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  1. I don't dislike the Fantastic Beasts series at all and believe me,what the HP fandom is craving and it would be a lot more exciting is something related to the Marauders also Cursed Child may have a messy plot but the play is fantastic
  2. I love that this movie is gonna make over $800M worldwide,i'm a big fan of Queen and i almost cried several times throughout the movie because it's fantastic. The critics must be speechless lol
  3. Well he has a new name now and that name is great for new theories about him,Grindelwald and Dumbledore (the two most interesting characters). If the script of FB3 isn't very dense and the focus is on his new identity it could be very good
  4. I saw the movie yesterday,it's the best of DCU since Wonder Woman👌
  5. Sorry but why have you deleted my last post? I wasn't trolling or trying to make people angry
  6. Finally one positive person! I totally agree when you say that the pundits don't mention the decreases in the first HP movies and the competition is way bigger than two years ago,add the bad reviews and mixed WOM and there you have almost -$200 M
  7. So...the final gross will be $650M more or less? Oh well..i hope the third movie will be able to fix the problems of this one but i don't see some US critics "forgiving" JK and Johnny Depp also a part of the audience really hate both of them now
  8. 80% rate in a spin-off movie without a hugely popular book based on isn't bad at all (yeah i know,it's the same universe but the characters and story are very different)
  9. I'm so excited for this movie, The Lion King is my favorite from Disney and the trailer looks amazing
  10. That predictions were very delusional,not even HP hit $1 billion until the last movie and this movies are spin-offs. FB1 grossed $812 WW so if FB2 gross $650-680 the drop wont be too big (HP1 grossed +900 while HP2 grossed +800,a drop pretty similar) but i think for the next movie JK needs help writing the script because the plot of this one is very messy and dense
  11. You're assuming it will do the same or drop everywhere but right now it's overperforming in many countries

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