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  1. Great that they’re releasing it and have a plan for those who want to return to cinema and those who don’t without having them clash. Can’t wait!
  2. That promo was so cute. Tom Holland’s accent is so sexy. Well, I certainly hope cinema going is up and running by then. This movie has a lot of star power going for it. Under normal circumstances, Spider Man, star power and Christmas would mean big opening. So here we go....
  3. I guess there are always qualifiers when a DCEU movie succeeds at something. But WW84 was also seen in movie theaters by an additional 1.8 to 2 million seeing it in theaters. And as someone mentioned, Disney+ has about 10 million more subs than HBOMAX. So blow I agree with Krissykins. Just wondering whether anyone thinks that ET is the highest grossing movie of all time, since it was in less theaters and ticket prices were lower when it was released? This outcome was predicted on 12/30.
  4. Do you have a link for this? Seems like a pretty huge pay day, especially for Patty! A director making that much money on one film is insane. Good for both of them! Well deserved since they were underpaid for the first movie.
  5. Pretty good, all things considered. I don’t know what people expected at the box office with 60% box office closed in US (notably in all major markets) and 95% closed in Canada. The success/failure of WW84 will ultimately be judged by what the streaming numbers are. This is something we’ve known or should have known from the time Warner made their HBOMAX announcement.
  6. Agreed! Everyone has their own tastes. Just as much as we love it, you have people who don’t. And that’s okay. I do feel that some are hyperbolic in calling it the worst movie ever made. For example, everyone I know loves Scarface. I think it’s one of the most overrated movies I have ever seen. Seems WW84 is a victim of its own “success” at the box office. Had it made 10 million opening weekend, everyone would have called it a nice opening. Then the drop this week would have been slightly less exaggerated. Looks like HBOMAX will get a fair number of new subscribers, but I think they should be more thoughtful about this strategy with their 2021 slate. How many movies will yield WW84 type returns in new subs? Personally, I think it’s best to release some of their movies in theaters when it’s safer to do so and not when only 39% of theaters are open for business here in the US and Europe is pretty much closed. I’ll be very interested to see the stats released on new subs from Warner at the months end. After all, that was their endgame.
  7. That would be excellent if those numbers were correct. I figure that at about $15/month, WW84 would likely need to have earned them 2.5 million subscribers who keep the service for one year. It’s a lot but if they increased from 8 million to 12.5 million and then to 17 million in this quarter, then they are there and would need to keep about half of the new subscribers who presumably signed up during the WW84 spike.
  8. I think the competition was HBOMAX. Those who felt the urgency to see it on big screen did so last week. Just my opinion.
  9. I hear ya! There’s no way that the average family can possibly afford all these streaming services. Right now, I have five of them: Netflix, Disney+, HBOMAX, Amazon (as a Prime member), and Hulu. I will probably cancel Hulu. It’s the one I watch the least.
  10. You’re not the only one. I’ve read that several people have had issues. It’s on them to make their platform more user friendly. It’s too bad too, because their content is great.
  11. Sure enough, I will stop going back and forth as you’ve requested. However, please know that the negativity was not started by me on this thread. In any event, Happy New Year!
  12. Wasn’t the previous post about how poorly it was doing in Taiwan because Soul was about to pass it in dailies? All over the place in this thread. Honestly, I don’t get how a box office “guru” would categorize a movie that has done respectable numbers at the box office with 60% of theaters closed in the US- which by the way, was not the case when Tenet was released as having terrible box office numbers. What was the expectation? If they were so rosey, then all studios should go ahead and release their movies. Practically all of Europe is closed and many other countries are following social distancing measures- including some Asian counties. This really isn’t that hard. Movie is number one SVOD after a week of release and yet because of subjective RT scores, it’s a failure. Man, please!
  13. What?! Oh, you’re talking to me? Lol... I am not the one spinning numbers. I have been calling out those spinning numbers negatively. To suggest that the world is back to normal is lunacy. It is not. And WW84 has performed very well in Taiwan under the circumstances. Anyway, moving right along.
  14. Maybe you’re right, cdsacken! Interested in why you think that though? HBOMAX has good content. However, I can see your point in that it is more expensive than the others. They probably need to do something about that, if they lose subscriptions.
  15. In Emperor Palpatine voice, “The HATE is stroooong with this one.” Anyways,
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