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  1. Are you talking about FFH? I think it will make much more than 340. It should end with at least 365-370. If it can withstand TLK and FF9, then it could challenge 400. By the way, I am psyched that today is my 2 year BOT anniversary. This is such a great community! Through all the ups and downs, hits and flops, there is no better place to debate/analyze/celebrate movies.
  2. That is so awesome. If this movie is good, then it should do well. There is already buzz and good will almost one year out from its release. However, this summer has humbled me. 🤞🤞
  3. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/box-office-spider-man-far-from-home-crawl-stuber-1203265987/ Variety has FFH at 37M. It is same as Deadline for TS4. Yes, best to wait for the Asgardians.
  4. https://deadline.com/2019/07/spider-man-far-from-home-crawl-stuber-weekend-box-office-1202645451/ Deadline being Deadline as is the case most weekends. No way FFH makes only 40M. Try 47-50M. 2nd Update, Friday Midday: In the wake of Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, and heading into the colossal Lion King, counterprogramming remains the freshest stuff on the marquee, but it’s not king. Paramount’s Sam Raimi-alligator production Crawl is seeing $4.5M-$5M today (including $1M from last night) for a 3rd place start between $11M-$12M at 3,170 locations. Paramount Disney/Fox’s R-rated action comedy Stuber with $3M-$3.5M today and $7.5M-$9M for the weekend at 3,050 is far worse in 4th place. Far From Home, as expected, has No. 1 in its web with around $40M, -56% for a running total of $269.2M by Sunday at 4,634 theaters.
  5. This was very disturbing. Other than the scene when they arrive. I didn’t find it gory. I will say that I would throw up non stop if I were Christian. WTF? Dani was already in need of intense therapy at the beginning. By the end...well. I would give this a 7/10.
  6. While I loved FFH, the best Spider-Man movie is Spider-Man 2 (McGuire’s version). That movie had everything in it- romance, action, a great villain... Fantastic!!!!
  7. Brightburn was really good. It is too bad that it didn’t fare better at the box office. Therefore, there probably won’t be a sequel. I try to make it out to as many horrors as I can. Since my son was born, I haven’t been able to as much. My sister and I used to ride our bikes to Blockbuster and rent movies. Miss those days! I was into the campy older stuff like “Silent Night. Deadly Night” and “Sorority House Massacre”. I also loved the first “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. The reboot wasn’t as scary. Have to make time for Midsommar and Annabelle. Underrated horror not from this year is Strangers 2. I agree on Shaft. I saw it on discount Tuesday, because I had seen all the other movies at my local AMC. The jokes were funny. I was not offended, but like you I could see how people could bed. There was a middle aged white man sitting in my row with two women he accompanied and he laughed so hard that I thought he was going to pee in his pants.
  8. Wow! Excellent increase for FFH. Well deserved too. And we all know that Marvel owns Saturdays. Let’s see if it can increase. Deadline reverted back to form.
  9. I don’t know much about how numbers are extrapolated and how you all gather data. I just take a look at the bottom line, which is the prediction. If Deadline is wrong, then they are wrong. I am not here to defend them. In this instance, Friday would be the first day they got incorrectly. Perhaps, they are due. I am just in wait and see mode for the Friday number, since there is such a huge gap between Charlie and Deadline. No big deal...
  10. Look, I am not into disparaging Charlie nor anyone else. We all know his value and what he contributes here. But I am pretty sure that he has stated that Spidey is his favorite MCU character. Moreover, he predicted well over 400 for the movie. It would be natural for him to root for it and interpret numbers in the best light possible for FFH. I am not going on the record to defend Deadline and their often laughable predictions. However, truth is truth. The movie has been out four days including today and they accurately predicted the first three days from the numbers extrapolated from early shows. Could they be wrong on the fourth day? Abso-freaking-lutely!
  11. I hope so too. That would be awesome. But Charlie seems emotionally attached to Spidey. I hope his methodology is correct. He is spot on more often than not. We will see. Normally, wouldn’t trust Deadline over either of our Asgardians, but they have been spot on with their predictions for FFH thus far. 31-32 million bodes very well for a super fantastic 180-190 6 day.
  12. Spider-Man is doing fine and meeting realistic expectations. This summer has really taught me that we cannot take the box office for granted. It is so unpredictable. I am really tempering my expectations for WW84. I thought it would for sure pass the first one. Now, I am not so sure. That is not a concern for FFH, as it will undoubtedly gross more than HC. For a sequel, that is a nice accomplishment.
  13. Reading this thread and the analysis from you and a few others in the tracking thread and here, Deadline seems in line this time. However, that doesn’t mean it cannot go up significantly with the evening shows. This is its first Friday, so no telling how it will behave on weekends. I would also bet on a big Saturday regardless. That is a staple of MCU movies. In any event, 166-173 is a great start. That is unless you were one of the folks predicting 225-250. Clearly, it isn’t reaching that. But so what!
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