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  1. I always use ingresso.com too (usually the app on my phone, it's the easier way for me). The screenings I mentioned that were sold out or almost were the midnight previews on Wednesday night. The show that I'm watching (on Sunday) it's empty, I was the first to buy. I didn't check Thrusday or Friday, so they could be empty around here too. The fans go crazy for the first screenings, so later on the weekend it's normal to only sell later. I'm only watching it on Sunday, because of work and other commitments, so don't worry. Just have to try to avoid spoilers. xD
  2. My local teather (also Rio) is giving it 3 screenings at midnight previews, and they’re already sold out (tickets available only in the first two rows). This local only gave JL 1 preview screening (which was stupid, this screening was completely sold out well before and they should have put up another). The other local is giving SW 5 screenings at previews, while it gave JL 3. Really good sales, they should all sell out. Thing is, I feel SW is much more fan-base frontloaded, and the rest of the weekend won’t match the previews. In addition, now pretty much all schools
  3. Yesterday I watched the Steelers x Packers game (SNF) here in Brazil, and there were 6 (six!!) ads for SW:TLJ during commercials. That is a very aggressive trailer campaign. Usually movies, even the big ones, only get this kind of marketing the week of release, not 3 weeks before.
  4. On the other hand, if you do that you are taking into consideration a Thursday and a weekend that were lower than a usual Thursday/weekend. All the mega fans, that would be there on OD regardless of it being a holiday or not, went on Wednesday, not on Thursday. Also, many non mega fans that would have watched it on the weekend, watched it on Wednesday because it was a holiday, lowering the numbers for the weekend. Therefore, it's not advisable to compare by the daily average.
  5. It’s not a national holiday, but it’s a state holiday in some states like RJ, RS, MT, and it’s a city holiday in some cities. In Rio, for example, nothing will open. But, yes, it’s not the whole country (not even the majority, I think). So there should be some consequences to box office, but not like last wednesday.
  6. Shit. Two thirds of BvS is 6.07 on the scale, which would be lower than SMHC and about the same as Thor.
  7. JL is doing 145 a minute now. That's better than 125 WW was doing, but worse than 216 SMHC was doing.
  8. Yes, I am considering that too. Deep Wang said WW and SM were head to head before the last two days of presales, and considering JL had up to Monday 2x the presales of WW, it means JL also had 2x the presales of SMHC. So SMHC had way more ground to cover, and their higher numbers are explainable. The same thing (to a lesser extend) to Thor. Deep Wang said JL was running 25% ahead of Thor, so Thor also has more ground to cover.
  9. JL is doing 115 per minute average on Fandango According to @TalismanRing numbers, Thor was doing 175 and IT 186 at the same point.
  10. Yes. I think it's going to to great on the coasts, but apparently WB forgot to market between them.
  11. @TalismanRing Time: Thrusday, 15:30 EST Movie Tickets: JL: 44,3% Wonder: 14,2% (great!) Thor: 7,8% BM: 7,4% MOTOE: 5% On Pulse: 1- JL 2- Wonder 3- JL 3d 4- JL imax 5- Thor 5 min watch: JL: 518 (103,6 p.m.) Wonder: 60 (12 p.m.) The Star: 12 (2,4 p.m.) Coco: 5 (1 p.m.) At 13:30h, JL was doing 92 p/m. It stayed like (from 90 to 95 averages ) for a while. At 12h (I guess, don't remember exactly the time), it was 78.
  12. That seems... awfully low for a movie this size. Even WW that was tracking for 65M opened with 4,165.
  13. Hum. Ok. That would be different. I considered it would be like 5 p.m., closer to the previews.
  14. Yep. That's why it takes a while to get sellouts. The person wants to buy the tickets for a preview, for example, and sees there are only tickets available on the first two rows. She says: "Oh, no, I'm going to buy for tomorrow that I can get better seats". In the end, only people who reeeally want to watch the movie that day (like people who are already at the mall and think, "why not") will accept the front rows a few hours before it starts.
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