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  1. I just want some real, ACTUAL conformation (screenshot at the very least) that the Looney Tunes will be 2D animated.
  2. How, though?! Every Laika film up until then was made for 60 (Kubo came in a bit UNDER that due to rebates). Some might say it was getting Jacked-man but I highly doubt he got paid enough to make a 40m difference. Not to mention that Laika is no stranger to big names in their casts. If that figure is true then it'll make it the most expensive stop motion film ever made.
  3. Well, on the bright side of things, I'll most likely be getting that 1.2k stimulus check now. The IRS set up a stie for unemployed/non fillers and I was approved! But because I don't have a bank account I won't get my paper check til May.
  4. Do you think I did the wrong thing, @Noctis? I don't even know anymore tbh. This life doesn't even feel real anymore. Hell, the entire argument felt like a poorly scripted movie. I just wanted us to be safe. It's tiring as hell and when I think about it I just start laughing for some reason. Everything is fucked
  5. She was already planning to move soon anyways because of the high rent. She claims she found a place.
  6. Real, looked exactly the same as I saw it when I met him in Applebee's
  7. Tried once again to beg my aunt to stay home on weekend. She refused. Tried telling her about the 20k deaths and the risk factors for obese,diabetics,etc. She started yelling and swearing. Saying that I can't "dictate" her. I told her she needs to leave asap if she won't. She still got angry. I called the cops. Wanted them to tell her about the reality of this shit. Legally all they could do was tell her to calm down. She'll be out Wednesday. The nail in the coffin for me was the fact that she's been coughing all fucking day. I didn't want to do this. All she has to d
  8. Tried asking my other auntie to talk some sense into the one that lives with me. She said I'm "living in fear" and "something something God" I've had enough of this shit. I'm just gonna put my TV and PS4 in my room and not come out.
  9. Question about Stimulation package: What if I filed taxes IN 2018 (for I guess, 2017-2018). I got a refund around Feb 2018. But didn't in 2019 due to being unemployed?
  10. I'm honestly considering giving her an ultimatum. I'll be god fucking damned if I'm going to die (I have pre existing conditions. High blood pressure, heart murmur) due to her selfishness. And even if I DON'T catch it, she's overweight and pre diabetic. And I'd rather not have to watch another relative die in front of me.
  11. My aunt is refusing to stay home this weekend (or any). What the fuck do I do? We live together.
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