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  1. The average score is 5.6/10 vs 5.7/10 for the first one. Basically the same, but lower percentage.
  2. As it stands this movie will flop. The only way I can see it actually doing good is if it has exceptional reviews and WoM. However these type of movies don't have a great track record. Out.
  3. I'd say it's more important for people to actually like the movie, both critics and audiences. Even if it doesn't light the box office on fire, it will bring back some good will that is much needed right now.
  4. Ant-Man's reviews are also the same as the first across the board. On RT it's 6.8 and 6.9 respectively. The scores for both are on the lower end for Marvel, and the box office reflects that. Any increase for this is welcome, and should be seen as success.
  5. You overestimate Ant-Man's popularity. The reviews for both this and the first movie are the same across the board. It's only increasing because the brand has gotten bigger in the last 3 years. Based on that, 52% increase is absolutely unreasonable expectation.
  6. The brand is bigger, but Ant-Man isn't. There is only so much money a character like this can make. Both movies have good reviews, but no one is raving about them.
  7. I'd say it's the opposite. It's the sequel to one of the lowest grossing MCU movies, and it's doing the numbers you'd expect, yet 'flop' is being thrown around. This movie doesn't do anything too different from the first one, and his appearance in Civil War was overshadowed by Spider-Man and Black Panther. I understand if the movie was significantly better than the first one, like in Winter Solider's case, but it's really not. They are more or less on par. Yet it's still increasing just by a virtue of being an MCU sequel.
  8. Still don't understand why anyone was expecting this to make money in the US. It very much looks like a movie made for China. (That's not a bad thing btw)
  9. Isn't Legendary s subsidiary of a Chinese conglomerate now? Skyscraper is likely going to made good money in China.
  10. He does have a pull. Internationally.
  11. It's still going to make good money overseas.
  12. Skyscraper is going to be weak domestically and that was expected from the beginning. It will make the bulk of its money internationally.
  13. It's not some niche genre or an A24 horror. It's a big budget action, so it should be fine.

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