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  1. Just got out of my screening. Just want to say: Holy Shit. Pretty excited for what happens next. I can definitely see some fans getting annoyed, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Seeing it again on Friday. It was definitely a bit overcrowded. Some characters were unnecessary, but I assume it has some pay off later down the line. A bit slow in the beginning, but no real big action scene at the end. Feels like a Deathly Hallows Part 1 or a Half-Blood Prince, closer to HBP. Big reveals.
  2. It looks like it was 9 positive, 2 negative that hasn’t been added at that point
  3. We’re missing a fairly decent number of positive reviews. Someone on reddit forums about a dozen positive and 1-2 negative from RT critics that hadn’t been added at, I think, 32 critics.
  4. Probably. And on top of that, it still hasn’t even been proven. It’s just the typical #metoo bullshit.
  5. Probably. I don’t think it will be as high as it could’ve gone, but it will do equal or better than the first.
  6. Most critics saying too much is going on, which ironically enough, that was the reason they went from 3 to 5!movies.
  7. People are saying Yates will be fired or the movies will be condensed into 3 are delusional. This will do just as well if not better than the first. Only way he gets fired is if it goes really low, like 400-500m WW.
  8. Can you explain that? If it doesn't involve spoilers.
  9. I don’t think so. Rowling has hinted at Brazil for 3, but Google says it’s German.
  10. Yea, in Hall H, when they played the trailer, some people in my group asked me who that was and why most people in the Hall got excited.
  11. I’m fairly new here so what do MT and Pulse percentages mean, and what do they correlate to?

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