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  1. Didn't feature all asian cast
  2. NamakFiskKa

    Annabelle 3 | July 3, 2019 | Warner Bros

    this was apparently significantly rewritten carry' version pushed it a bit too far
  3. NamakFiskKa


    SK had late breakout too
  4. Ah.. is this what y'all were talking about for pages...? that was on reddit for around 1 or 2 week by now
  5. It only demonstrated just how much packed March 2017 was on the DOM side. Same with Rampage. Kong had great multiplier and even Meg that was released around a less crowded August came close to it and that was just no more than a silly scholk movie unlike a legit well made well liked movie Dont think no one will care that much, if people wanna see giant monster they'll see it
  6. another $3.1 m added from Mon to Wed China WB 12/7/18 $93,355,527 31.4% $297,085,696 1/27/19
  7. Tbh if this delivers it probably might be The Rock's best work till The Rundown
  8. Never seen any furious movie before but this looks just the right amount of over the top action. I low key want them to fuse together at the end to beat Idris
  9. Do a loosely connected anthology ffs it suits this world more than SW movies!! John wick did it nicely with 2 movies

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