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  1. I am a bit new to BO forecasting. This site is great and this particular board seems to most knowledgeable about forecasting. Can anyone tell me what expectations are for Star Wars weekend 2. it is hard to find information that is specific to weekend 2. If I am on the wrong thread I apologize. If you can recommend where is the best place to get this type of information it is appreciated. Any information related to help me estimate star wars weekend 2 domestic is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks - if there are any other predictions on domestic weekend 2 for Star Wars it is much appreciated. If this is not the correct thread I apologize - please tell me where is better to post this question.
  3. Is there a dedicated thread that predicts weekend 2 for Star Wars? Where can I go to see a good guess - I am in an office pool and hoping for some guidance as I am a novice at best with second weekends? Any help is appreciated. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all...
  4. Thanks for the info !!! How do you find the same data for the previously released movies so that you can compare?
  5. Sorry to ask such a basic question... But what is Pulse and can anybody access it?
  6. I am in an office pool for movie box office. Can any body give me their estimate on Captain Marvel domestic weekend 2? Any help appreciated.
  7. i am new at this so please forgive my ignorance. but what does this post mean: Report post Posted 19 minutes ago Well at least we got an early number from RTH. Sometimes we have to wait for Deadline extremely late in the evening.
  8. where do i find the weekend prediction thread? I am new to this site and am not great at navigating it yet.
  9. Would appreciate any of you more experienced weekend box-office forecasters helping me out with an office pool I am in... Opening weekend domestic, how much you think: Quiet House? Blockers? Any insight appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I am a rookie at Boxoffice predictions... Any educated guesses on how much RPO does this 3-day weekend? Thanks in advance if any insight is shared. Is 40million possible for Fri - Sunday?
  11. I am in an office pool. Any good estimates on how much Sherlock Gnomes does this weekend greatly appreciated.
  12. Hope this is not a bother to you.  But what is your prediction got Sherlock Gnomes this weekend?

    1. WrathOfHan


      Somewhere between 8-11M.

  13. what do you think weekend boxoffice will be for Peter Rabbit and 50 Shades?
  14. what is the most likely 3 day weekend boxoffice this weekend for Jumanji and TLJ? Where is the best place to find this info? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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