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  1. I can see NTTD being similar to CR, style wise and connections. I think us who loves CR will be in a treat.
  2. The reviews are dropping right after the premiere (midnight). all Craig bond films had their red carpet premiere around 2 days before the release. (Tho sky fall reviews came out half month early)
  3. Yep, in aus/nz this morning (timezone), should be out in most other countries by now.
  4. “Being James Bond” is great, so heartfelt, really making nttd more and more exciting.
  5. Yes critics don’t vote for oscars, but from reading reviews from this forum and critics, I fear the film is simply not good enough compare to Villeneuve’s other films. If it can hold around 70s and having 10 spots, bp should be secured. But perhaps there are too many competitions for bd? Larrin, Campion, Branagh, del toro, Coen, Mckay, Ridley Scott x2, and ofc PTA.
  6. Like I said, the critics who’s loving this and giving high scores are mostly British critics, American critics are kind mixed. And dragging it to 60s doesn’t need bunch of red scores, Time’s 70/100 dragged it from 76 to 75 today. Remember the avg score on metacritic doesn’t really mean ‘average’, every critic that’s been included by MTC has different weight. (For example Spencer started out with a 97/100 with three 100/100 and one 67/100(Ben Croll from indiewire) the real average score is 92/100, and that’s bc Croll has no weight in their system.) And I fear it might ge
  7. Right now I don’t see dune getting nominations for picture and director. Ratings (metacritic) will most likely to drop significantly (6X/100) after it hits festivals and cinemas in America. ATM majority of the higher ratings are from British critics, where dune is huge. “Incomplete story telling and theme, only to build up for the next movie” is not gonna sell well to American critics. I don’t remember the last time a 60+/100 160M+ budget blockbuster gets nominee for picture. I don’t think rottentomatoes rating will play a factor in this, as after the expansion it’s filled
  8. On RT, I believe a fresh review doesn’t have a rating counts as 10/10? And a rotten review counts as 3/10? Wouldn’t that make the avg rating bit unreliable? I do think metacritic is more reliable when it comes down to ratings/avg points.
  9. Not always, but yeah. first trailer views after 12 hours: YouTube is about 5.8m, Twitter 7M+
  10. Trailer views is not looking good, close to 3M after 12 hours from both YouTube and Twitter. Way behind from the first one.
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