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  1. Wonder Woman & Aquaman were barely tested before but had great results compared to the main film brand that were Batman. Joker with Rated R restriction was effectively able to leverage TDK legacy with even greater results so there is some solid BO clout behind this Bat joint imo
  2. Coz after seeing the last Star Wars movie i can confidently say Prequels >> Sequels
  3. 2019 Prabhudeva is very different from 2009 Prabhudeva. It didn't really had much going for it... Papa writer bete fighter
  4. If that was a thing we could all have bullied every superstar on Twitter to actually make good movies and save us from atrocities
  5. Only foreign tourists with kids and couple other people watch it India lmao
  6. I think Dabangg would probably have a healthy run post Christmas/new year
  7. Part of Bhai's core demo in around Central India and some other parts is busy being Dabangg somewhere else
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