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  1. 1 minute ago, AN9815 said:

    I thought 'Mortal Kombat' was pretty bad and I didn't particularly care for 'Demon Slayer' but these numbers bring a lot of hope to the box office and I'm glad they are performing well. My biggest concern now is that there are no big movies until 'Spiral' but after that big movies will come starting with 'A Quiet Place 2' and 'Cruella'. Maybe they should have moved one of them a couple of weeks up

    I completely agree. MK was really bad! It took me all weekend to get through it. Just finished. However, these box office numbers bode well for the future. Maybe Bond, Black Widow, F9 and Top Gun will be okay. They may be able to reach 100+ million opening weekends. 

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  2. If theater chains stand together, then Disney will have to yield. The movie theaters have other blockbusters to play and can survive without Disney when things reach normal or near normal. Disney is the biggest movie studio and that gives them leverage. I am sure the chains would prefer not to boycott Disney, but why not if they are being fleeced? With that being said, I think the parties will work things our and Black Widow will do just fine. 

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  3. I am happy for Warner with these China results so far. Hopefully, this movie will continue to grow subs. China is going to be the biggest difference between this movie and WW84 overseas. In this country, it should surpass it quite significantly too, as WW84’s released when only 40% of movie theaters were open and major markets like CA and NY were closed. I definitely think if the GvK director said that he was looking to bear WW84 numbers, he was trying to temper expectations. 

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Fullbuster said:


    That's something I'm a bit skeptical about: if you care about Marvel movies, TV shows and characters, won't you have Disney+ in the first place?

    I'm not predicting anything here, just trying to make sense of it, I hope you're right about that but I fear people might expect too much from BW in terms of subs for D+. An effect, yes probably but...how big? WandaVision has been the world's most popular show for weeks and Falcon and the Winter Soldier has the signs of a very successful show to come so if fans don't sub now, then why and when?

    I hear ya and understand your apprehension. Yes, it’s true that D+ already has a lot of subs. But haven’t they expanded to new markets recently? Marvel movies are popular all over the world and so it may offer them the chance for new subs in new markets. I don’t know. I am just trying to think like the Disney suits. Trust me, I am not a fan of the hybrid/streaming releases either. I think Disney will ultimately look at its bottom line. If they stream it, they don’t have to worry about sharing profits with anyone. If they release it under the same terms that they have in place now, which excludes some big theater chains, they won’t maximize the theatrical dollars they could make. I have no idea what they will ultimately decide. Either way (hybrid or straight streaming), they’ll probably get second guessed. If they release in theaters I don’t know whether they’ll work better agreements with movie theater chains. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, keysersoze123 said:

    10 million from these numbers look tough to me. But we have another couple of weeks to go. With NY/CA opening up share of MTC1+MTC2 should be around 40%. So would need 4 million sales in these 2 chains. That needs 10x sales from today. Looks tough to me with capacity constraints as major market shows are sellouts or close to it with small number of ticket sales(like my comment above about Lincoln Square). 

    Many major markets were closed for WW84 but it benefited from private showings. Wonder whether that will be the case for GvK too. If it is, then maybe it can do 10 million opening day. No doubt these are tough conditions but I am hoping that this movie does really well. 

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  6. 47 minutes ago, TwoMisfits said:



    $5.5M Raya 

    $4.1M T&J

    $2.25M Chaos Walking

    $730K Boogie

    $520K Croods

    $312.5K The Father (#10 place DOM)

    $245K Long Weekend (#11 place DOM)


    Everything (except TJ and Croods) down a little from estimates...probably not the weekend the holdovers were hoping for b/c even with the limited openers, nothing had an amazing, amazing hold...


    Total WW for Raya - "but Raya made $11.5M in its second overseas weekend for a combined $17M WW, taking its global total to $52.6M."

    All things considered, that was an okay hold for Raya. Looks like the race for top animated movie of pandemic will be between T&J and Croods. Don’t think Croods will catch Tenet though. Although Croods’ run is more impressive considering it had to survive much harsher times than Tenet did at the time of its release. The box office is depressing right now. Can’t wait for things to turn up a bit in the next few months. 

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  7. Tom and Jerry going strong. I honestly don’t see the appeal. However, there’s really not much out there now to see. GvK will benefit greatly from an open field too. Just spitballing, but perhaps Warner should have given the trimmed down Snyder Cut a theatrical release and rewarded HBOMAX customers with the longer version. 

  8. I’ll hedge my bet on this one. There are approximately 50% cinemas open now. The big markets will be open by May, since the vaccinations are going very well. However, social distancing (maybe 50% max capacity) will still be in place. So I see this opening at about 40 million. I will give it a 3 multiplier for about 120 million domestic and mostly because of China, I think this will do 500 or 600 million WW. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Eric and the Last Dragon said:

    It's actually really funny because speaking as somebody whose job is to check threads daily and moderate activity, I can only think of a couple people who eagerly love to dogpile WB/HBO Max/whatever. If anything, there's legions of people whose entire personality seems to just be "Disney bad". Anytime a Disney movie underperforms even slightly, the knives are out against them and threads sometimes go on and on about whether it's ethical to watch a Lion King remake or whatever in theaters. It's even weirder still since a lot of people were championing Tom and Jerry's opening, almost as if people here...like seeing good box office numbers regardless the studio.


