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  1. NYC fully reopening on July 1st. That means 100% capacity everywhere. Bodes well for summer box office.
  2. I completely agree. MK was really bad! It took me all weekend to get through it. Just finished. However, these box office numbers bode well for the future. Maybe Bond, Black Widow, F9 and Top Gun will be okay. They may be able to reach 100+ million opening weekends.
  3. If theater chains stand together, then Disney will have to yield. The movie theaters have other blockbusters to play and can survive without Disney when things reach normal or near normal. Disney is the biggest movie studio and that gives them leverage. I am sure the chains would prefer not to boycott Disney, but why not if they are being fleeced? With that being said, I think the parties will work things our and Black Widow will do just fine.
  4. GvK was the most watched on HBOMAX since the streaming service launched. However, WB stated that a lot of people have watched it more than once, therefore I don’t know how much it will drive the all important subs. Was it watched by people who already had HBOMAX or did people sigh up to watch it?! I guess we’ll find out after the next quarter call.
  5. What an excellent weekend for Godzilla v Kong! I hope this drives subs up for HBOMAX as well. Warner/AT&T must be thrilled.
  6. 9.6
  7. I am happy for Warner with these China results so far. Hopefully, this movie will continue to grow subs. China is going to be the biggest difference between this movie and WW84 overseas. In this country, it should surpass it quite significantly too, as WW84’s released when only 40% of movie theaters were open and major markets like CA and NY were closed. I definitely think if the GvK director said that he was looking to bear WW84 numbers, he was trying to temper expectations.
  8. *sigh Oh boy! This looks dumb, but I will give it a chance. Well, here’s to hoping that it’s better than the previous movie. The bar is pretty low. Maybe I am just not a Suicide Squad type of person.
  9. If they are moving it to July 9th, then why not a straight theatrical release with a window? Theaters will have opened by then and capacity restrictions likely loosened.
  10. I hear ya and understand your apprehension. Yes, it’s true that D+ already has a lot of subs. But haven’t they expanded to new markets recently? Marvel movies are popular all over the world and so it may offer them the chance for new subs in new markets. I don’t know. I am just trying to think like the Disney suits. Trust me, I am not a fan of the hybrid/streaming releases either. I think Disney will ultimately look at its bottom line. If they stream it, they don’t have to worry about sharing profits with anyone. If they release it under the same terms that they have in place now, which excludes some big theater chains, they won’t maximize the theatrical dollars they could make. I have no idea what they will ultimately decide. Either way (hybrid or straight streaming), they’ll probably get second guessed. If they release in theaters I don’t know whether they’ll work better agreements with movie theater chains.
  11. GvK’s performance is going to be huge for theatrical considerations for this movie. D+ is worldwide, so this will be a boon for Disney either way. Will drive up subs like nothing on that platform before it.
  12. Many major markets were closed for WW84 but it benefited from private showings. Wonder whether that will be the case for GvK too. If it is, then maybe it can do 10 million opening day. No doubt these are tough conditions but I am hoping that this movie does really well.
  13. All things considered, that was an okay hold for Raya. Looks like the race for top animated movie of pandemic will be between T&J and Croods. Don’t think Croods will catch Tenet though. Although Croods’ run is more impressive considering it had to survive much harsher times than Tenet did at the time of its release. The box office is depressing right now. Can’t wait for things to turn up a bit in the next few months.
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