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  1. @Jake Gittes & @MrPink Paramount is assuming that MI:6 will drop 37% on Sunday. They could very well be wildly off target there and the drop is probably going to be closer to 30% or just under. Then the overall weekend figure will be close to (10.9-11)m.
  2. 30.5m of the 67m Int'l weekend comes from the middle kingdom. The rest of the world contributed (67-30.5) = 36.5m. Rest of the World - (Australia+South Korea) = [36.5 - (3.2+2.5)] = 30.8m. Let's assume the combined OW from Argentina, Peru, Sweden & Norway will amount to 4m. So the sophomore weekend from the existing countries would be (30.8-4) = 26.8m. That would be down 47.1% from the OW. K:SI dropped 53.6% in it's 2nd OS weekend. The Meg will have a better 2nd weekend drop than K:SI unless the latter opens to 7.3m combined OW from the other 4 OS territories. We need to keep in mind that K:SI was battling against BATB in it's sophomore frame so it was bound to drop harsher w.r.t The Meg. But this is still a fantastic hold for The Meg and it'll get even better when we get the actuals tomorrow.
  3. MaxAggressor

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    @a2k The Meg reaches 800 yuan on Sunday.
  4. MaxAggressor

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    @a2k 150m for The Meg in CBO. Chinese folks are MEG-ALOMANIACS.
  5. MaxAggressor

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    Have a great day Cheers
  6. From DHD: Directed by Jon Turtletaub, Warner Bros/Gravity Pictures’ sci-fi thriller about a prehistoric 75-foot-long predator, the Megalodon, hooked a $101.5M start at the international box office. With its domestic over-performance, the movie swam to $146.8M in the worldwide launch. Jason Statham stars in the movie that knows it’s a summer popcorn flick and which benefits from a China co-production under WB’s Flagship Entertainment joint venture. China is clearly a key play here (the studio gets a higher return from Middle Kingdom turnstiles as a co-pro) and a $50.7M start is solid in a competitive marketplace. The Meg jumped up to No. 2 on Sunday there as local pic iPartment declined amid controversy and confusion. The shark has a 6.1 on Douban, but an 8.8 on Maoyan in China. Statham is a big draw locally and Sunday’s number came in higher than the Friday and Saturday. Forward momentum will be something to watch as yet another local title bobs up on Friday (Jingle Ma’s Europe Raiders) along with the arrival of Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. The film comes at a time when talks between the USTR (on behalf of the MPAA) and China’s gatekeepers are at a stalemate due to Donald Trump’s trade war. While some have expressed fears that this could eventually impact Hollywood (which would like to see more favorable terms for movies in China), the Middle Kingdom has recently granted several extensions to studio movies and is letting more in earlier this summer than last. Part of that is believed to be a means to keep box office growth on the fast-track overall. The PROC powers that be recognize the importance of the relationship between the two markets, and hopefully co-productions don’t become entangled in the political mess. Either way, the industries are expected to continue hammering away at a recipe for co-pro success. Looking elsewhere, The Meg was No. 1 in 34 markets, No. 1 across Europe and Latin America and No. 1 in nearly all Asian hubs outside China. It’s performing very well against comps like Rampage, Geostorm, London Has Fallen, Into The Storm, White House Down, Skyscraper and San Andreas in most plays. China was the top opening, followed by Mexico at No. 1 with 63% of the Top 5 films. The gross there was $6.3M from 1,936 screens and is the biggest 2018 opening weekend for a WB film. In Russia, the shark bit into 66% of the Top 5, generating $5.3M from 2,622 screens and topping comps (in both Russia and Mexico, The Meg opened higher than Fallout‘s recent debut) and is the biggest opening for a WB release there to date this year. Mamma Mia 2 shimmied out of the UK No. 1 slot for the first time since its release as The Meg swam in to replace it with $4.4M on approximately 717 screens. Spain was also a No. 1 bow with $2.4M from 307, surpassing Rampage by 87% and San Andreas by 115%. In the South East Asian hubs, Malaysia led with $2.4M on 506 and Indonesiareeled in $2.7M from 650 — notably besting Kong: Skull Island by 34%. Thailand also slotted No. 1 with a weekend of $1.7M at 453 screens, which repped 69% of the top 5 films. Brazil made $2.1M from 882 and the UAE took a fantastic $2.1M from 133 screens. Germany kept Tom Cruise in control at No. 1 with The Meg at No. 2 on $1.86M from 557. At No. 1 in Italy, The Meg made $1.93M from 363 repping 63% of the box office.

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