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  1. I was really hoping they would announce the next 2 features since we already knew movie 59 was about Dragons, but it looks better than I ever expected and I love the beautiful Sisu.
  2. Tomorrow will probably be the last night it's playing. I think I've wasted too much money already this week.
  3. I just realized tonight that Friend Request is playing at my local discount theater 2 miles away. Tickets are $3.95 for their one daily showing (10:05pm). I almost want to go, buy a ticket, and walk out to see if I can be the 4 dollar gross for a day. Their seats are so hard and they only play movies you can rent so I never go there unless I get dragged by someone.
  4. Just got back from a 9:15pm Monday night showing and had the theater all to myself. I had to really suck it up during the last 20 minutes because the ushers at my theater wait right outside the door to collect the 3d glasses and I didn't want my cry face to show.
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