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  1. Sorry to hear that. How do you think it'll do BO wise?
  2. WB opens pre orders for home release very quickly. IT 2 is also available to reserve. And studios these days want to release movies on home video faster. I started noticing it with Deadpool. The film came out Feb 12 and was out on Blu May 10th I think. It's even faster on digital (two weeks earlier than Blu). I also looked Venom up which came out Oct last year and it was released on Blu ray Dec 18.
  3. The Blu ray release is coming rather quickly (Dec. 17) I'm gonna grab the Best Buy steelbook (no artwork yet)
  4. MGM is uploading episodes of the classic TV show for free
  5. Comes out in 3 months Just now getting a trailer Dr. "Do little advertising" AMIRITE!?
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