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  1. Its the Transporter movies that he's vastly known for everywhere in the world. And now that I think of it the reason for F&F global resurgence is because of the same teen/YA demo worldwide in the 00s that it shared with the likes of Transporter which thrived upon home media. I can say that >90% of Asia knows Statham due the Transporter movies airing on cable Tv/home media. Maybe if they had continued with more Transporter movies it could have been something like Mission Impossible/Jason Bourne lite in terms of BO.
  2. Probably would have if it had the pg 13 audience
  3. https://variety.com/2018/film/news/the-nun-box-office-tracking-conjuring-1202907895/ Still have 3weeks to go so this early tracking is a good start
  4. It's midnight here and the thumbnail on mobile screen is creeping me out but I'm still gonna ask which ad was it ? The coffin one ?
  5. Oh they've done this before with We're the Millers. Also SS in 2016 kinda cemented the fact.
  6. More credit to the scheduling tbh. The Rock+Monsters can somewhat withstand the onslaught of incoming summer but The Meg probably wouldn't have survived in Rampage' place.

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