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  1. 100M in presale will happen for Long Day's Journey into Night (Dec.31), an art house film😱.
  2. Long day's journey into night Dec.31 alr made 42.7M in presale n It's an art house film.
  3. A Cool Fish Fri OD 9M 2nd Fri 38.4M 3rd Fri 39.2M
  4. Cry Me A Sad River increased again today. With 9.1 on maoyan, hope it'll survive on the upcoming long holiday. Mahua Funage will dominate box office again. Hello Mr.Billionair just made 2.5B Yuan this summer, let see how big Hello Mrs Money can do.
  5. The Wind Guardian has 9.2 on maoyan for its preview. I'm curious if it'll breakout. The presale of the movie version of ipartment is so high, but I'm sure it'll have huge OD and will drop like a rock next day.
  6. God! the movie version of ipartment already has 16M in presale, much higher than The Meg. Should be another huge frontload?
  7. Hello Mr. Billionaire up to 9.3 on Maoyan. The lead actress who was in last year mega hit WW2 will play the female lead in " Hello Mrs Money ", So yeah the hype is real.
  8. Goodbye Mr. Loser (2015) 1442M with 9.3 on Maoyan Never Say Die (2017) 2213M with 9.1 on Maoyan Hello Mr. Billionair, now 9.2 on Maoyan This team is really great at comedy. And " Hello Mrs. Money ", another comedy from them, will release on Oct golden week. It gonna be another hit for sure.
  9. When a drama gross 3 billion yuan...
  10. Yesterday 320M by 8 p.m Today : 340M by 8 p.m
  11. Dying To Survive 320M by 8 p.m 30M per hour

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