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  1. Warner has had such a shit year (aside from IT 2) that they probably hoping for the bare minimum at this point. I believe it'll do well tho. I can see 80m OW. Hoping for 100.
  2. Was hoping for a trailer today since it's the anniversary. I heard there's a sneak peek included in the Blu Ray set that just released but the price is too steep for me right now (80 bucks I think). I gotta wait til they inevitably make a standard edition. Plus the package is too big for my shelf.
  3. HEY @DeeCee, is it too early to movie Spongeboy to the main thread?
  4. Shouldn't this be on the main board right now? It comes out in less than a year.
  5. Yes, WB literally cuckolded The Legoverse by having Rex Dangervest screw Wyldstyle and making Emmett watch in the corner, crying and eating Mayfield brand rocky road ice cream straight out the tub. These are the facts the media refuses to tell you.
  6. Do you guys think this will be successful enough to launch that HB Cinematic Universe? The LEGO Universe has already been cucked and chucked so I'm a little worried. I want a Flintstones and Jetsons movie. Maybe even Jonny Quest.
  7. Watching Sausage Party on FX on demand right now. It's so heavily edited it's hilarious. Here's some examples: And you wanna know what's even MORE hilarious, that was the TV-MA version. There's a TV-14 one as well: STILL NSFW OBVIOUSLY. And apparently the MA version is only partly censored as they kept Bagel's line: "Mashugana C***". No F bombs tho. The orgy scene is still there but butchered to hell. To the point where part of it just has a black screen that reads: "CENSORED" This has to be the most Frankenstein tier TV edit job I think I've ever seen. I expected this though, I'm surprised it made it to basic cable in the first place.
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