psychiatrist on roller blades, wearing short shorts and a tank too. Silly! I liked the CW Birds of Prey concept much better.
  6. Hopefully, BOP can go on to have a respectable run at the box office. I don’t think it lacked marketing. I do think the trailers were $hit. Judging by the critic and fan reaction, it is a good movie, but the trailers did not make it look so. In any event, this is another notch in DC’s belt as far as critical acclaim. I don’t think people can go around trashing DC for making bad films any more. They have churned out some solid films the past two years. Now, they have to figure out their own model to build their brand to where their C characters can have true breakout movies.
  7. Really good trailer. Never heard of this character but I want to see the movie.
  8. I don’t like the racist crap on the academy either. But why single out the single minority nomination as the least deserving one? Why couldn’t both the black actress and the Asian actress be nominated! Why act like the black actress stole something from the Asian actress? The Academy is made up of a lot of old white men. Maybe one of the other white actresses shouldn’t have been nominated?
  9. I don’t know about Deadline as a whole, but Alessandro has ALWAYS been a Disney fan boy. In any case, in this instance I am hoping against all odds that he is right. TROS is better than TLJ in my opinion and deserves to smack it box office wise. But that is not the way the box office works. There may be an over saturation issue with the Star Wars movies.
  10. Well I am glad my thoughts were confirmed. I don’t get your gripe with Finn being force sensitive. I really don’t. Do tit not recall that both Luke and Leia didn’t discover their force sensitivities into their adulthood? This is a small gripe which isn’t inconsistent with SW lore.
  11. I guess some people may have missed some very significant parts of the movie on bathroom or popcorn breaks. Leia trained under Luke and stopped because she foresaw Ben’s turn to the dark side.
  12. Nothing is coming close to Endgame for a long time. I would guess at least a decade. The next film behind Endgame right now is 100 million lower (IW). I hate to break it to James Cameron, but Avatar 2 isn’t going to do it nor will it gross more than Endgame WW. Perhaps the re-release is Avatar will reclaim top spot WW. I do think it will be a while before anyone tops The Force Awaken domestic total as well. Maybe the same movie that tops Endgame’s OW will also top Force Awakens domestic and Endgame WW!
  13. They didn’t help Luke because he was not the last Jedi. Leia was still alive and so was a conflicted Anakin. Ben never finished his Jedi training and he was part of the same coin as Rey. The power to heal flows from the Sith. The Jedi knew about it and did not want to use certain aspects of the force. That was part of Anakin’s frustration and why he turned to the dark side. Moreover, Yoda didn’t even want to allow Anakin into the order. He was convinced by Ju because of the prophecy. Yoda felt that an older child would be guided by emotion. The healing power means that you have to love someone or be thinking selfishly in some way. Jedi of old were perfectly fine with letting their dead become one with the force. It was the Sith’s practice to manipulate the force to cheat death. This movie marries aspects of the Sith and Jedi through Rey.
  14. Why would Rey give a lightsaber to Finn? Neither lightsaber were hers to give. With her having dispatched the Sith, each Jedi she trains will have to make their own. That is one of the steps that completes their training. Leia felt that HER son killed HER husband and HIS father because they were FAMILY also. They had a special connection. Rey also had a special connection with the Skywalker family. The whole Dyad thing... By your explanation, all the SW films are shit because Vader was around Leia and never felt that she was his daughter nor that she was also strong with the force.
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