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  1. It2’s performance is good if it isn’t compared to the first chapter. I read an article the other day, that the box office, Disney theme park, and other entertainment venues are starting to feel the effects of the economic slow down here in the US. FFH likely missing 400M is probably another sign. All of this has me worried about WW84 next summer. I thought for sure that It2 would come close to the first one. I think if the movie opened last year, it would have come close. Same with Spider-Man FFH. Still amazing box office performances, but in a different year/atmosphere may have exceeded their current performances. One never knows though. Those are just my thoughts.
  2. Happy Birthday, @sfran43. If you drink, knock a couple down for BOT. Enjoy!
  3. I just checked The Numbers and the estimate for FFH is 515K, so I don’t think it will make it to 400M. Will probably reach 390 though. Still a massive success and first Spidey movie to pass 1B. Awesome!!! I just don’t understand why Sony and theater chains decided to drop its theater count by so much.
  4. @The Panda 1. Wonder Woman 2. Spider-Man 2 3. The Dark Knight 4. Avengers - Infinity War 5. Black Panther 6. Superman 2 7. Batman 8. Avengers- Endgame 9. Spider-Man 10. Superman 11. Batman Begins 12. Iron Man 13. Captain America 14. X-Men 15. Blade 16. Avengers 17. Batman Begins 18. Logan 19. Captain Marvel 20. The Dark Knight Rises 21. Batman v Superman 22. Civil War 23. Wolverine 24. Aqua-Man 25. Spider-Man - Far From Home 26. Thor Ragnarok 27. The Incredible Hulk- Ed Norton version 28. Green Lantern 29. Guardians of The Galaxy 2 30. Justice League
  5. Yeah, but Fox is now Disney’s problem. These studios’ operating costs and revenues/profits are complex. I just couldn’t believe that with Disney owning the summer, they were still in the red for the quarter. People here assumed that they had money to burn from the summer box office but they don’t. Even though the studio arm did really well, their shareholders are probably disappointed with the quarterlies. Nevertheless, there are still more movies to make, more ventures to pursue and more money to make. I don’t think anyone is shedding any tears for Disney. I posted because I was taken aback by the news.
  6. Very pleased with FFH’s drop. Hopefully, it can leg it out to 400M. TLK is doing what it’s supposed to do. It is meeting expectations. TLK, Aladdin, TS4 and Endgame made more money than almost all the studios make in one year, yet Disney’s quarterly earnings underperformed. Hard to believe!
  7. Let’s not ruin BOT by infusing anything about that dumbass man. I agree with those who loved US. I liked it more than Get Out. I realize this is a minority opinion, but Get Out was way overrated to me.
  8. Congrats to Endgame. It was destined to happen since the bonkers pre-sale phase and then that phenomenal opening weekend. Could it top 280? 300? 320? 350? Well, all of those and then the mighty global crown! Well deserved!
  9. TLK was awesome. So happy to be able to share a bit of my youth with my son. I honestly don’t know why it was so harshly reviewed. Was it perfect? No. But it was a heck of a good time for families at the movies. People clapped at the end of my show, which was 90% capacity in a theater that holds more than 400.
  10. I wish there were a bravo (clap) reaction.. This is exactly right. People need to be a bit more measured in their expectations with the ever changing dynamic of the box office.
  11. LOL. I know.... My son is 5. I dragged him to see Aladdin. He had no desire to see it. But he was glad that he did. He loved it- especially the genie with his “Never Had A Friend Like Me” song. I also dragged him to see Wonder Park, The Grinch, Smallfoot, etc... The movie he was dying to see and we went together on opening night was SLOP2. He also wanted to see TS4, which we also saw on opening night.
  12. I can speak for myself and say most definitely. The AMC A-List was a good investment for me. I go to the movies with my son a lot. Therefore, I see a lot of PG stuff. Sometimes I drag him rather than the other way around. 😂
  13. Excellent for TLK. The folks in the tracking thread did well. If FFH has 21M weekend, then I consider that a very good hold. It did not collapse at all. TS4 really showing resilience as well. Families are really coming out this weekend.
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