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  1. These reviews remind me of Kingsman 1. 74%. Cheesy, over the top, fun. Not perfect.
  2. Wait? You guys haven’t already been doing this. I assumed everyone did this.
  3. Nah, on Twitter, they’re giving Snyder all the credit for Aquaman. No reason to lie. Wan tweets anything and it’s bombarded with people saying Snyder deserves credit for doing jack shit.
  4. You really hate DC don't you? Started at 80, went to 72, added 20 reviews, up to 79. Thats a downwards trajectory I guess.
  5. I think it'll stay 75+ tbh. I'm seeing a ton of reviews from RT critics on Twitter that haven't been put up yet.
  6. Actually, both Regals near me added a 2nd showing within the last day or so and have essentially sold out already, except for the random single seat/front row.
  7. Would’ve been worse if it was only Snyder making that movie. WB was right to boot him.
  8. You're one of those "Snyder is a misunderstood genius" guys. Not surprised I see you shit on other WB films since they "ruined" the vision.
  9. I’m fairly new here so what do MT and Pulse percentages mean, and what do they correlate to?
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