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  1. Last weekend Rampage brought in 7.3m so the drop is just 39.7%. Good drop against DP2'S OW.
  2. The 2 previous Friday-Weekend multipliers for A:IW were 3.65x & 3.88x. So with a similar upward trend (4.13x) this weekend, A:IW might just sneak 30m+ for the weekend. Saturday is perhaps looking at a 70% increase so we could be looking at 12.3m. Sunday should be boosted by a Canadian holiday, so 9.55m with a 22.5% drop sounds about right. The weekend comes in at (7.25+12.3+9.55) = 29.1m. If the Saturday increase is 75%, the weekend becomes (7.25+12.7+9.8) = 29.75m. 30m for the 4th weekend will happen if the Sunday drop is 20.5%.
  3. http://deadline.com/2018/05/ryan-reynolds-deadpool-2-weekend-box-office-opening-1202393815/ We’ve written recently about the near obituary for R-rated comedy films at the box office and how they’re not hitting their marks in a Hangover, Wedding Crashers or even We’re the Millers mass-appealing kind of way. But if you think about it, Deadpool 2 (and of course its first installment), is a loud example at the B.O. which proves that R-rated comedies really do still work. It’s satirical, shameless, wonderfully obnoxious, and quite star driven in Ryan Reynolds embodiment of the character. The franchise’s notoriety as a rebel among superhero movies makes it all the more cooler; Deadpool evolved comedies from a commercial standpoint. for The 20th Century Fox title easily made an estimated $53.5M in its first day (that’s including $18.6M Thursday night previews) giving it the highest opening day for an R-rated movie, beating New Line/Warner Bros.’ It ($50.4M). Three-day is at an estimated $132M+ which is within nickels and dimes of overtaking Deadpool‘s record R-rated opening of $132.4M. Avengers: Infinity War with $29.5M, -53% in weekend 4, easily ranks second with $595.8M by Sunday. Paramount’s acquisition Book Club is still ahead of tracking with an estimated $13M-$14M, which is still in the teen range of where these older skewing comedies start. Post Trak audiences gave the movie 4 out of 5 stars, with CinemaScore exit polls showing an A-. Women turned out at 80% giving the Diane Keaton-Jane Fonda-Candice Bergen comedy an A-. Over 25 numbered 97% at an A- while the 50+ sector repped 61% of the crowd, also A-. Forty percent came out for the actresses. With close to $5M, Global Road’s family comedy Show Dogs is looking at 6th place. Talking dogs — we’ve seen it all before, but for those who actually went to the theater, they didn’t think it was too bad with an A- CinemaScore. Under 18 at 47% gave the Will Arnett comedy an A, while females –typically moms– turned out at 65% grading the movie an A-.
  4. More from Deadline: Where does Deadpool 2 leave Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War in weekend four? Not crippled, that’s for sure with the Russo Brothers movie set to make $31M-$32M for a 48%-50% decline and a running total of $598.3M. Paramount’s Diane Keaton-Jane Fonda-Candice Bergen older femme comedy Book Club is indeed overindexing as we anticipated with $5.5M today and $15M-$16Mthis weekend. No bow wow for the weekend’s third wide release Global Road’s Show Dogs with $1.6M today and $5M-$6M.
  5. http://deadline.com/2018/05/ryan-reynolds-deadpool-2-weekend-box-office-opening-1202393815/ 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool 2 is on its way to potentially unseating New Line/Warner Bros.’ It for the top opening day ever for an R-rated pic with a $50M-$52M take. That Stephen King title made $50.4M last September with Deadpool ranked second with a $47.3M start. Though Deadpool 2 is higher in its Friday than the first chapter, right now analysts are calling its opening at $130M.
  6. @WrathOfHan @narniadis @baumer @MCKillswitch123 Paramount's Book Club brought in $625k from Thursday previews in 2,781 locations. This is just ahead of the $600k Going in Style brought in from Thursday previews prior to an $11.9 million opening and just behind the $650k for The Intern, which opened with $17.7 million.
  7. 7) Rampage (NL/WB), 2,548 theaters (-603) / $800K Fri. (-35%) / $1.4M Sat. (+80%) / $1.09M Sun. (-20%) / 3-day: $3.45M (-27%) / Total: $89.7M / Wk 5 Deadline is projecting a higher weekend total than BOR & BO.com.
  8. From BOM: Warner Bros. and New Line's Life of the Party brought in $700,000 from Thursday previews, which began at 7PM in ~2,900 locations. This result is a bit behind The Boss's $985k in preview grosses, yet $50k ahead of Snatched's $650k last year. Universal reports Breaking In grossed $615,000 in late night shows in 2,150 theaters. This is a bit behind the $1 million Tyler Perry's Acrimony brought in from previews ahead of its $17.1 million debut.

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