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  1. And how do you know that WB won't sched it a week or two weeks away from a huge blockbuster movie? For all we know, it will open a few weeks after another Disney billion dollar movie in 2021 or 2022.
  2. I now know that a certain member here is one of the incels. Gotta avoid responding to that person now. Apparently, he's trying to rationalize his hate for Brie Larson.
  3. Yes, Lightstorm owns the Avatar IP but I think you're underestimating Fox's financial contributions to make the 1st one and the upcoming sequels. For all we know, maybe Fox had a greater share in the profits from Avatar than Jim. I've read that Jim's share in the Avatar profit is $350M. And I refuse to believe that Avatar's overall profit is only $700M. Fox and 2 other financiers (I forgot the name of the 2 companies) must have gotten the greater share of the profits. And for all we know, maybe Fox also has greater financial contributions in making the Avatar sequels than Jim.
  4. If I remember it right, someone here said that Brazil likes Disney live action fairy tales. How's Aladdin doing?
  5. I don't think BatB bombed in China. If I remember correctly, it grossed decently despite bad WoM.
  6. Unless it wasn't pointed out yet, 'A' is not the same as 'A-' (read as 'A minus'). DP got an 'A-'.
  7. It's not doing that great in Asia's 3 largest markets. Just so-so in Japan and China. And outright flopping in South Korea.
  8. Says the one who went to great lengths just to troll EG's numbers. Lol
  9. I see the UK is still salty about that Jade girl not being picked as Jasmine. When Naomi was first picked, they even had the hashtag #NotMyJasmine. Pathetic really.
  10. I think it should make double the production + marketing budget.
  11. Wow. So an original? Kudos to Disney if all their animated movies (Pixar + WDAS) next year are originals.
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