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  1. Ahhh, WW (origin) has 30 million views after three years- as in right now. That was the point I was making. In essence, trailer views didn’t seem to be as important a metric for WW.
  2. You were spot on about the first movie, even after the opening weekend when almost everyone doubted you. Cochofiles was also on the bandwagon before it left the station. This time, I hope your instincts are right again. I have no idea what this one will do. However, I am very pleased with the trailer and the reaction to it. I am not worried about the trailer views. I think to date, the first Comic Con WW trailer has 30 million views. This one will likely surpass it. I don’t think WW metrics are entirely similar to other CM.
  3. Well, WW fanbase defies this and that is the point being made. WW was 50/50 gender split which is uncommon for superhero flicks.
  4. No! Some movies appear as ads. I wouldn’t know about promos to less active superhero accounts because I am not one of those people. I know this trailer is not embedded. Some trailers start playing on timelines as soon as a user goes to their account.
  5. Please read the post by Nova. Of course it is being advertised. However, it was not (from what I could see) embedded as an ad or promotion on Twitter and YT.
  6. Now, this is a great point. I do see that sometimes too. I think it is masterful advertising. It would have been a good idea for Warner to do that for WW84. When I open my Twitter, there was a story about the trailer which did not include a package of the trailer automatically playing.
  7. Trailer views are interesting to watch, but they are not the end all, be all by any means. Plus, this trailer dropped differently from other movies, where many people watched the live stream on twitter. Therefore, it may not be an exact apples to apples comparison to other films. I guess we will see how things play out from here. Anyway, I am very pleased with the reaction to the trailer. Have not seen many negative reactions at all.
  8. Thanks! However, that was the view count after 1 hour. I checked it. YT has not updated.
  9. Great trailer. I am happy with it. Would have loved to have seen Cheetah in her final form, but they have to save something for later. June 6, 2020 cannot come soon enough.
  10. How can anyone say that this has no hype? Even Ava DuVernay is excited and she’s in the business. I don’t know what this will make at the box office, but it has tremendous potential.
  11. I disagree! The hype around the release of the first poster was bananas! The first WW had hype too but there was some cautious optimism, as the reputation of the DCEU was a bit toxic at the time. Now, the DCEU is on a roll and DC in general is on a roll. Three of the last four DC Comics movies have been well received and smashed the box office. There is tremendous hype for this on various sites. People are excited to see what Cheetah looks like too.
  12. Me too. Anyone have any idea what time the trailer is supposed to drop? What time does the presentation start over in Brazil? The thing about Sunday here in the States is that Sunday Twitter is all about football. I hope it can get maximum exposure like Black Widow did. With Black Widow, WW84, Milan, Birds of Prey, I am so happy that young girls coming up will have movies that show women can kick ass too.
  13. I cannot wait for this trailer. I hope it rocks and doesn’t disappoint us. The trailer for the first movie was so awesome.
  14. I loved this! It reminded me of two movies I really liked in Salt and Red Sparrow, but with a lot more action. It will do very very well.
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