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    Yes, maybe. Here cbm aren't as popular as in the usa or asia. Comedy and animated movies tend to be bigger, so, even with huge and unexpected numbers for IW, Deadpool could find a place as I said before, and I hope it does 😉

    Of course that I'm watching the movie on opening day (thursday night), but presales here in Uruguay are pretty weak, about 45 showings while AIW had more than 100 on big cinemas. I still think it will do good business with great wom as the first one, and great marketing as well.
  3. In Uruguay AIW passed 100K adm by saturday, huge business for CBM and approaching to the incredible COCO which has about ~150K and $1M. That number would be double than the highest MCU movie altough I doubt it can pass that milestone. Also @PanaMovie I don't really know if World Cup will affect box Office at all, at least our team plays in the morning in local time, and cinemas usually open at 3 in the afternoon 🤔
  4. Argentina is in such a bad moment speaking of ER that Chile may get higher fantastic business
  5. I have them on ignore but it still show me when they're quoted, how can I do to ignore that too?
  6. I don't understand how is there anyone who still hasn't ignored the guy from avatar and that shit... Personally, I follow the forum from about two years but created my account some months ago, now it seems reading the threads is much easier with the ignore function activated haha
  7. Weekend (3rd - 6th May): # Título Sello Público Pantallas Sem ant % Variación Acumulado 1 Avengers: Infinity war DISNEY 27.139 41 44.903 -39,56 82.877 2 Perdida DISNEY 5.366 36 0 - 5.366 3 Nada que perder JELSI 3.730 18 0 - 3.730 4 Los extraños: Caceria nocturna LIFEFILMS 2.013 26 0 - 2.013 5 Madame LIFEFILMS 1.936 22 3.408 -43,19 11.166 6 Rampage: Devastación DISPEL 1.819 26 2.995 -39,27 19.408 7 Gnomos al ataque LIFEFILMS 1.485 35 0 - 1.485 8 Las Travesuras de Peter Rabbit JELSI 1.213 21 2.100 -42,24 23.424 9 Coco DISNEY 857 26 1.444 -40,65 140.215 10 Noche de juegos DISPEL 751 7 1.174 -36,03 23.108 Also fantastic hold in Uruguay for AIW, I assume it already passed the total gross of the highest grossing film in the MCU (TA - $517,473, also highest gross of every CBM). I hope it gets close to $1M
  8. In Argentina and Uruguay thusrday was about 65% drop from last week but on friday recovered to a helathy 55% drop, hope it stay there for the rest of the weekend or a little less.
  9. Don't know if I'm the only one, but that will be my first SW movie in the cinema. Here in Uruguay it is not very popular so I got inside SW world by myself lol and I like how they are selling this
  10. OMG that huge numbers!! Loving this
  11. 165k already, huuuuge. Also 8k in Uruguay (huge btw), I saw the movie yesterday, fucking amazing, absolutely loved it.
  12. That's a great drop for BP, again...
  13. That's between hilarious and super aggressive, just as Deadpool is. Advertising in Montevideo, Uruguay. Sorry but I can't translate this because it doesn't make any sense lol
  14. Same here. Never seen that before here in Uruguay, nor even in CBM

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