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  1. Thou hast elevated the individual to the collective, thus committing an error of grave report. Gender hath no bearing on their tomfoolery. They hateth not just the men, but the women and children too.
  2. People are criticizing Kennedy? DISNEY ALREADY WROTE THIS OFF Everyone could see the bomb coming. Team LF is already three steps ahead. Episode IX is now of HUGE importance- not just the film, the trailers. We need a bombshell trailer for Ep IX. And Solo May yet have staying power.
  3. This dude was a great Han Solo. He nailed all the mannerisms. If people expected Harrison Ford to come back for YA Han, they may be suffering from dumbassitus... in which case they should see their therapist soon.
  4. This is proof that the internet is a cancer. There’s never been a better time to be a Star Wars fan. And yet, we all know that for most people being a Star Wars fan means being a predictable slob who only likes the first 2 OT movies. Solo was great. WOM will be good. Hopefully Boba Fett will work as a sequel... I have to see these characters again.
  5. For real. This thing is a monster. It deserves every single penny. Watching the narrative build over the last decade has to be one of the most impressive feats in all of Hollywood. Marvel gets no rewards beyond money, but even the most pretentious of film buffs must admit that this is unprecedented. it is INSANELY HARD to achieve payoff over 19 films without losing your audience, just as it would be with a book series or comic series. The fact that this audience actually increased is just mind boggling. I’d say the studio deserves academy recognition for doing what no other studio could ever hope to do. And yes- I do find this feat more impressive than writing and directing serious drama pieces that “reveal aspects of humanity” like Shape of Water or Moonlight. Kind of similar to the way I feel about Robert Jordan. Is he Tolstoy or Dostoevsky? No. Are his books and interweaving storylines magnificent to behold? Absolutely. And for that he deserves credit. To some people, Eye of the World may be just as revealing as Anna Karenina.
  6. Objectively speaking, the trailers did this film no favors. Derivative Disney dribble like “your father is gone and only you can save him”, etc. Unfortunately it looks like the film isn’t much better. That being said, I’ve never liked the source material, so my opinion is hardly worth it.
  7. A - Always in your thread V - Vilifying fandom A - Ahead by 700 Mil T - Thumped by star wars A - Awaiting sequel(sss) R - RIPPED OFF POCAHONTAS Perhaps we can change the third A to “About to be caught by Black Panther” /Tuesday thread
  8. Within $3 million of TA and JW for Black Panther? Arguably greatest breakout of all time. I can remember several blow ups, but this is truly spectacular. Saw it tonight... MCU’s best villain and score, period.
  9. One word: competition. TLJ is facing healthy competition from all 4 quadrants. It will have a hard time breaking away with walk ups.
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