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  1. From Chris Terrio: There was almost nothing on this film that you could dream of that couldn’t be done. you could have something that sounded like the most outrageous idea, and have one meeting with the designers and they would come back with concept arts for it. And then suddenly they were building a set based on some crazy idea that u thought could never actually be realized.
  2. Does TROS has midnight premieres? or it starts off from 10 or 10:30am.
  3. from JJ: “On this one, I let myself be, at least in the way I was approaching the thing, freer,” he said. “In Episode 7, I was adhering to a kind of approach that felt right for Star Wars in my head. It was about finding a visual language, like shooting on locations and doing practical things as much as possible. And we continue that in Episode 9, but I also found myself doing things that I’m not sure I would have been as daring to do on Episode 7.” “Rian helped remind me that that’s why we’re on these movies – not to just do something that you’ve seen before,” “I won’t say that I felt constrained or limited on 7, but I found myself wanting to do something that felt more consistent with the original trilogy than not. And on 9, I found myself feeling like I’m just gonna go for it a bit more.”
  4. From Jason Ward: By the way, a few sources saw The Mandalorian and they say it is the best live action Star Wars they've watched since they first saw Star Wars itself as kids. Hyperbole? Maybe. But I heard it twice today. I think it is worth getting excited for.
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