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  1. From DHD: Looking elsewhere, TLK did $122M in its opening European weekend. Highlights include the biggest industry opening of all time in the Netherlands ($6M); the 2nd biggest industry opening weekend ever in Russia ($16.7M); and the top launch for a Disney-branded live-action movie in Bosnia, Croatia, France, Norway, and Poland. France is especially strong on the movie with $19.6M to date. Across Latin America, the big cat grabbed $57M. This includes being the 5th biggest industry opening weekend of all time in the region; the 2nd best ever in Brazil($17.9M); and the 4th in Mexico ($18.7M). All material markets bowed ahead of Beauty And The Beast, The Jungle Book and Aladdin. In Asia-Pacific, The Lion King groomed itself to $90M. The film had the 5th biggest industry opening weekend of all time in Australia ($17.1M); and the top start ever for a Disney-branded live-action movie in Korea ($17.7M). Thirty-six percent of Lion King’s $531M worldwide gross to date has come from 3D. In IMAX, the movie scored the best global opening ever for a Disney-branded title with $25.2M, over 26% bigger than Beauty And The Beast and The Jungle Book. Still to come on The Lion King, which looks to have sturdy legs over the next few weeks, are Hong Kong, Japan and Italy.
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