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  1. It's lower than Venom as well. That didn't hurt it though.
  2. 3RD UPDATE, SUNDAY AM: Aladdin just flew to a higher atmosphere. Saturday ticket sales clocked $30M, a -3% dip when compared to Friday+previews figure of $31M. Industry estimates have the Disney live action animated reboot at $89.4Mover 3 days, and a 4-day of $112.7M, now the 5th best bow over Memorial Day weekend ahead of 2014’s X-men: Days of Future Past ($110.5M).
  3. The sample is the same, they just no longer include the 'want to see' numbers. which simply inflated the amount of reviews, but didn't affect the percentage.
  4. If the average rating can stay above 6, then it probably will stay fresh.
  5. Well you don't need any investment to watch an original movie, while a sequel requires at least a basic knowledge of the previous movies which can limit the audience.
  6. He's an established actor with Oscar nominations, while she didn't really have anything under her belt before WW.
  7. I don't see how Joker would do well in Asia at all. Will it even get a China release? (assuming it's rated R). This movie is more of a character study that just happens to have a popular comic book character in it. Both these numbers seem super unrealistic to me.
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