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  1. yeah so easy to just dismiss all effort from that evidently superior action from that movie and the fact that it dealing with a submerged/underwater premise and managing this kind of huge scope isnt even an achievement in itself.... Shoot a CBM underwater and direct the hell out of those visual ? That not really a technical breakthrough in film making and we're not even gonna acknowledge that .but damn your comic faithful Aquaman is goofy af.... Shoot and all out black in Wakanda ? now thats some breakthrough in film making and we're gonna sell it as a big success.
  2. So these guys are telling that Aquaman is a weird hilarious and its just there coz its just not limited to being a straight up comedy but has more range with action,grand visual crucial and emotional beats while heralding the 2 Antman movies and Ragnarok as CBM pinnacle which are equally weird with gaint ants and talking baby hulk.... Ok I'm done with this , thats some high level grade A bullshit right there
  3. Also if you can make a horror sequel work when you did the original you're basically storytelling god imo

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