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  1. This is the first comment I've seen from you that doesn't belong in the toilet.
  2. @Nova is a troll? I qualify as more of a troll than him by those standards
  3. Why did you push Miller out, Ryan? I bet you wanted this film all to yourself! #releasethemillercut! Oh, wait. I remembered that he left before filming began #makeamillercut!
  4. I don't mind that dp is opening less than the first. I just hate that I'll have to hear "novelty in a bottle" repeated over and over. i mean it's probably true but when you're a sad ---- like i am, one that reads forums all day err day, hearing the same words over and over can get tiresome. but then again that's more of a "me" problem and I should probably read forums less.
  5. I'm still in the hospital, gonna take some tests tomorrow. But the docs said my best chance for recovery would be for DP2 to open more than the first. Nova! Go see this thing as many times as you can! You're my only hope now! Get this thing to 135m! Hurry! I don't wanna be here any longer! Cartoon Network isn't working so I'm stuck with Disney Channel!
  6. Plot twist!!! Despite opening less than the original, DP2 shocks everybody by having a 5x multiplier!
  7. The first did but they double down with DP2. IMO the first one relied a lot more on penis jokes. This one has a couple but not nearly as much. I'm probably gonna give this film another watch one day. I still liked it.
  8. TBH I feel that I would've liked it a little better if they didn't rely on making references throughout. nearly every joke that didn't was hilarious though.
  9. People in r/boxoffice are now saying Deadpool is too "niche" to have increased. didn't know that film franchises that open 100m+ back to back aren't mainstream enough
  10. All this freaking out makes me glad I'm not a delusional stalker fan. ...right, guys? Pay no attention to my profile pic... Or my post history... Or my Twitter page. That stuff doesn't count. although I can't wait to go home so I can drink out of my deadpool cup, sleep under my deadpool sheets and watch the deadpool sing a long blu ray.

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