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  1. If it does end over 1.8 billion like 1.82 billion then I think an argument can be made for it potentially being $2 billion ww-c. Omicron is peaking directly through it's run around the world and beyond people being scared you have closures in some countries. $180 mil doesn't seem that far-fetched.
  2. Yeah I'm tapping out. I was down to wait the initial queue but I've been pushed to more than a hour so no current end in sight.
  3. I understand I'm on their website and app. However, while not as big as Endgame I think they will end up clearing out and adding showtimes. This is everything the movie industry has been waiting for since March 2020.
  4. Looks fine to me. I didn't think they needed a second trailer. The anticipation for this movie was already insane. I do think there was a lot of back and forth about what to show and people who said show nothing seem to have won out. The trailer views in the first hour and the fact that people flew in to see a trailer...the box office is going to be big.
  5. He could have put out a statement to one of the trades. It's not a huge thing but I do think the optics are poor especially after his words were somewhat misconstrued about this movie.
  6. So looks like Mauro Fiore has taken over as cinematographer on this film. https://twitter.com/mavericksmovies/status/1430882804204662784?s=20
  7. That's only because how huge Marvel has become. IM and IM2 had a 2 year gap in between and the gap between IM2 and IM3 was 3 years to accommodate The Avengers. Thor came out in 2011 and Thor 2 came out in 2013 I would argue the delay in Thor 3 was more to reception of Thor 2. Considering how much money the Spider-Man movies make and the fact they had him in high school I'm not sure the gap would have been much longer if it was a fully controlled Marvel movie.
  8. This just seems like standard trailer misdirect the multiverse was alleged in FFH and it ended up being a VFX guy. So I doubt anything is as straightforward. In fact seems like a fair bit of conflict between Dr. Strange and Peter throughout the trailer. Peter asks that Strange make it so Mysterio never reveals he is SM to the world. Then when the spell is starting it has switched to no one ever knowing about SM's identity does that include Strange leading to the future conflict. I did like the quieter beats and I am interested in how Peter and his friends and family handle the rev
  9. Looks like a range of 5%-7/8% based on @VenomXXR's numbers.
  10. Has SM-FFH crossed 1B WW as yet, or will it be crossing today or tomorrow?
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