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  1. $450M includes 10 days from China. Also, isn't that figure kinda low-ish for this? If this movie is supposed to gross $1.4B+, shouldn't it gross more than that Deadline prediction?
  2. The Hidden Sword cancelled. Is this supposed to be another huge film in China?
  3. TS4's crazy runs in LATAM and Japan is the main reason why it could still cross the billion even though its performance in Europe is way worse than TS3.
  4. Eh, critics diverge in their reviews. Many liked it while some detest it. Is it the facial expressions?
  5. I think mainly this. This summer is so unpredictable. Maybe many just don't want a repeat of what happened with the TS4 weekend.
  6. Why is Canada allowing a company to have 90% market share? Isn't that basically monopoly? There's a reason why I don't believe Disney is a monopoly, because the market share of their movies is less than 50% and there are also plenty of studios out there. But this 90% Cineplex share is insane. Isn't there a competition commission in Canada to supervise things like this?
  7. Where will the story go? I hope it's not The Cursed Child if that happens. That story sucks. It was very lazy writing.
  8. If I remember it right, they already gave the July date to TLK even before they censored many huge local movies.
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