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  1. Funny. The way this comment was constructed was eerily similar to that dude with 'frozen' in his username that was always concern trolling. Even the questioning.. "can she achieve..." instead of "can it achieve"
  2. Disney just greenlit Ridley Scott's The Last Duel (aka "the medieval rape movie") starring Damon, Driver, Affleck, and Comer. They also greenlit another Affleck film. I think Disney is really intending to make Fox its adult division.
  3. You can blame streaming. Audiences are stuck in their homes staring at #BabynotYoda the whole day lol
  4. The Academy doesn't really care about the reactions to the winners. Just last year, Green Book won despite controversy. And I don't trust the "long overdue" factor anymore. Just ask Glenn Close. Perhaps because there are so many new members of the Academy and those junior members have different ways of judging than the senior members.
  5. Renee will win Best Actress. Not even close. Now, Best Actor is very competitive. I'd go for Adam Driver.
  6. Uhmm, I think you mean Kathleen Kennedy. And this is JJ's last SW movie anyways so zero chance of him getting fired. David Benioff and Dan Weiss will take over the next trilogy.
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