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  1. Raya is having great drops, wom must be very good and i’m not surprised bc it’s amazing.
  2. You should read a little more... Chile vaccination From Washington Post “On Friday, Chile published its study on the efficacy of CoronaVac in the country, with more promising results than some expected. It showed that among the 10.5 million people it followed from Feb. 2 to April 1 — one-third of whom had received both doses — hospitalizations were reduced by 85 percent and ICU admission by 89 percent two weeks after a second dose.”
  3. Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Theatrical Performance Domestic Box Office $69,500,000 Details International Box Office $288,300,000 Details Worldwide Box Office $357,800,000
  4. That total would be amazing with that ow
  5. I’ve just got out of the cinema, it was my first time since New Mutants last year (i was desesperate and that was all i could get at that moment lol). Raya is amazing, go and see it in a big screen if u can, one of my top 3 WDAS for sure. I hope for good legs everywhere bc i would love to see more of Kumandra.
  6. From the forecast in 13th to a comfortable 6th place is a nice jump. Maybe some good wom could help with legs
  7. Just saw the trailer. It has some Maze Runner vibes mixed with some alien stuff, doesn't look good.
  8. Same in Uruguay, I think the only two countries with open cinemas in Latin America. Tenet is opening here on Wednesday 16th and Mulan has been removed from schedule
  9. There is one (rotten) review on Rotten Tomatoes Yago García Cinemanía (Spain) August 26, 2020 A failure, but also a glimmer of hope: even with all its problems, which are many, the film shows that another superhero (and mutant) film is possible. [Full review in Spanish] Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/5
  10. Don't get me wrong, I think Portrait of a Lady on Fire was great too, but this look very similar (not trailer to trailer), even if it ends being also great.
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