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  1. I wish someone would have updated on how Wonder Woman is doing. She has the most compelling box office run of the summer. Are there double features with Dunkirk? This is a tough weekend for holdovers. Other than the top two, it feels like a tight horse race where every movie is fighting for position.
  2. Spider-Man had exactly the same percentage drop from last weekend. What does that mean for this weekend? Another 60+ drop? How do these things correlate? I cannot wait to take my son to see future Spider-Man movies. If there is an animated version, like some have said, then that would be great. Lego Batman ran a little long and he started to get restless.
  3. Yes, I see that perhaps the release dates are not compatible. I guess no one knows for sure how much WW will gross in the end. I am just happy that it will pass Guardians of The Galaxy for the summer crown. That is unless Spider-Man can somehow catch up. I don't see anything else catching up, but we could be surprised. Who expected this of WW?
  4. Okay. I see. I was just asking because someone posted that WW had actually passed The Hunger Games yesterday or was very close to it. That would mean the Hunger Games was also behind Spider-Man 1 at the same time and it out grossed it. I guess we will just have to wait and see. It may also depend on how long WB wants to keep it in theaters and how many theaters are taken away. But thank you for responding.
  5. Wouldn't it be more useful to compare it to The Hunger Games? More recent movie which more accurately reflects the trends, especially cheap ticket Tuesday's.
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