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  1. 3 minutes ago, charlie Jatinder said:

    So WW84 is a theatrical disaster. How are people around you interested in getting this thing on HBO Max?

    And this was foreseeable. Anyone with a brain could see that the release of this movie to theaters wouldn’t bear much fruit. 

    With about 2,750 dying a day and many people without food, movie going is not a priority at the moment. I am excited to see it and I think some are too, but not at the level it would have been otherwise. 

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  2. Just now, lorddemaxus said:

    Is this film even being marketed in the US? The international numbers so far show that there's a huge marketing and anticipation problem.

    No amount of marketing could save this movie in the US and Europe. Most of those countries are closed. My God, why is that so hard for people to grasp?

    The decision to sacrifice this movie to streaming was the original sin in this whole fiasco.  

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Maggie said:

    I hope to like it too. I absolutely love the first one. I was in the 1B club before the pandemic, but seeing these reactions i don't think it would have done 1B

    I think you’re letting that China box office affect your opinion a bit too much. IMDB ratings are average for a comic book movie. RT rating will probably end some where in the mid to low 80s (fingers crossed), so I think it would have been fine. Still think it would have made a billion. But yeah, I can see why people would think it wouldn’t. It’s something we will never know. I just don’t think one can underestimate the pomp and circumstance before a big movie opens and how the lack of it can affect the movie’s performance. What movie will be the first to a billion after the pandemic? I’ll be interested to see. 

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  4. 19 minutes ago, WandaLegion said:

    None. When I mentioned markets operating normally I just meant China, Taiwan, and Japan (there may be another couple small Asian ones I’m not aware of). It is indeed a pretty small and geographically biased set, so I don’t want to draw any super strong conclusions from it — but certainly, in the world where it was doing better than WW1 in those markets the argument that it would have made 1B in normal conditions would be much more natural.    

    I agree that even in those it’s being hurt by lack of normal promotion activities. But even if you give it like 80 in China and 430 DOM, you end up needing more than a 50% boost OS-C to hit 1B. That is very rare for sequels. All I’m saying is that 1B is a big lift for a sequel to an 820M grosser without the help of a big China *increase,* which probably wasn’t in the cards even in non-covid timelines.

    This is fair. This is a reasoned opinion rather than wishful thinking that some on this site love to do.  

  5. 3 minutes ago, WandaLegion said:

    350 DOM+50 C + 500 OS-C or something would have been a great performance for a sequel to an 820M grosser. I don’t understand why people feel so compelled to argue that it would have gotten 1B when very little points in that direction.

    The same reason people who feel it DEFINITELY would not have made it. Also with not much to show for proof. I think it would have made 1B, but I didn’t say definite. Those of you who say no seem to have a looking glass which can forecast things in a no Covid world. 

  6. 1 minute ago, WandaLegion said:

    It means that in 2020 it is still very hard to hit 1B without a strong China contribution, and nothing about the first one’s performance (or this one’s so far in markets that are operating normally) provides good reason to believe it would have gotten there.

    What huge markets other than China and some Asian markets are functioning even close to normally? I think the Chinese box office would have been better in normal times as well. Maybe 80-100 million. This movie did not have the kind of roll out that can lead to any sort of extrapolations as to how it would have performed under normal circumstances. Even in markets that are not shut down, there have been no fan events, no red carpets, no full throttle adverts. So although WW84 likely would not have grown substantially in China or other Asian markets, I think it would have grown elsewhere in the world including the US. 

  7. 13 minutes ago, WandaLegion said:

    WW1 OS-C  320M
    Joker OS-C 740M  



    What does this mean? Joker came after the first WW. Before the first WW, DC had a rep of releasing crap. Their reputation is much better now. Under normal circumstances, actors and studios would be putting in work. Meaning there would be red carpets, fan interaction, press junkets, full throttle adverts... Nothing is normal right now. Nothing leads me to believe that this movie would not have done gangbusters. China would be icing on the cake. 

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  8. 3 hours ago, lorddemaxus said:

    And Joker was much bigger than the first Wonder Woman in almost every international territory.

