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  1. TROS is doing very bad in Russia and Ukraine. In Russia they gained $5,77M with 1,11M admissions, which is much lower, than FA ($12,39M and 2,67M adm.) and TLJ ($8,52M and 1,63M adm). On December 26, the film sank to the third place, behind two new local hits, and slightly above another local film which premiered a week earlier than TROS. In Ukraine film premiered with horrible 164k admissions, which is less than Jumanji's sequel sophomore weekend (168K). TROS took the first place thanks only to the benefit of higher ticket prices. There are some
  2. Joker became 12th films with 1M+ admissions in Ukraine. "One million" club: 1. Avatar - 1 544 523 admissions 2. Avengers: Endgame - 1 408 286 3. The Lion King (2019) - 1 373 391 4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge - 1 243 987 5. The Secret Life of Pets - 1 182 908 6. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - 1 168 347 7. Avengers: Infinity War - 1 108 030 8. Aquaman - 1 088 018 9. Venom - 1 067 164 10. Suicide Squad - 1 047 985 11. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation - 1 010 605 12. Joker - 1 001 398 Joker
  3. Box office tab of film on IMDb Pro: Daily, weekend and weekly charts for domestic box office, weekend charts for major foreign markets and overall gross for some minor foreign markets. No links to all-time charts, breakdowns and showdowns. The charts themselves look ok I guess. Genres, brands and franchises are messy now. Genres charts include keywords: Brands include studios, famous collaborations (Burton+Depp). And charts limited to 200 top films in Pro version too. Archive.org is not available at the moment, so can't check sp
  4. BoxOfficeMojo was free, whom they asked? IMDbPro users? So it's not about attracting new users, who are willing to pay for data access? No different subscription plans: 1) usual IMDB Pro features + BO data, 2) only usual IMDb Pro features, 3) only BO data. There's no reasonable business logic besides to minimize resources for integration BOM database into IMDb system. Some breakdowns and other information unavailable (that's just web representation of DB queries)? That's clearly IMDb Pro users feedback, they don't want this to exist! I guess it's really hard and very expensive to m
  5. Ukraine records: 1. Fastest to 1M admissions - 10 days. Previous record holder: DMtnT - 17 days. 2. Widest release - 521 screens. Previous record holder: IW - 437 screens. Fastest to 500k admissions though still held by DMtnT - 522k admissions in 4 days against 518k of EG. And it was achieved with 427 screens, so DMtnT is still most frontloaded feature in Ukraine. By the end of the 5th may EG had 1.13M admissions (5th overall in modern Ukraine history). Avatar's overall - 1.54M. No strong competitors before Aladdin's premiere. Usually heavy-frontloaded
  6. Aquaman became the ninth film in the Ukrainian box office with over 1M admissions - 1 088 000 admissions as of March 10.
  7. Venom became the eighth film in the Ukrainian box office with over 1M admissions. Rank Title Admissions Year 1 Avatar 1 544 523 2009 2 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 1 243 987 2017 3 The Secret Life of Pets 1 182 908 2016 4 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 1 168 347 2017 5 Avengers: Infinity War 1 108 030
  8. And major update for all-time Ukraine box office. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is having a wonderful time here - 1 150 326 admissions after the 6th weekend, and now at the 4th place just behind The Secret Life of Pets.
  9. Sorry for the late reply. I compiled list from different sources, but as I checked some data on Wikipedia, I've suddenly come across excellent up-to-date article about highest-grossing Ukrainian feature films since 1991. It's only in Ukrainian, so here what columns mean (from left to right): "Назва фільму" - title of the movie "Країна виробник" - production country(ies) "Світові касові збори" - worldwide gross, $ "Касові збори в Україні, $" - gross in Ukraine, $ "Касові збори в Украиїні, ₴" - - gross in Ukraine in national currency "Глядачів в Укаїні" - adm
  10. No, I'm not aware of such a list, but I'll try to compile it from the sources I've mentioned, somewhere around early January. Thor: Ragnarok sustained huge drops during 2nd and 3rd weekends due to harder than thought competition from JL and MotOE (Bana grossed more than JL both in Russia and Ukraine (JL - 5th place with ₴39,5M and MotOE 6th place with ₴49M last weekend BO)). So despite the one of the best premiere weekends in terms of admissions and very good WOM, TR slightly overcame 800k admissions and failed to hit Ukrainian Top20.
  11. Ukraine all-time box-office. There is no centralized ticket sales accounting system in Ukraine, all data provided by local distributors to industry media outlets and consumer research companies. Primary sources of data (admissions, gross in USD and local currency): https://kino-teatr.ua/box.phtml http://www.kinometro.ru/box/show/region/ua/ Distributors' reports are published in local currency since 2014 over huge exchange devaluation of hryvnia, so comparisons in USD had lost practical purports. Gross in USD cross-checked or taken on http://www.boxofficemojo.
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