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  1. Uhmm, I think you mean Kathleen Kennedy. And this is JJ's last SW movie anyways so zero chance of him getting fired. David Benioff and Dan Weiss will take over the next trilogy.
  2. EXIT holding strong. BTS movie looks weak to me. Also funny that the movies of Yoo Hae Jin and Yoona are in direct competition now. They were together in Confidential Assignment.
  3. Ugh. Please don't give legitimacy to the RT All Audience score. That is very prone to review bombing. If you want an audience score, choose the RT Verified Audience score because at the very least, you would know that the ones who gave the scores were proven to have bought the tickets and have seen the movie.
  4. Oh, are you a Yoona fan too? I'm quite surprised by EXIT's performance. Really looking like a breakout is going to happen to this film.
  5. I still don't get how anyone would be disappointed with $1.5B+ for TLK. That's a HUGE number.
  6. Are we now saying goodbye to H&S $1 billion? Because I remember this is one of the non-Disney candidates to possibly hit the billie.
  7. Stop it. It's very simple. Marvel Studios is 100% owned by Disney. It is one of the units of Walt Disney Studios (Disney's film division). I don't think it's hard to understand.
  8. Is that a good figure for H&S? It's almost the same as TLK, which is now in its what, 3rd weekend?
  9. Yeah. It's Yoona. I find her really charming. Lol. I was not a fan of her acting but some people that I know said that she has improved tremendously. I don't really know. I haven't watched her latest projects yet.
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