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  1. No. I'm gonna call every theater in the US and demand they start showing it again. Then I'll take out a small loan of 40m dollars and pay for all the tickets myself. so HA!
  2. Found the tape! I'm gonna turn this in to CNN and get some big money!!!
  3. Deadpool long range was actually at 75m That being said these things should be taken with a sack of salt
  4. I don't know what's worse. The low tracking or people taking BO Pro's long range predictions seriously. remember that they said Dp2 would only make 240m DOM
  5. LOGAN'sLuckyRun

    (Insert line from Venom trailer here) Venom over 75m OW.

    Thanks for the replies guys. Gimme time before i can list you all as in/out. I gotta get on my laptop but I don't have internet at home anymore bc Spectrum no longer accepts monopoly money. I'm on my tablet at a hotspot but navigating this site can be real laggy like that.
  6. WE ARE VENOM Ok look, I know what you're thinking. "@LOGAN'sLuckyRun, your Teen Titans Go club went to shit in a Ziploc. Why the hell should we trust you with another club?" and to that I say... But anyways, I believe that Daddy Venom is gonna break out big! OVER 75m OW BIG! Why, you ask? The trailer views/likes are through the roof! Last trailer has 27m views and over 570k likes. The one before that has 67m views and 1.3 MILLION likes. That's insane and you know it! Not much competition i terms of big action/superhero movies Venom already had exposure in Spider Man 3, which made many dollars Tom (makes my nipples) Hardy There's a chance it could be good. Sometimes good movies can have bad trailers. Even if it DOES suck, remember that Suicide Squad made over 700m at the BO It's doing very well on Twitter tracking. Info from Pro.boxoffice. https://pro.boxoffice.com/twitter/today/ that's all I got right now. So just wait and see! JUST WAIT!!! Venom will pull in over 75m!!!!! The haters when the OW numbers come in: #WEAREVENOM (IN): #TURDSINTHEWIND (OUT):
  7. I personally believe YT views and likes can help with predicting box office. I remember how low Solo's views/likes/retweets were compared to other summer movies.
  8. Even better the second time.
  9. Seems like everyone's parents let them watch R rated films when they were in elementary school. Meanwhile i wasn't allowed to see one until I was 16.
  10. LOGAN'sLuckyRun

    Monday numbers

    i just shot myself bc of it. RIP
  11. Should I gas and burn this club down for insurance money?
  12. So I was reading an article I wrote saying that had Moviepass not shit itself this weekend TTG wouldve opened to at least 50m. MY CLUB LIVES!!!

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