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  1. 1 hour ago, Krissykins said:

    Top Critics 70% 6.5. 67 ratings


    I do think it’s being slightly review bombed now. 

    Also interesting and suspicious, it has more reviews than any other high profile pandemic release already, 339. Tenet is nearest with 319. 

    I took a look at several movies to compare. Typically, the top critic score is lower than the overall score. Not the case here. So far, top critics aligns with verified audience score. These bloggers are dragging it down. So yeah, it’s kind of weird. But now,, the movie released and people can see it for themselves. The RT score is for posterity’s sake now. 

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  2. I give it an 8/10. The only complaint was the run time. It was a bit long for my son to sit through. Otherwise, as enjoyed it. I am really not over the top excited about any movie next year- not even the Snyder cut. Well, actually I am

    looking forward to A Quiet Place 2. Even so, I really wish I could have seen this in the theater where it was meant to be watched. 

    A suggestion for WW3 would be to keep it to one villain. It’s a lot to try to develop all these interesting characters. Someone is bound to be under-developed. With all that said, I was fine with the movie. It’s a CBM. Frankly, I don’t see why a magic stone is more nonsensical than a gauntlet of infinity stones or three mother boxes. 

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  3. So I am a little bit confused. WW84 will be on HBOMAX and in theaters until January 24, 2021. Then it moves to strictly theaters for 30 days and then what after that? I don’t know why theaters think they can make any money with that set up. Movies are usually well past 1/2 their earnings in cinema by week 4.


    Anyways, some streaming numbers. 



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  4. 2 minutes ago, Menor said:

    Captain Marvel had an A on Cinemascore vs this one's B+, higher PostTrak scores and a significantly higher definite recommend (despite WW84's theater surveys being inflated by a bigger selection effect than usual), had better reviews, and had higher online audience scores despite being subjected to probably the biggest online troll campaign for a single movie. Its legs were also helped by the imminent release of Endgame. The situations are not comparable. 

    Al true! Yet, anecdotally in my personal interactions with people and here online, most people thought Captain Marvel was average. Nothing special. I actually liked it more than most. 

    I don’t think this would have performed on the level of BvS and JL as far as multipliers. The movie just appeals to a different audience. An audience that helped the first movie to a 4X multiplier. Many of those people would have returned in my view. 

    Anyways, you’ve  said all over this forum for months what you thought and expects from this film at the box office. I get it. I don’t expect that anything would change your mind. Had it gotten stellar reviews, there would have always been some limitation found by those committed to the it wouldn’t have done this or that crew.  Respect your opinion and agree to disagree.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Menor said:

    A huge weekend by necessity will limit the leg potential, and 82% positive isn't all that great for PostTrak. The audience scores are a bit below Justice League, which had a 2.4 multi off a significantly lower weekend. So 2.3 or lower seems like a good bet if it indeed opened to 160. 

    But Captain Marvel opened at over 150 and maybe that opening was attributed to the tie in between the two Avengers movies. It had mixed word of mouth too, but managed a multiplier of 2.8. No reason to believe that this wouldn’t manage at least a 2.5 with who comprises the audience. It’s not only fanboys running out to see it. This was geared to families. And the audience tracking showed a diverse audience. 

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Menor said:

    Enough to increase significantly from the first is unlikely. Even a 160*2.3 gets to 370 domestic, would have dropped quite a bit in China as well. I highly doubt it would've made enough up in the rest of the world to even match the first, let alone hit 1B.

    I disagree! But it’s impossible to tell either way. Why only an atrocious 2.3 multiplier off a huge weekend? Based on Deadline article, it had an 82% positive and most of the audience were women. Younger kids loved it. We tend to forget that a lot of people do not post online. Therefore, the word of mouth may not have been bad enough to kill it to that extent. 

    It performed better in at least two Asian markets than the first movie. And Australia was very solid. With Europe mostly closed, there’s no way of knowing. But  I think there is at least a fair chance that of increasing there. But as I said, we’ll never know for certain either way. 

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  7. 7 minutes ago, WandaLegion said:

    From Deadline today:

    My expectations for a non covid world are unchanged from my 125-160ish from a year ago, though I think the upper range is less likely with the reviews.

    Reviews aren’t great but wouldn’t be enough to blunt its box office on opening weekend. It wasn’t rotten on RT on 12/25. It’s still not rotten (at least not yet) now. And most of the world don’t give a hoot about mixed RT scores and Twitter chatter. 

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  8. “#WW84  debuted with 1.4M in #India, same as 2017 #WonderWoman , also biggest opening for a Hollywood movie in India in 2020. One of the few which managed to match the 1st WonderWoman opening grosses, along with #Taiwan. #Thailand was the only market where WW84’s opening topped WW’s”


    A tweet from Luiz Fernando. So wait? It didn’t do poorly in all Asian markets aparently. Brazil is not back to normal and it is a huge market for WW. Basically much of Europe is closed. The movie dropped just 34% in its second week, so it didn’t drop like a stone there. NYC, LA, SF and many other major cities are closed. So yeah, this would have smashed in most territories. 

  9. This movie did well with only 40% of theaters open AND the social distancing measures. It did well in Australia and nicely in Korea and Taiwan. Yeah, sticking to my belief that this would have done 1B. We’ll never know. But maybe it finishes with about 150m at box office WITHOUT much of Europe in a global pandemic. Really enjoyed WW84 and ecstatic about the announcement of number 3. It apparently pulled its weight in droves for HBOMAX, which is precisely what the suits wanted. 

    AND 6.2 people streamed it just on Friday night. That is not counting new subs. Imagine a box office with a baseline of that many people going to the movies to see this on opening weekend. HUGE! 

