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  1. Well just take a look a few pages back,it's not one single person and no,i'm not mad that they're being mean to a movie they haven't seen either
  2. And others are treating this franchise like it's their enemy they have to destroy
  3. YES i'd love a series on Netflix,i think a movie would not be enough to tell the most interesting parts
  4. The future Death-Eaters who were their classmates can be antagonits
  5. The Marauders didnt have whaaaaat? James and Sirius were totally troublemakers,they loved having adventures and doing pranks also imagine all the things they could do with the Cloak of Invisibility and the Map when everyone was sleeping in the castle. I'm personally dying to know how Lily started being nice towards James,how they started dating and Snape's reaction.There are still lots of gaps in the history of The Marauders,Lily and Snape
  6. Well sorry but Cuarón isn't coming back *looking at your icon*
  7. Jeez it must be horrible to hate a person who doesn't even know you so much

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