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  1. You guys ever wonder what taking care of Clifford is actually like? I mean, look at the size of that fucker. You'd need a bulldozer in order to scoop his business off the grass. And what if he gets "rowdy"? Does he mount those giant stuffed animals you get at carnivals? Or does he just do it to buildings and cars? And imagine the fucking money they'd need to spend on food. This big, literal son of a bitch must eat a 50 pound bag's worth for a single meal. And where does he go to the vet? What doctor would treat a dog this size and how the hell would he even get into the office? And don't get me started on the possibility of worms. 🤢 And what's worse is how Emily Elizabeth Winstead or whatever her name is seems to think it's no big deal. I actually live near her but I'm unsure about what goes on behind the scenes. All I know is that he's digging literal ditches in my backyard. This and that god awful screenshot are exactly why I refuse to see this film. #Baddog
  2. Is this a Star Wars thread or a monkey exhibit at the zoo? Sorry, but it's hard to tell because of all the shit flinging.
  3. Everyone's excited about the box office for this alleged piece of shit. Meanwhile I'm just waiting on seeing some actual gameplay of the best upcoming Star Wars related entry
  4. People on r/boxoffice do this shit all the time and it annoys the fuck out of me. They try to "do the math" purely on a films box office (seemingly forgetting that studios look at other revenue streams like TV, streaming and other crap), REPORTED/ESTIMATED production budgets and some made up marketing number that's either too low or too high. In reality it's a lot more complicated than that. If you haven't done so I highly suggest you and anyone reading this to look up the Sony leaks on their film performances.
  5. BOP is incredibly wrong about BoP! BoP will make 100m OW and BOP will seethe knowing that BoP destroyed their predictions! #BOPit!
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