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  1. Uruguay will be the first country in south América to reopen theatres, cinemas and museums next monday. Today we have 220 active cases in 3.5 million inhabitants. The fear is in the borders with the two big neighbours, Brazil and Argentina, both with huge amount of cases.
  2. I hope the movie get rereleased by Disney, it only played for 7 days in most countries (and some couldn't get the movie at all). It's so stupid to think that it did poor bc of bad wom, last week everybody already had the corona fear. I don't understand the hate it's getting.
  3. Uruguay managed the situation very strict, today the first 4 cases were diagnosed and school and university are already closed, and so do cinemas, theatres, all the sports activities and most flights cancelled, I think this is absolutely right way
  4. lol at hundreds of people posting that this should move. Disney won't delay bc of you shouting here. Just stop, it's the same in every movie threads and don't help in any way or change anything.
  5. At least in Uruguay schools are back since this week so it is the worst week in the year to release an animated movie after two and a half months of holidays
  6. Charlie said that it could do $380M w/o China, so if it does close to $50M whenever it get released there, it will catch Rampage
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