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  1. Dune will hit 100M, which is a pretty good result for it. I feel bad for King Richard. It’s a good movie. Looks like Eternals will have back to back 60% drops. It likely won’t pass Black Widow unless Thanksgiving is really good for it.
  2. Me too. Can’t wait to see. I love horror flicks. No one I know other than my cousin has seen the classic (for me), “Silent Night, Deadly Night”. Hey, it’s that time of year.
  3. I’m seeing some really high predictions here. Guys and Gals, please do not set yourselves up for disappointment when it does fantastic numbers but not the numbers you put out there. Those thinking it will do 200 million opening week will be crestfallen if it does under 150. No meltdowns please! The board can get sort of toxic when that happens. With that said, I am so happy to see Doc Ock back.. Spider Man 2 is my favorite Soider-Man movie and one of my favorite movies period, so I am praying this does gangbusters.
  4. Not bad at all for Venom 2. All things considered, this is a very good overall performance. The first one earned 213 million at the box office. This one will also pass 200 million and will not be far behind the first in total North American box office.
  5. That is really rotten. Wow! I can’t stand the Razzies. Some of my favorites have been nominated in the past. I know the RT score is bad, but the audience metrics are the real surprise for me. I wonder how Disney will handle the sequel? Will they change the tone and If so, how? Will they move on from the Eternals? Luckily, the MCU has earned a lot of currency with the general audience, so there’s a lot of trust that they’ll do the right thing and correct any perceived missteps with this movie.
  6. 71.3 actual Actual #BoxOffice numbers for #Eternals domestic opening weekend are in, slightly higher than estimates. The movie grossed 71.3M 3-day opening , 4th highest of pandemic era, beating #F9’s 70M. Breakdown THU previews 9.5M FRI 21.3M (30.8M incl THU previews) SAT 24.1M SUN 16.3M
  7. This is all so interesting. In the Eternals thread, I kind of bought into the critics v ga argument being made by some. But when you look at the critical reception and more scientific ga metrics, it seems both weren’t too enthusiastic about this movie. It’s kind of baffling, as I thought this movie was better than other MCU entries- like Thor 2. The only thing I can figure is that although the cinematography was on point. I mean the movie is visually fantastic, but visually darker than most MCU films. There are more dark and gloomy skies, and dark tones.
  8. Some people are really losing it in this thread. Wow! Anyway, I’m going to see Eternals tonight. Every movie studio has its hits and misses. Was bound to happen for the MCU too. Relax! The box office numbers aren’t even bad. It’s not the movie’s fault that some people were ready to crown it “the first 100 mil opener of the pandemic era”.
  9. I don’t think we want to get into a majority v. minority argument based on your anecdotal evidence. Maybe you visit places on the net that confirm your priors? Maybe your friends think like you? RT verified score for WW84 is 73%. RT overall critics rating is 58%, so a majority of critics were fresh. The average top critic score on RT IS 71%. Metacritic score is 60. Even the low IMDB score of 5.4 which is slightly greater than 5/10. So I would disagree that a majority of people hated it. I think the movie was divisive with passion on both sides. Okay, this is my last post about WW84.
  10. I don’t think Warner stockholders were disappointed. WW84 was a smash for HBOMAX. It helped put it on the streaming map. I think the blinders cuts both ways. People who hated something like to think everyone should hate it too. In any event, I think if we continue on this track, the mods will scold us. Ultimately, we have a movie here that appears to be a creative and new vibe for the MCU. Maybe it’s going to take critics and audiences time to warm to it. Some people love the the same formula and if there is any departure from that, it kind of shakes them up.
  11. Wow! Pretty interesting how bad this is. Still excited to see it though.. Some who’ve seen it here say it’s a top tier MCU release, while others put it in the middle. I haven’t seen one person on BOT say it was lower tier yet. So this is surprising.
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