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  1. EG dom 2nd weekend est 153M n BOM has WW2 second weekend at 162M, so WW2 still hold the record. Wonder which film will break this?
  2. Another Wu Jing'smovie will release on Oct holiday. Not sure how big it'll be though.
  3. I wish Wu Jing gets the role, he is a great actor n bigest now. Don't know if he can speak English though.
  4. Ex File 3 / MTB Fri 78m +preview / 72m +preview Sat 85m / 118m Sun 131m / 140m Mon 124m (holiday) Tue 93m Wed 108m Thurs 115m 1st week = 738m *Ex File 3 had 9.2 on Maoyan
  5. Detective Chinatown2 made 318M on Monday CNY last year.
  6. 100M in presale will happen for Long Day's Journey into Night (Dec.31), an art house film😱.
  7. Long day's journey into night Dec.31 alr made 42.7M in presale n It's an art house film.
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