    Really, the Raya dogpiling that's been happening (and yes, it's happening way more than any championing or defensiveness that people pretend to act is going on) is sadly par for the course, both for a low opener and a Disney release. Not sure why WB stans/"Disney bad" personality types are acting as if one or two defenses from randos means the majority are acting like the movie's a smash success, but they seem to get angry whenever somebody mildly critiques a DC movie's box office or just...does their job as a reporter, so I guess that's to be expected. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    At the risk of a stern response I’ll say that I really liked Raya and supported it. In fact, I’ve shared my opinion and stand by it that Raya was much better than Tom & Jerry. I have likewise supported the MCU movies and gone to the movies as a paying customer to watch them. In fact, I have never come here or on any other site with an agenda to repeatedly trash movies for their box office. Nor do I let some  allegiance to a certain studio or franchise lead me to  trash movies that are from a different studio/franchise. I don’t think that qualifies as analysis. It qualifies as hating. I usually just state my opinion and keep it moving. There are others who feel the need to bash WB/HBOMAX or sometimes other studios that are not Disney. It’s apparent that we’re working from different perspectives, so with respect I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree. 

    I am happy to see that no one is bashing Raya or Disney here. People are looking at the landscape and seeing what could have been done differently to maximize its potential during these challenging times and that’s why I post here. It’s for thoughtful analysis from certain posters without agendas. 

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Menor said:

    For obvious reasons discourse would be different around WW84 and Raya since WW84 was a sequel to a $400 million dollar domestic hit. Tom and Jerry's opening weekend actually did have a much better response on the forum than Raya's, so I'm not sure what you're talking about in that regard. 

    I think Krissykins is saying that there were very few voices contextualizing WW84’s performance at the Box office even though less than 40% of theaters were opened when it was released. And those that were opened had limited capacity as they do now. Not to mention Europe was completely closed, South Korea was partially closed and major US cities were mostly closed. People just kept harping on it’s disappointing performance in China to claim it was a flop. I don’t think anything flopped during this crisis that is still so prevalent. Even when some of us tried to bring context into it, some were not having it. I am not here to pile on Raya. It was a good movie and like I said, we are in a pandemic. Nevertheless, it’s clear that some were not consistent in their analysis. Thankfully, I think people are doing a better job analyzing and contextualizing Raya’s box office performance so far. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Krissykins said:

    No. Netflix films aren’t in 2,000+ cinemas and don’t have marketing campaigns.  

    If this was a WB/HBOMax release, the tone would be different on here. 

    Agreed! Look at WW84 and how it’s numbers were viewed. But that doesn’t mean that this movie did badly because people on this site still don’t grasp the impact of the pandemic. 

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  12. This Deadline writer is such a Disney Stan, it’s too funny. He doesn’t even try to hide it. Throwing shade at HBOMAX is not the move. T&J was expected to drop hard. In fact, I am surprised it didn’t drop more. As for WW84, that was a harsh drop but it started at the highest point since the pandemic. Looks like Rita’s opening won’t be much more than WW84 second weekend. WW84 had less theaters opened and zero theaters in major market. I just don’t understand why people are attempting to compare pandemic numbers to non pandemic numbers. If Tom & Jerry hadn’t opened at 14 million and you told Disney that Riya would open to 8 million, they wouldn’t have been disappointed. The market place is what it is. I don’t know why people are disappointed with these numbers. The movies will do fine on steaming. 

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  13. I give it an 8/10. It’s a visually stunning movie. The colors and the texture of the animation were on point. I particularly liked that the characters were well developed and complex.  There were no truly bad characters. The message is one that resonates nowadays too. We come from different places but ultimately we are human beings and we must learn to live and respect one another across different lands. If not, then we will perish. 

  14. My son was looking forward to seeing this, so I shelled out the $29.99 on Disney+ for it.  Unlike Tom & Jerry, I really enjoyed it and so did he. I think most of these movies released during the pandemic are not expected to earn much at the box office and are more to boost the profile of the streamers. The Croods opened when there were about 60% of movie theaters opened. Now, there are about 50% of movie theaters opened and the major markets are slowly opening as well. I think this can have some legs. WW84 opened when there were under 40% of theaters opened in the US and none in the three top markets. Yet, some people were pushing the “it bombed” narrative. I don’t know whether we can expect movies to start hitting their stride until at least the summer. That’s when we’ll start seeing 50 million plus debuts and then hopefully more soon thereafter. 

    I can’t find Raya’s production budget anywhere. It looked expensive. Definitely a well made movie. 

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