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  1. Gross %YD %LW Thr Per Thr Total Gross D 1 (1) Spider-Man: No Way Home $2,242,906 -20% -49% 4,012 $559 $675,813,257 2
  2. I just saw this. Rentals, dvd sales and subscriptions probably made WB very happy with their decision, even though most fans were unhappy with the day and date. Bravo! At least Variety have WW84 part of the headline. https://variety.com/2022/film/global/james-bond-wonder-woman-uk-home-entertainment-2021-1235147026/amp/
  3. I think Spider-Man’s numbers are fine. At this point, does its dailies even matter? It’s already a massive/top ten grossing film of all time. Fantastic run!!! With that said, I’ve had disagreements with Legion too. But I know that he is here just having fun and providing his interesting perspective per usual. No need to name call. We don’t want to derail this thread.
  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. I’m very saddened by the Matrix’s box office but I realize that it’s been sacrificed at the alter of steaming. If HBOMAX gets more subscribers then Warner is more than willing to make that trade. 32.5 million cow NWH would be quite an outstanding boost from the estimated 30.1 for today. Considering Zack in the tracking thread informed us that at Alpha, the walkups were excellent yesterday, then today was even better. Maybe there’s hope yet for tomorrow to reach well over 20 million.
  5. Well damn, finally a movie that all BOT can agree met or exceeded expectations during and pre-COVID. There’s never been a time where Far From Home’s performance would not be considered absolutely spectacular. Congrats to Sony and the MCU. Congrats to the fans who believed. I was not one who believed this was possible. Happy to eat crow and admit that I was wrong. My favorite Spider-Man movie is Spider Man 2 with Tobey McGuire. Can’t wait to see this one with my son.
  6. What’s the difference in how the data is interpreted? How come Charlie gets 48m from 930-950 and Keyser 52m from 915-925? Either way, these are bonkers numbers.
  7. Wow! Even I have to say that based on what our trackers are seeing, Deadline is really low. Don’t they have experts who can see the same data? Maybe they’re predicting that the movie will be extremely presales heavy due to the pandemic. I think some like baumer think the same thing. We’ll just have to wait and see. Will be exciting to see how things develop.
  8. Would you say 50 million preview has over 50% chance of happening? I think a movie doing that amount in previews during these pandemic times is absolutely incredible. If the numbers are huge, this may snowball and maybe blunt the frontloadedness some are seeing in the presales. People love to jump on the latest craze and there are some who will go to the movies just to see what all the hub-bub is about.
  9. The people who thought the trailer views and presales translated to ow bigger than or equal to Endgame.
  10. It’s going to pass the first one domestically.
  11. Didn’t Endgame make almost 100 million on its first true Friday? How can anyone expect this movie to come anywhere near that? That is setting yourself up for disappointment. So far, the experts on this board like Porthos, keyser, Charlie, etc… have provided realistic data. If anyone wants to dream up bigger numbers, then that’s on them and not the movie. As it stands now, I am surprised/shocked that we could see an o/u 250 million opening week for a movie during the pandemic. That’s incredible.
  12. Thank you! I know we need to wait for a bit more data, but this is exciting. Still committed to my 135 opening week prediction. Spider Man movies seem to always start very very strong in pre-sales.
  13. Exciting times. We all knew there would be a rush to buy. Will be interesting to watch how the trend plays out. How huge will this be?
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