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  1. lor15


    In Uruguay we have te entire week of school and university, CM is already 9% up from previous week, it has great wom and is doing amazing
  2. Well, this was expected i guess, and i'm there on OW.
  3. is there any imax screen besides showcase norcenter? i went to Buenos Aires last weekend and i wanted to visit norcenter but the weather was so good and captain Marvel for the third time was too much lol
  4. The movie is really good, very funny and good introduction for the characters, kids are great, also good villain, and of course Levy made Shazam his own. I'm glad my screening was in English, bc i don't want to imagine the jokes dubbed to spanish, i'm sure this lost its touch and of course this will hurt the movie performance. I'm a super Marvel fan and i LOVE DC's work with recent movies, WW, Aqm and Shazam are all great imo 💙 Ps the finale is pure gold
  5. lor15


    Fantastic achievement for CM
  6. I just won tickets for the premiere here in Uruguay tomorrow afternoon, will i be one of the first watching the movie?? 18 hours for me 😍
  7. lor15


    Montevideo, Uruguay
  8. lor15


    Never seen that before, but there will be wednesday 24th midnights here. Btw, I was able to get 5 tickets for me and friends on 25th afternoon.
  9. WTF! In f*ucking Uruguay we don't even have presales for most of movies and 30 minutes after presales started the biggest cinema chain web is broken and plenty soldouts 😱. This is gonna be so huge
  10. Opening day for Dumbo was 46% below Nutcracker but OW will be pretty close, about $11, not good but could be worse lol
  11. Finally CM managed decent legs like in China.

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