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  1. Oh, I certainly hope you’re right. We’ve already had one delay and I would absolutely not make it through another few months of waiting.
  2. What spoilers are being discussed? I have not seen any. The swinging on lightning that I mentioned is in the trailer. So maybe others have included spoilers. I have seen people refer to Steve’s return, but in a non specific way.
  3. It’s a comic book movie. There’s usually not logic involved. Kind of like someone getting rid of 1/2 the population of the universe with one snap and then five years later, some super heroes travel back in time to undo everything. That worked extremely well, because people were invested in the story. There are many people invested in WW and Steve. I recall during the review period for the first film, many critics remarked on how ridiculous many of the lines were: “My mother sculpted me from clay and I was bought to life by Zeus”, yet people just went with it. It’s all about how it comes togeth
  4. Yeah, like they were making fun of her swinging on lightning. Yet lo and behold, that scene from the trailer is what for the biggest reaction. One never knows until the movie comes out what audiences will like and what they want.
  5. Hopefully, BOP can go on to have a respectable run at the box office. I don’t think it lacked marketing. I do think the trailers were $hit. Judging by the critic and fan reaction, it is a good movie, but the trailers did not make it look so. In any event, this is another notch in DC’s belt as far as critical acclaim. I don’t think people can go around trashing DC for making bad films any more. They have churned out some solid films the past two years. Now, they have to figure out their own model to build their brand to where their C characters can have true breakout movies.
  6. Really good trailer. Never heard of this character but I want to see the movie.
  7. I don’t like the racist crap on the academy either. But why single out the single minority nomination as the least deserving one? Why couldn’t both the black actress and the Asian actress be nominated! Why act like the black actress stole something from the Asian actress? The Academy is made up of a lot of old white men. Maybe one of the other white actresses shouldn’t have been nominated?
  8. I don’t know about Deadline as a whole, but Alessandro has ALWAYS been a Disney fan boy. In any case, in this instance I am hoping against all odds that he is right. TROS is better than TLJ in my opinion and deserves to smack it box office wise. But that is not the way the box office works. There may be an over saturation issue with the Star Wars movies.
  9. Nothing is coming close to Endgame for a long time. I would guess at least a decade. The next film behind Endgame right now is 100 million lower (IW). I hate to break it to James Cameron, but Avatar 2 isn’t going to do it nor will it gross more than Endgame WW. Perhaps the re-release is Avatar will reclaim top spot WW. I do think it will be a while before anyone tops The Force Awaken domestic total as well. Maybe the same movie that tops Endgame’s OW will also top Force Awakens domestic and Endgame WW!
  10. Took the morning off to see this. I hope it’s good. I was bullish on Solo and it disappointed me both expectation wise and box office performance wise. I didn’t love TLJ. I am one of few SW fans who really liked the prequels. I don’t really see why people hate them so much. I hope I like this one more than TLJ. My SW rankings: Empire Strikes Back Revenge of The Sith Return of the Jedi The Force Awakens Attack of the Clones A New Hope The Phantom Menace The Last Jedi
  11. Joker reached 1B without a single dollar from China! So please spare me the melodrama. We will just have to wait and see. If you’re comfortable forecasting movie performances appearing on lists, then more power to you. Maybe some major studio should hire you to forecast flops, disappointment, blockbusters and the like? Fact is you don’t know how any of these movies will do. None of us do. To suggest WW won’t make 1B based on a list months before release does nothing but show your bias. Again, none of us know.
  12. What is the matter with you? Why so pessimistic? We are months away from the release and if I am correct, China’s box office is based a lot of Mouyan (sic) scores. If the movies on the list are shit, they won’t do well. It’s okay if you’re rooting against WW84, but please don’t beat us over the head with it. We get it, you think the movie will disappoint. Move on!
  13. Star Wars franchise is one of the strongest around. Yet, Rise of Skywalker’, which is expected to open between 180-210 million “only” has 34 million views on its main YouTube channel for the first trailer. The main thing is that the WW84 trailer was certainly enough to whet the appetite and anticipation for the movie.
  14. Anecdotally speaking, the two online polls show that there was more excitement to see BW’s trailer. That is not totally surprising because this is her first movie. However, once people saw both trailers, the support for BW declined and WW went up. Most people do not go online and therefore probably have not seen the trailers. Therefore, if there is as much anticipation to see what BW has to offer, as the trailer poll showed, then the movie will do very well. WW is more of a known quantity and I think the second poll shows what we all saw and what the internet reflected; i
  15. Ahhh, WW (origin) has 30 million views after three years- as in right now. That was the point I was making. In essence, trailer views didn’t seem to be as important a metric for WW.
  16. You were spot on about the first movie, even after the opening weekend when almost everyone doubted you. Cochofiles was also on the bandwagon before it left the station. This time, I hope your instincts are right again. I have no idea what this one will do. However, I am very pleased with the trailer and the reaction to it. I am not worried about the trailer views. I think to date, the first Comic Con WW trailer has 30 million views. This one will likely surpass it. I don’t think WW metrics are entirely similar to other CM.
  17. Well, WW fanbase defies this and that is the point being made. WW was 50/50 gender split which is uncommon for superhero flicks.
  18. No! Some movies appear as ads. I wouldn’t know about promos to less active superhero accounts because I am not one of those people. I know this trailer is not embedded. Some trailers start playing on timelines as soon as a user goes to their account.
  19. Please read the post by Nova. Of course it is being advertised. However, it was not (from what I could see) embedded as an ad or promotion on Twitter and YT.
  20. Now, this is a great point. I do see that sometimes too. I think it is masterful advertising. It would have been a good idea for Warner to do that for WW84. When I open my Twitter, there was a story about the trailer which did not include a package of the trailer automatically playing.
  21. Trailer views are interesting to watch, but they are not the end all, be all by any means. Plus, this trailer dropped differently from other movies, where many people watched the live stream on twitter. Therefore, it may not be an exact apples to apples comparison to other films. I guess we will see how things play out from here. Anyway, I am very pleased with the reaction to the trailer. Have not seen many negative reactions at all.
  22. Thanks! However, that was the view count after 1 hour. I checked it. YT has not updated.
  23. Great trailer. I am happy with it. Would have loved to have seen Cheetah in her final form, but they have to save something for later. June 6, 2020 cannot come soon enough.
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