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  1. China should have had enough young Potterheads in this decade to push it to that mark imo
  2. https://deadline.com/2018/10/wrong-turn-horror-film-remake-alan-mcelroy-1202482537/ I want a new Final Destination movie
  3. The Scare Diego clip was received very positively more than The Nun one.
  4. NamakFiskKa

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    hahaha tbh no , If people wanna watch movie in theater then they will watch it there. They happens all the time with MCU movies
  5. @Gavin Feng last year was there some early impressions of few Chinese exhibitors or something about the film and can it indicate the pre-after release buzz ?
  6. lmao Manabyte had a whole blog from the screening that literally spoils 90% of the plot and has been pretty accurate and in line with the released footage so far
  7. NamakFiskKa

    The Warner Bros. Thread

    One doesn't make 4-5 in-production movies by getting chump changes for a "damaged" brand which gets console games on biannual period, half a dozen tv network shows , investing in half a dozen more on the back of their own streaming service , a premium HBO show and god knows what they'll have to announce
  8. NamakFiskKa

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    I mean its co produced by Tencent so it probably will
  9. NamakFiskKa

    Wednesday numbers

    Got em
  10. Coz maybe..... just maybe the presentation of a iconic female hero like Wonder Woman =/= a supervillian who was already a shit person before even his alter ego and are 2 completely opposite case to even compare to

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