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  1. Some southie producer/writer came up with the Mahabharat movie series supposed to hiring top technical crew from Hollywood and Indian film industry alike. It been quite a while since we've heard about that with not much further updates.
  2. Weirdly cut trailer but it actually hints at some level of substance other than just some nicely executed good ol bond set-pieces
  3. Now that I think of it(actually been thinking about it for a while now) I dont know whats wrong with Shahrukh' recent track record. Akshay is a seasoned actor but I cant imagine how much of an upgrade 15 out of 20 recent Akshay movies would be if SRK played Akki's role (coz well Akshay just plays himself with varying degree of ham when he really wants to "experiment"). They would turn out to be much bigger hits too.
  4. Come at this when another Rated R movie cracks a billion with/without China
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