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  1. In regards to Avengers being forgettable this scene alone begs to differ. My sold out theater went nuts after this scene.
  2. Jonathan, what's your TLJ count up to? I remember reading one of your posts on theforce.net that you saw TFA 50 times or so and thinking every time he sees TFA an angel must be getting his wings.
  3. PATS are going to the Superbowl and winning their 6th title.
  4. Saw TLJ for the fifth time yesterday and I have to admit for selfish reasons I am glad Disney instituted a 30 day period where the movie needs to be shown in a theater's largest screen. I think the movie is great anyways but the better sound and larger screen only enhance the movie even more for me. Now that NFL playoffs are in full swing I am going to compare (I admit not a great analogy) TLJ's BO run to a team's run in the playoffs. Ultimately, TLJ will win the BO Superbowl (highest WW total for 2017). Its home record was 6-2, overall a very very good performance but just below the very best (Avatar and TFA have 8-0 records and TA, JW and Titanic have 7-1 records). On the road (overseas), TJL went a very respectable 5-3, playing very well in Europe but getting crushed badly in one particular away game (China). Speaking of football it would be cool if there was a QBR equivalent for box office performance. It would include looking at total WW gross, DOM and Foreign gross, OW multiplier, exchange rate fluctuations, % of revenues from 3D, Imax and other large screen formats, trailer views, and availability of other forms of entertainment to consumers (streaming today, home video formats etc) and whatever else you want to throw in.
  5. Long time lurker here. Found this place during TFA's run and have been following the daily/weekend threads ever since. I have always enjoyed following box office numbers but never in real in depth detail. Multiplier? What's that? Holiday schedule? Say what now? I have learned a lot since coming here and many of you provide great insight into why and how box office runs behave the way they do. Furthermore, a lot of you are just plain hilarious and crack me up a regular basis. I probably won't post a lot (more of a lurker) but rest assured I'll be following this site for years to come.
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