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  1. I am so happy for V2! My ex who is also my son’s idiotic father took him to see the first one. I was sort of pissed off because I thought the content would be too much for a child to handle. I mean, who thinks it’s appropriate for a child to watch an alien eating heads? But he loved it. It was all he could talk about for a week and he really wants to see a Venom v Spidey movie. He hasn’t seen this one yet, but is excited about it. Kudos to Sony, Tom Hardy and all involved.
  2. This is an excellent number for Shang Chi. Fabulous news for the movie industry and a relief to movie theater lovers. Disney was spot on with their BW estimate and many thought it may be low balled too. According to Keyser in the tracking thread, barring walk ups making up the difference, the Sunday estimate may be right on the money as well. Low balled or not, this movie is the triumph of the summer (caveat: BW was expected to do very well). For a little known super hero to explode on to the scene this way must be gratifying for everyone associated with it. That’s something
  3. Personally, I think anything over 50 million for a new superhero who most people never heard of is great. Many complain about the meltdowns, but part of the reason why they happen is because we have trackers who are also super fans. They want certain moves to succeed and others to fail. There are also trackers/numbers people who play it down the middle and their numbers are often close to the actual numbers. I mean people like Rth, Keyser, Porthos, Katniss and a few others. If people stopped setting expectations so unrealistically high, then the meltdowns would lessen.
  4. Why do you have to shit on BW to deliver good news on SC? BW’s scores were just fine. I am only interested in this movie to see how the tracking thread does in its predictions.
  5. Yes! WW84 faced a lot tougher conditions - more than 1/2 theaters closed and capacity restrictions, so it would be almost impossible for TSS not to pass it. WW84 helped HBOMAX tremendously so I don’t think Warner is disappointed. TSS suffered because of streaming and the bad taste the Ayers version left.
  6. Black Widow may have added 150-200 million from China had it been released there. That means its final gross would likely have been 550-600 million worldwide. It would not have beaten F9 worldwide, but would have been much closer. The numbers now look slightly disappointing because of no China release and lockdowns in some places.
  7. Indeed! WW84 pretty much put HBOMAX on the map. Before that, there was a lot of market confusion about it as many people didn’t know it was different from HBO. Now, market awareness is a lot greater and it’s exceeded expectations the last two quarters.
  8. Why? Space Jam 2 was PG rated and had a marquee personality in Lebron James. TSS had to overcome its R rating and it didn’t have a huge draw in terms of actors. I don’t think this result is good. It is disappointing, but the sky is not falling. It will do bang up business for HBOMAX and that seems to be the top priority for Warner - at least for the foreseeable future.
  9. Exactly this! I hate dumping on movies, even those I didn’t like. People work hard to make their art and it’s fine not to like it, but this board has been waiting for a few weeks to dump on this movie. That’s why mods had to shut down the tracking thread so many times. Comparing it to PG rated movies is unfair, simply because most responsible parents won’t take their pre-teens to see R rated movies. Therefore, the non family factor, plus it being available for free would impact its box office.
  10. I am glad this version of the movie is receiving praise. For DC, critical acclaim is almost as important as box office, because good word of mouth helps to establish a good and reliable reputation. So cheers for that! I wish I could say that I enjoyed the movie, but I didn’t. I just don’t like the blood, the gore and the violence in these movies. I don’t know enough about TSS, so that could explain it. I think walking talking shark man and rodent are ridiculous and gross.
  11. I guess it can be said that many the studios made moves that we can second guess. Universal has been the most successful with its strategy. I will never fully forgive WB for releasing WW84 the way they did. They should have waited until June 2021. At least allow most of the world (Europe, some of Asia and most of the US) the choice to see it at the theater. However, WB is happy because it pretty much put HBOMAX on the map. Disney also cares more about their streaming service than they do about cinemas. They don’t have to share profit. So if they can pocket 100 million just from stream
  12. Well, maybe Ontario reopening will also help the Saturday increase and push it toward higher end of projections/estimates. I don’t think a 65% drop is that bad considering the circumstances. I don’t see how it misses 200M with summer weekdays. It had decent holds last week.
  13. So about a 60% increase for BW. That’s good. Maybe 10 or 11 today and a weekend around 26-28?
  14. This movie was fun! I really liked the DC Comic section. I also liked the father/son dynamic. Most importantly my son enjoyed it, so that always makes me smile. Watched it on HBOMAX, since children my son’s age cannot be vaccinated at this point. Wish we could have seen it in a theater.
  15. I didn’t mean it as a bad thing. It’s just the reality of streaming for certain movies with just watch factor.
  16. Deadline gonna Deadline! It’s okay that they thought BW would win the weekend, but where they really screwed the pooch was with their Space Jam 2 guesstimate.
  17. These hybrid releases have made big movies one week events. As I said when WW84 dropped by 2/3 in its second weekend, the people who want to see the movies in theaters in these pandemic days do so the first week. Then they rewatch it on the streaming service. Space Jam 2 will surprise this weekend and then likely plummet next weekend.
  18. I don’t know why they feel like the have to spin this number. It is a terrific number. By spinning it, they only make some people think that the movie under-performed. I recall when WW84 was released, ATT/WB released these very nebulous figures which led people to believe that it didn’t perform well. Instead they should have been touting how well it performed compared to other movies at that time. Black Widow is head and shoulders ahead of anything released during the pandemic/“post” pandemic so far.
  19. Pretty good number for BW. Highest OW during the pandemic. It should coast to 85+ weekend. In this current climate, that’s pretty darn good.
  20. Black Widow was absolutely awesome! The first 30 minutes were full of heart pounding action and suspense. I loved the interaction between Yelena, Melina and Natasha. I thought Harbour was a bit over the top, but he was funny enough. The movie itself was a blast! 8.5/10. I thought it was better than most Marvel origin/first movies. I enjoyed it more than The First Avenger, Thor, Captain Marvel, Antman, Homecoming, etc. I can’t wait to watch it again.
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