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  1. That sentiment was the most imminent back in June 2017 and going by this year it's even more worse. If it wasn't for Wonder Woman's run jumping into the initially supposed landmine of summer 2017 , the season would've been one of the worst. It's not tested enough but superhero movie for ladies have a rather resilient post OW run if we go by WW and CM. I'm saying that this movie can have enough fan pull for a bigger opening at the start of June and let the legs run through all the way to Independence Day and Labor wknd akin to the first.
  2. I don't think even the DC threads had this much BO pessimism after the debacle of JL. Adam is no James Wan and i dont think if it can have the same jump of franchise low to 1 billion dollars but you guys completely lost any hope in this thread
  3. This is very true. My family once caught it on tv and they're not even into superhero movies but very much the movie. Its mostly has to do with Gal Gadot in it i think..
  4. https://www.indiatoday.in/movies/hollywood/story/christopher-nolan-to-shoot-his-next-starring-dimple-kapadia-in-mumbai-in-september-1538081-2019-05-30 Legit ?
  5. So its a John Wick like universe with Spies instead of Killers and time travel has been a thing for quite a while albeit a public secret. That or its ripping a subplot of Steins Gate
  6. Few noticeable cutting of closeup killing shots mostly in the beginning half hour but much of the gore and money shots are untouched
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