    We’re talking about WW84. Not the first WW. So what’s your point? Nothing I’ve seen so far would lead me to believe that WW84 would not have done better internationally than the first one. The good will and the love people had for the first one would have carried over. Plus, the RT score shows that it is a good movie. There’s no reason to believe that it would not have done very well and possibly 1B. 

    Some of you are so euphoric about the box office of a movie being released in the midst of a global pandemic. LOL. Had this not been an attempted money grab by AT&T to juice their HBO MAX subscriptions, this movie would have done great. You can doubt my reasoning and I can doubt yours. We will never know who’s right. The only objective truth is that releasing a blockbuster movie in theaters now was not a smart decision. 

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  9. 49 minutes ago, cax16 said:

    This happens all the time to other movies in other circumstances , it’s not some unique thing to covid. 

    Just look at metacritic and you’ll see this movie isn’t doing as well with critics over all. All that 89 ( or whatever number it is now)on RT means is more people think it’s enjoyable then not. 

    Wait, what’s wrong with a 67 metacritic score? Some people are really doing the mostest trying to take away the one bright spot for the movie during this entire fiasco created by AT&T. The movie is well received thus far. FULL STOP! 

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  10. 5 minutes ago, Krissykins said:

    IGN said it’s better than the first film too. That’s surprising. 

    In my eyes it can’t be surpassed lol

    Good reviews so far. Hope it continues, but they will make me even madder at AT&T. They just threw this movie away, as they did their entire 2021 slate. I want to see this at the movies and will look for drive ins to see it on the big screen. Movies theaters are closed on the entire northeast of the US. 

  11. AT&T is a much bigger company than Disney. Take a look at the, net income, total equity and the revenue. 

    Back on topic, I am still not over how stupid this decision was by AT&T. They just don’t care about the movie industry. That is abundantly clear. Although, I don’t think they would have ever done this to The Batman! I am sickened by this decision. We’ve had to endure so much with this pandemic. I was looking forward to celebrating my return to the movie theaters in the summer by seeing this movie. It would have had a great run. 

  12. 1 hour ago, grim22 said:

    Wonder Woman moving means that Black Widow will move now. Disney have also been adamant that they will not be the first studio to test the waters, so Bond will be the first blockbuster back since domestic is not as important for the franchise.


    Also, a Dune delay is likely coming soon since WB won't want to hobble their own movie. Christmas feels like it will stick, since any lower opening will be compensated by the holidays - especially OS.

    Thank you, grim22! I wonder what the initial tracking numbers were. 

  13. As much as I am excited for this movie, I cannot believe that they are going to release it on August 14th. That date will not maximize the box office potential for this film. Hard to build anticipation during a pandemic that will stretch into the winter. It should move to December or Spring 2021. What’s happened to the movie industry and to the world because of this pandemic is depressing. Hopefully, we come out of it soon. 

  14. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/31/amc-ceo-hopes-theaters-will-open-by-mid-june-moviegoers-will-return.html



    • AMC’s CEO hopes that locations will be able to open by mid-June.
    • Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Entertainment, admits that it is unclear exactly when the movie theater industry will be back on its feet in the wake of the coronavirus, but he’s certain moviegoers will be eager to return to cinemas. 
    • Because of theater closures across the country and internationally, studios have been vacating their release dates through June and July.
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  15. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/31/amc-ceo-hopes-theaters-will-open-by-mid-june-moviegoers-will-return.html



    • AMC’s CEO hopes that locations will be able to open by mid-June.
    • Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Entertainment, admits that it is unclear exactly when the movie theater industry will be back on its feet in the wake of the coronavirus, but he’s certain moviegoers will be eager to return to cinemas. 
    • Because of theater closures across the country and internationally, studios have been vacating their release dates through June and July.
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  16. I liked the first trailer. This one is better. Definitely think they should move it to maximize box office. Put it in the place of The Eternals in November and move Eternals to next year. If I were WB, I would also move WW to December. Pains me to say that, but the handling of this virus has been so poor in the US that I am not certain we’ll be out of the woods by the summer.

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