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  1. I'm with the theaters on this fight. Theatrical experience is still superior to me. I can't even imagine watching the MCU movies on TV first. Also important to note: the theaters' biggest ally on this fight is Disney, the strongest defender of the 90-day theatrical window among all the studios.
  2. I don't know if BOT's Potus covid stats are true or not, but when it comes to Chinese box office, his numbers were always helpful. On that front you could trust what he says.
  3. You can catch it twice. There's already a case like this in Japan. The patient tested positive the first time, got cured but she tested positive again some time later.
  4. Seoul is only like 2% to 3% of the total infected in SK. 90% is in Daegu, which is under lockdown since a few weeks ago.
  5. The irony is, Bernie has a negative reputation in Florida even among some Dems there. If you see the recent pollings there, Biden will crush Bernie in the state. Not helping matters for Bernie in the state is his self- declaration of being a socialist. Being a socialist or communist is reviled among the huge Cuban-American population there. Even the Democratic Cuban-Americans disdains Bernie's sympathetic view of Fidel Castro.
  6. Why not though? I think he did it to bring balance. Mentioning Disney movies exclusively as the ones most likely to flop is kinda unfair. Don't you agree?
  7. Am I the only who reads the name Jurnee Smollett and the mind automatically thinks of his super despicable brother?
  8. I'm a huge huge HP fan. But The Cursed Child is so cringe.
  9. I've read somewhere that NT3 is already in devt at Disney. SH3 is also in devt at WB. HP8 is not happening at all, they need to save Fantastic Beasts first.
  10. Too early to tell. I think you're just basing that on the success of BBFL. On the other hand, Disney doesn't have a movie yet that was already released this year. We will see Disney's potential beginning March 6 when Pixar's Onward opens.
  11. I think he'll make an appearance once Mulan releases. Are there other blockbusters that will be released before Mulan?
  12. Who's the most popular young star in India at the moment?
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