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  1. James Gunn to Tackle 'Suicide Squad' Sequel for Warner Bros. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/james-gunn-tackle-suicide-squad-sequel-warner-bros-1150661 Unexpected turn of events.
  2. Great numbers for Venom. A lot of people underestimated the interest for this, which was obviously high based on the trailer views and likes.
  3. Probably because it could've done even better if it had good reviews. Pretty sure WB is happy anyway
  4. It's already profitable.
  5. With $5.4 million Thursday previews? Seems highly unlikely.
  6. Expected reviews. Shouldn't really affect it box office wise though.
  7. Jurassic World 2 has 54%. It didn't stop it from having good WoM.
  8. nevermore

    Venom Under $100m

    I really don't see it. The only thing we have going on for now is the trailers, and they have gotten a lot of attention. Even if it has terrible legs, the opening alone should put it close to 100 mil.
  9. I can definitely see this having terrible reviews, but being financially successful regardless, a la Suicide Squad. I know I'm seeing this day 1 because they nailed Venom's design.
  10. Starting pretty good with the likes again. Almost at 100k already. Views are still frozen though.
  11. The look is probably the best part. You couldn't make it more comic accurate than this.
  12. It has $10 million budget. It's doing fine.
  13. This happens pretty often here. 'Oh no a movie didn't make all its money in the first 2 weeks. Flop'
  14. 95% audience score and 4.6/5 on RT. Bodes really well for amazing WoM.

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