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  1. Right now I'm okay. Sometimes when I feel suicidal I like to read stories of near death experiences. Most of them talk about feeling "God's unconditional love" and it makes me cry. Unfortunately I'm not sure if I believe in God but I would love to feel loved like that.
  2. On the lighter side of things, I guess I'm really contributing to the "added teen angst*" heheh. *except I'm 23 I'll let you guys know what I'm gonna do.
  3. It's ok. I shouldn't have posted this but I don't have anyone who actually wants to listen. I tried talking to family but they don't take it seriously. I've told them about my suicidal urges long ago but they treat it as nothing. I want them completely out of my life but they refuse to listen. The only way I can get true peace without dying is to try and get my (completely) own place. But I have no education past HS, I have a very bad fear of driving and my aunt not only needs someone to drive her but would also still want to see the other members of her family.
  4. I'm sorry for wasting your time. I'll just check myself into the local mental place.
  5. I understand this isn't the place to say things like this but I have no where else to turn.
  6. I'm trying to move out of my home immediately. I'm tired of being treated like I'm brain dead by everyone around me including my family. I finally told them how much I despise them but they still don't take me seriously. Unfortunately I don't have a job anymore so I can't afford anywhere. I honestly don't care anymore and have just thought of taking my own life. The bad thing is though is that the ONLY family member that I do love (my elderly aunt that lives with me) is very sick and to be honest, shouldn't actually be at home. I can't drive so I'd be unable to take her to the places she needs to go (doctor, store, etc.). The reason I haven't tried to get a license or even look for a job is because I've been planning to off myself for a good while. But since my aunt is in such poor shape I can't do that. I don't have an education outside of highschool. I have no friends (except one in Japan). What can I do? I just want to die tbh. And no, this isn't a joke.
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