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  1. Hear this, Tenet is about : 2 spy agencies based on different timelines , one is in the past and only knows how to travel forward in time the other more modern timeline knows how to go in the past and the whole key of going both ways in time got destroyed unknowingly in the mid 80s and both team of spies chase against time and each other to save humankind's future or make humankind's future. Its forward,backward and present at the same time and all of this is happening in their minds
  2. Lol Disney can't produce long term franchises. They struggled with that in the past to the point that they pretty much gave up on them and just straight up started throwing money at live action attempts of previously produced IPs The best thing that sums up current Marvel-less Disney are there top lot of Star Wars movie : banking off old iconic stuff and producing cookie cutter cashgrabs which are 1/6th of the original how is that longevity ?? MCU as a franchise has longevity with its pace,direction and characters VS The Lion King 4 : The Dark Fate or those
  3. I believe in karma so wont be shitting on dem Fur Technology anymore before witnessing WB' fur technology
  4. Ok The Cats trailer has sold me on watching Hobbs & Shaw on opening weekend just to see the absolutely stunned faces of people catching the cats trailer out of nowhere before the movie starts
  5. I say it crawls down to something like 60-70 (like the first one was supposed to)
  6. Have yet too see License to Kill but has the 007 title been given to some other person when James Bond is off duty ?
  7. Female James Bond simply wont work as well period How many female spy thrillers have really captured the similar level of success ? There have been genuine recent attempts to shake that thing and the only future contender seems to be Gun Powder Milkshake and I dont think George Miller can be appointed on this and somehow Fury Road the project
  8. I dont think there's a thing like that outside NA. If they release it worldwide they'd just have separate showings here
  9. So will Disney re release original Avatar worldwide before the sequel so people who havent seen it in theater (myself included) can bask in its remastered Imax 3d glory and further its rat race with Endgame ?
  10. Idk if it's the framing of the previous movies but Peter looks hella thicc in the new suit
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