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  1. https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/world/brazil-plans-visa-free-entry-for-indians-chinese-tourists/article29801294.ece
  2. Speaking of Jolefficient the 3rd one will probably be a Disney+ deal so that Jolie stick around doing more MCU
  3. I think its a Dabangg 3 situation in like they will eventually do it since they somewhat had an initial story treatment of it
  4. Its because shit like this that I thought the original had the same ending when I was younger
  5. The only horror movies that will stand the test of time are Predator and Terminator (which aren't horror movies half the time)
  6. A ) Its a comedy film and probably the least scary one out of all conjuring movies B ) Bob C) and his balls
  7. Markets gradually expands, shrinks and evolves , 15 years ago we didnt have China we had Japan. Now Japan just watches musicals and kids movies for god knows why.
  8. The real question with all these astounding 1st week hold is, did Joker do anything near 100 between Mon-Thur ?
  9. Nice joke (i memed about 3x-4x multi way before in tracking thread)
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