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  10. 47 minutes ago, Lion Roar said:

    Steve being her moral compass is my biggest issue with this whole franchise. She's the superhero but for some reason in both movies it's Steve who does the heroic thing and she only chooses to do the right thing after remembering that she loves him. It makes Steve the hero of Diana's story/journey and the entire reason for her heroism. Diana knew Steve for a few weeks almost 70 years ago, and she spent all that time after he died living amongst humans, but somehow he's still her anchor to humanity? She has had decades with her human friends but I guess they don't matter to her at all since she was never in love with them. Once they figure out the truth about the stone, Steve immediately realizes what they need to do, but she keeps refusing to do so. In the end after almost dying she still refused to renounced the wish until Steve pushed her again, and she finally passively agrees to do so after crying and saying that she'll never love again. Instead of Diana being a hero and realizing that the world and billions of people far outweigh her own selfish childish wish, it's Steve once again making the hard call and being the hero and her being forced to go along with it.


    In a nutshell, Diana is just a passive reluctant actor in her own heroic journey and Steve is the driving force and the real hero both times and that doesn't work for me.

    Understand Patty’s perspective and those of the writers. This man is the love of her life. They have to show that he’s worthy of her by showing that he is as compassionate and heroic as she is. He doesn’t have any super powers, so he can’t swoop in and save two children by flinging his lasso. His worth must be shown through her eyes and through her arc. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, TLK said:

    If they are smart they'll keep the follow-ups on HBO Max. Maybe make a WW TV show because the quality of the movie and the release strategy may have killed the mega-blockbuster potential of the franchise. The sequel to this movie is not going to come close to WW's $400 million domestic gross and the CBM audience in the rest of the world is probably watching it for free after it leaked yesterday. How much will the sequel to this movie make worldwide in 2023 ? $500 million ? 

    If the movie is good, it will make its money. The character is beloved by many. Even the racial and gender breakdown from Deadline showed broad appeal for it. 

  12. Just now, AdamKendall said:

    It bombed financially overseas in China.


    It's bombed in the sense of not going over anywhere CLOSE to the level of WW critically with audiences.

    The movie is a critical disappointment only because of the first movie’s performance. It is still fresh on RT. Maybe that changes, who knows? But calling it a bomb critically is far different from what it is from a critical standpoint- which at the moment would best be categorized as a disappointment. 

    It bombed in China and so have many movies before it that had successful BO runs. We simply don’t have enough information to call it a bomb at the box office. Let’s wait and see how it performed with the lowered expectations of the pandemic release. Moreover, let’s see if it helped HBOMAX subscriptions, which was the main strategy underlying this streaming move. It was a money crab for sure. But let’s see if they get what they wanted. 

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  13. 2 minutes ago, AdamKendall said:

    There's creative decisions being made in both those movies that any reasonable person would say ... HOLY SHIT, this might not really be what the vast majority of the viewers want. They seemingly gave Patty got all the power in this film due to WW and this is what she felt people wanted ... and a large number seem to be turned off.  Now she's moving to a Star Wars property.  Good luck to her, because that fan base is just as crazy.


    I mean personally, I found WW84 and BOP to be 'okay' but fuck, both those films bombing should have been seen coming.



    WW84 bombed? Get real! We’re in a damn pandemic! 

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  14. 1 minute ago, Maggie said:

    The reviews on Imdb are brutal. People on twitter are not loving it either. Maybe WB made the right decision to send this to Max. Spares them a bigger embarrassment.


    However, it doesn't explain why the entire 2021 slate is going straight to streaming. They can't all be bad

    That’s not what I am reading on Twitter. Seem to be a very good amount of good review. I don’t read IMDB anymore. 

    It was fantastic! I thought it hit the right emotional tone.

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  15. 2 hours ago, Jamiem said:

    Albany, New Zealand - Seats Sold Wonder Woman 1984 - (12 hours  before opening day)


    Saturday 26th December


    10:00am VMAX 37/133 (+19)

    10:45am VMAX 44/185 (+17)

    10:45am GC 23/30 (+2)

    12:00pm 68/216 (+42)

    12:45pm GC 38/40 (+7)

    1:15pm VMAX 36/133 (+9)

    2:00pm VMAX 36/185 (+7)

    2:00pm GC 27/30 (+2)

    3:10pm 62/216 (+14)

    4:10pm GC 39/40 (+4)

    4:30pm VMAX 45/133 (+20)

    5:15pm VMAX 43/185 (+22)

    5:15pm GC 29/30

    6:30pm 51/216 (+23)

    7:30pm GC 38/40 (+4)

    7:45pm VMAX 33/133 (+6)

    8:15pm 17/216 (+2)

    8:30pm VMAX 60/185 (+6)

    8:30pm GC 30/30


    Total: 734/2416 (+206)


    Phenomenal days sales that the last update. I won’t do any weekend $$$ comps as its a 2 day vs usual 3-4 day, its on Boxing Day and the HBO MAX release may cause some higher piracy levels than normal, but here are some comparisons to some successful films 12 hours before release in terms of tickets sold:


    TLK - Total 1831/5554

    Joker - Total 446/2756

    Frozen II - Total 670/2572

    TROS - Total  2002/5606


    As you can see WW84 holds its own pretty well although it is boosted by being on a holiday which is the same for TLK if I remember correctly. Also similar ticket availability as Frozen II and Joker is a good sign in my opinion.

    Thank you! And what do those movies have in common? They all grossed one billion! And two did it without China and great RT scores! Not being definitive, but I think this would have grossed 1 billion. Just my opinion. 

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