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  1. Just saw the trailer. It has some Maze Runner vibes mixed with some alien stuff, doesn't look good.
  2. Same in Uruguay, I think the only two countries with open cinemas in Latin America. Tenet is opening here on Wednesday 16th and Mulan has been removed from schedule
  3. There is one (rotten) review on Rotten Tomatoes Yago García Cinemanía (Spain) August 26, 2020 A failure, but also a glimmer of hope: even with all its problems, which are many, the film shows that another superhero (and mutant) film is possible. [Full review in Spanish] Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/5
  4. Don't get me wrong, I think Portrait of a Lady on Fire was great too, but this look very similar (not trailer to trailer), even if it ends being also great.
  5. I think it looks boring because of being portrait of a lady on fire 2.0, i mean it's absolutely identical, like an american remake lol
  6. I'm 23 and I love Agatha Christie novels lol The trailer looks good and the cast has some big names that could attract audience. If things go well in the next two months this should do ok I think.
  7. That is so untrue, just look theatres around the world. The protocol here is very strict and works ok, with social distancing, masks, etc. Cinemas with about 30% capacity, around 40 to 60 seats available. Concerts in big theatres working with about 700 seats with even more stric protocols to accomodate people and to leave. Also there is no people constantly moving like in the gym.
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