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  1. lor15

    A STAR IS BORN - 74.7M OS - 201M WW

    Great holds! This movie deserves, I had a great time watching it, in my theater people clapped in the end.
  2. Just got my tickets for 13th november, super early presales here in Uruguay, we never get presales for more than one week.
  3. Arrecadação total (Total Gross - 2018) # Filme Estúdio Arrecadação(em R$) Público Total Ref. 1 Vingadores: Guerra Infinita Walt Disney Studios 237.784.000 14.572.181 2 Os Incríveis 2 Walt Disney Studios 143.730.527 9.670.162 3 Pantera Negra Walt Disney Studios 120.871.000 7.471.136 4 Nada a Perder: Contra Tudo, Por Todos Downtown Filmes / Paris Filmes 119.133.000 11.944.985 5 Jurassic World: Reino Ameaçado Universal Pictures 80.367.000 5.292.880 6 Jumanji: Bem-Vindo à Selva Sony Pictures 77.408.000 4.772.127 7 A Freira Warner Bros. 75.303.004 5.203.170 8 Hotel Transilvânia 3: Férias Monstruosas Sony Pictures 73.734.519 5.247.587 9 Deadpool 2 20th Century Fox 67.058.000 4.632.997 10 Cinquenta Tons de Liberdade Universal Pictures 64.370.000 4.330.013 11 Homem-Formiga e a Vespa Walt Disney Studios 49.404.256 3.262.152 12 O Touro Ferdinando 20th Century Fox 46.928.000 3.430.218 13 Missão Impossível - Efeito Fallout Paramount Pictures 43.991.277 2.518.392 14 Venom Sony Pictures 43.575.398 2.649.279 Plenty of space for Venom to climb up there, out of that R$17,9M weekend, I think close to DP2 is possible
  4. Of course it was ironic, and clearly I was referring to certain accusations written here and there, you know... I love Brazil, but this thread is a little bit poisoned, rules appear just when the opinion is different, some even insult me without arguments or research. Sorry to the offended. Bye!
  5. Because Thanos is poor lol
  6. Great, so the price is almost the same than here. I visited Argentina lots of times and i love ur country but had never gone to the cinema there 😜
  7. Good for Venom Shame ASIB didn't click with the audience there, hope for good legs.
  8. I don't know if this exist anywhere else, but here in Uruguay, I go to the cinema once a week and I never pay $8,28, everyone uses 2x1 (or 50% off) because there are lots of this type of promotions everyday. Btw, regular prices are very expensive.
  9. You neither, given that an article isn't a reliable argument to understand a politician and a economic program, use your precious time reading. The "PLANO DE GOVERNO" from PSL has plenty of pages explaining things you don't know, Google that. Of course I can't explain you that here, it is complex and long. Don't make me look like a fool, it sais more about yourself.

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