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  1. Since All My Children over here. Where he was recasted into a role originally played by...Chadwick Boseman! Can’t make that stuff up. So very happy for his and Creed’s success!
  2. Don't worry about your English...I'm sure some of the convo around trailers was about "direct" effect (an effect I do think existed in the past for people buying movie tickets just to see a trailer, and that did exist directly for Ragnarok), but I'm interested in the related question of how all of these elements in a cinematic universe play off of each other. Especially now that we have Infinity War, which takes the concept to an entirely different level, and, to me, represented the MCU firing on all cylinders during 2017-2018. Purposely spoil Ragnarok to drive interest in it. Essentially make a mini-trailer within the bigger trailer for your next movie in Black Panther. Make a BP trailer for IW to hype up IW. It's pretty unique. And it'll be interesting to see if Captain Marvel benefits from the A4 trailer the same way Black Panther did -- we have the CM trailer, but if she somehow winds up with as central-looking and exciting a role in the A4 trailer as BP did in IW? Again, not direct, because it'll be far from the CM release in theaters, but I can only imagine it'll have a big impact, especially after the post-credits IW scene.
  3. I didn't mean it was an immediate effect, like the IW trailer was (theoretically) for Ragnarok... I more meant that the MCU has set itself up well to feed off of itself. The IW trailer SUPER-reinforced the idea with audiences -- including again, theoretically, beyond the audience that had been hyped up by the Black Panther trailers to that point -- that Black Panther and its whole world were going to be MAJOR players in the MCU's grand masterpiece of plotting and synthesis over almost 20 movies/10 years, and that a character that wasn't even in Civil War was important enough to run with BP, Cap, BW, Hulk, Bucky, War Machine, Falcon, etc. Of course, there's no way to know the actual effect, given how long before BP's release the IW trailer came out. By the time IW was coming out, they were cutting BP-specific IW trailers to try to capitalize on BP's insane success (again, feeding off itself). But I do think, as much as Civil War or any BP specific trailers/promotion, the IW trailer made a significant impact on the BP movie. Another anecdotal story -- my mother has, let's say, VERY LIMITED interest in comic book superhero movies. She was all in for BP, and was in that black demographic that doesn't really crossover to anything else. When IW opened, she told me she was annoyed that some new movie, that she saw on the news, had an opening bigger than BP's so soon after BP. I explained to her, at least twice, that BP was IN THAT MOVIE she was mad about, and that she should feel free to give at least part of the credit to BP, lol. I showed her the Yibambe IW trailer, and her response? "Why do you think I wouldn't be interested in seeing that movie?" I told her that it was because my father, and eventually me, my sister, and then brother, had to more or less drag her to every action/sci-fi/comic book movie that ever came out (even the ones she wound up enjoying didn't make her more eager to see others, with one notable exception). Her -- "So? WAKANDA FOREVER!...Is that the Incredible Hulk from that TV show?" Anyway, I'm not claiming universality of experience. Just what I've seen.
  4. I, at least anecdotally, can point to trailer impact...myself, my dad and my brother all did the "buy a ticket for a movie just to see a trailer" thing for the SW prequels. As I recall, they considered staying for Wing Commander for TPM, but didn't, lol. I don't even remember what movie I bought a ticket for with a friend, that we left as soon as the trailer finished. Ah, the days before YouTube. ;) Also, I know a few people who were not in a particular rush to see Ragnarok -- and, to be fair, they may have seen it in theaters eventually anyway -- but there was definitely a "what happened to Thor's eye" and "why TF does Loki have the tesseract and why is he giving it to Thanos" effect that pushed them to go check it out. And this is just my opinion, but I agree with whoever above said that Black Panther and Wakanda being so prominent in the IW trailer gave that movie a HUGE boost. Maybe more than him appearing in Civil War, lol. Having BP lead the MASSIVE battle, including the money shot with him and Okoye running with the rest of the heroes toward the camera? It definitely made it seem as though you wouldn't want to miss the Black Panther movie before seeing Infinity War. (Which was a bit of a misdirect, given that BP was quite the standalone movie, but still!)
  5. Random thought here, Routh was on a soap opera that I watched, and looks aside, I was FLOORED when he got Superman. I mean, I proudly love my soaps, but when a guy stands out as bad among actors in the teen/college/young adult set on a daytime drama? You might not want him to headline your tentpole box office blockbuster. (Having said that, the writing for that movie wasn’t exactly inspired, so...) I don’t have strong feelings about Cavill (or Affleck) staying. I just wish I felt more certain that either of them leaving, if they do, meant that DC/WB had a clear idea of what they are going to do going forward with these characters and their stories.
  6. Dammit, I'll love Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor until the end of time, and I think she looks good. T2 is one of my absolute, all-time favorite movies (and I love T1). But dear GOD that is an AWFUL picture. Just awful. The other two look completely, utterly ridiculous. Even aside from the cheap-ass PhotoShop. WTF?
  7. mattie08

    Wednesday's Numbers

  8. Well, I’m at Infinity War — when I bought my seat earlier this afternoon, there were only 5 other tickets in the theater bought. It’s now completely full/sold out. Smallish theater, but still! That’s my anectdotal crowd report.
  9. Whitney with The Bodyguard? (I know she wasn’t the only artist on the full soundtrack album, but she had multiple hits off it, it sold entirely off of her, and I can only assume IWALY and the movie were #1 at the same time at some point, which just leaves having a #1 album?) Boy, do I 1000% agree with this sentiment! 😂
  10. Spared by Thanos. Got Loki, Nebula, and Killmonger as my three though! You got: Loki, Nebula, and Killmonger You're a combo of Loki, Nebula, and Killmonger. You're ambitious, career-driven, and headstrong. You march to the beat of your own drum and are constantly striving to be the best version of yourself. While you sometimes have a temper, deep down you have a heart of gold.
  11. Lol, I had someone like that next to me too...a mother with her husband and two kids, and she obviously wasn’t quite as up on the MCU going in as them. Clearly, loved the movie — then after the end, couldn’t shut up and couldn’t land on any specific opinion, lol.
  12. Great f-ing movie. As far as I’m concerned, they pulled it off. Wow. I will say that there was a lot of...unsettled rumbling in the audience during the credits while everyone waiting for a post-credits scene. Never heard something like that at an MCU movie before. Not sure what to make of it. BUT, this was an absolute home-run with the crowd throughout. I’m going to go with it still having good WOM and whatever constitutes good legs for such a huge opener. I’ll jump on the bandwagon — go see it as soon as possible and don’t be spoiled!

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