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  1. Yeah, the film is already at the discount theater. It only came out like a month ago. I've never seen the original films though.
  2. Slightly off topic but I just googled Hellboy 2019 and saw that it only grossed $40m. Holy hell. Do you guys think Wick's profits will make up for Hellboy's losses?
  3. Reminder that Deadpool 2's embargo also lifted the day of its UK release. that being said, I still wouldn't be surprised if this movie sucked.
  4. I really need to see this film so I can get caught up with the lore. My erotic John Wick fanfiction is a little out of date.
  5. I wonder how much Lionsgate spent marketing this film. I heard they tend to spend lower than most major studios but I don't really have the data to back that up.
  6. @That One Guy has not only been threadbanned but will also have a 14 million dollar bounty placed on him
  7. Even then it's still pretty rare for a big movie. I'm tired of nearly every film having out of place lesbian scenes yet to see any man on man you gotta go to the theater equivalent of the dark web. You know, those "fancy" theaters that only show trailers for turkish films and let you smoke inside for some reason.
  8. *HUFF* Despite *HUFF* being *HUFF* an R rated movie *HUFF HUFF* I can really see this breaking out *WHEEZE* with *HUFF* An 80m OW *GETS HIT BY CAR*
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