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  1. Better yet an action movie released in August will probably have better opening and fine legs
  2. No one is getting around Xmen movie territory. No trailer but 54 OW w/ 4.5x for ~Winter Soldier final number is my floor
  3. They actually showed the teaser of this movie and screened Annabelle 2 last year at SDCC...
  4. Just entertain this fact for a second ? When was the last time a big Superhero movie got all the 6 months by itself ? This might be the only time in the last couple of year and the coming year that a straight up Live action tentpole SH movie is getting that big of a gap. No X-men or your MCU or any other traditional SH movie to look forward after the summer. Venom- will lose half of fan momentum when its pg-13 rating is announced Spiderman-animated movie good for toddlers and family but thats really just a sub set to Aquaman's demographics
  5. I think you are to these threads coz frankly if there's no actual news to talk about this place has a habit of going around in circles of the same fucking thing discussing it the 52nd time.
  6. NamakFiskKa


    Ah.... the Spider-Man movie comes right after the "end of mcu" avengers...
  7. Adding humor doesn't automatically give you personality... Not everything nowadays have to be action-comedies

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