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  1. Rank Title Release Date Daily Gross (Total) Admissions (Total) Number of Screens Revenue Share 1 Aladdin U.S. May 23, 2019 $3,189,705 ($35,193,344) 425,268 (4,909,935) 1,379 43.78% 2 PARASITE South Korea May 30, 2019 $2,078,775 ($58,516,001) 276,319 (8,100,618) 1,200 28.53% 3 Men in Black: International U.S. Jun 12, 2019 $1,431,001 ($3,627,083) 186,949 (484,868) 1,001 19.64
  2. Omg if that numbers holds for Aladdin, huge
  3. 1- you and rth weren't here 2- circlej*rk lol
  4. Even if he/she is really biased and a terrible writer? Why not?
  5. That feels like a déjà vu
  6. Yes but increasing on 2nd and 3rd weekend is another kind of business, veeery singular situation.
  7. Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay increased from last thursaday, even with DP OD, ir seems great weekend again over here.
  8. That Aladdin legs are amazing in SK, more even if it get close in dailies to Parasite which is already huge
  9. Could something similar happen with Aladdin? Even if smaller scale
  10. If Japan shows Prince Alí some love i think 800M ww is possible
  11. #1 in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, very small drops and even an increase in the last, all that with 3 new releases. WOM is great over here
  12. Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay opened 2nd behind Aladdin 2nd thursday, Uruguay came in 3rd.
  13. That looks cool, of course we haven't seen anything about real story but could turn out good, I trust Pixar
  14. Spanish name is Unidos, unrelated with English name as expected
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