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  1. Presales Tracking Thread(Maoyan, Gewara etc)

    So that's like really bad right? How's the opening weekend looking like based on this?
  2. I think someone once said Civil War is the most disappointing 400M grosser ever and TLJ is the most disappointing 600M grosser ever.
  3. I love the occasional trainwreck myself, but I feel like the run will be average without much excitement. Who knows though. We'll find out in a few days.
  4. It's just that when a movie does either really good or really bad, it's more interesting to watch. Like for example I didn't want Justice League to fail, but man...it was pretty entertaining following that trainwreck.
  5. I had some doubts since the official trailer released and barely got attention. I still can't explain why the views are so low. You'd think people will check it out even if out of curiosity, because it's Star Wars.

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