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  1. Paraguay and Bolivia in Central America is so lol, this was made by a 🤡
  2. Hoy verán 214.032 personas #SpiderMan #NoWayHome en Colombia, son las boletas vendidas hasta la fecha, la cifra aumentará, en nuestro país NO superó la cifra de #Encanto con 512.923 espectadores. Today 214.032 people will watch NWH in Colombia, that is the number of tickets sold until today, the number will grow. In our country it didn’t surpassed the numbers of Encanto with 512.923. The last sentence was confusing even in spanish lol we don’t know if he is talking about OD+previews, OW or what
  3. OMGGGGG this was absolutely amazing. I live in a small town in Uruguay, and the crowd was wild, only remember something similar with Endgame of course.
  4. That dictatorship nowadays are so sad. People have absolutely no freedom to choose not even what movie they want to watch, that’s basic.
  5. I really enjoyed the movie, way better than the first. In Uruguay it’s doing very good at bo, but i dont have numbers 🥴
  6. Out on my birthday, hope it delivers. The title is obviously appealing to HP fans.
  7. Please WB release something about this movie to stop this infinite discussion about the same things here 🙏🏻
  8. Today is elections day in Argentina. This may affect bo but I dont know for sure
  9. I read several old posts about Simu's appearance, but I must say that I, south american, find him SO HOT. Glad the movie is doing great.
  10. Rank Title Release Date Daily Gross (Total) Admissions (Total) Number of Screens Revenue Share 1 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings U.S. Sep 01, 2021 $680,721 ($1,866,834) 80,342 (220,302) 1,630 54.58% 2 Hostage: Missing Celebrity South Korea Aug 18, 2021 $178,620 ($10,582,479)
  11. I like the trailer, but i also think that there is no way it make good numbers on this date. They could try something like Bad Boys in 2020
  12. SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS PG-13 2021, Fantasy/Action, 2h 12m 92% TOMATOMETER36 Reviews
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