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  1. Idk how things are in your neck of the woods, but up here I don't know ANYONE who pre bought tickets...no one. When I got to the theater, 40 minutes before the show, there was a line of 30-40 people buying tickets, it sucked because we had to stand in the rain for like 20 minutes..small town theater. Maybe that's how it is in a lot of small towns, "hey, let's go by the theater 30 minutes early and get tickets for avengers so we can get a good seat" then wind up in line, it's been this way since pirates 2, or since I started paying attention to box office lol, no advance tickets, crazy lines..once in a while you'll see someone walk in front of all of us dummies...but not enough to where we would all catch on lol. All avengers, CW, BP. 99% walk ups here it seems.
  2. Is it possible, if it's close; for Disney to theoretically tie the movies? If it came down to within a million, would their be an incentive? That would be something..their biggest franchises, sharing the crown for a little over a year......
  3. I'm just giving you a hard time because it seems like you don't want this to happen lol, just joking with you, but..i don't think there is a good comparison, or a "realistic" one. Let's see how the chips fall! btw I know your making an educated guess, which is fine, I just think there is an X factor, but I'm biased.
  4. Hey guys real quick on mobile how can I see different membership option I can pay for? I looked in accounts and stuff can't find it. Also how many of these likes do I have everyday? I noticed someone this morning said they are out of likes. Sorry wrong place most likely but idk how to figure it out
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