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  1. I’ve seen other people say that on Twitter. Was this one too? I didn’t think anything of either one, I’m not sure how you do one of these without a visual of the ship?
  2. See, I want to give a laughing reaction but I can’t! When I was able to do a shocked one to the Kevin Garnett gif above, lolololol. Me giving out 500 likes by noon EST is Endgame-levels of impossible numbers.
  3. I think there’s a glitch...it’s like every other one I try works, and the other half I get the “Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today message.” Don’t know what’s going on.
  4. So, my regular train home from work is prone to delays... I was getting increasingly agitated and just wound up leaving mad early, lol. If there’s a delay, I have time built in. Or I might just get off and walk. Just barely over 2 hours now!
  5. For me, it depends on the movie. Many times I seek out spoilers, most times I don’t but it’s not a big deal to me if I’m spoiled beforehand. IW was the first movie in a long time that I made a serious, concerted effort not to be spoiled for, and EG will probably be the only one I do that for this year (for example, for something like GoT, I’m not seeking out spoilers, but I don’t expect to be upset if I do get spoiled at some point). There are definitely pluses and minuses both ways.
  6. Well, I made it to IW unspoiled and always sort of suspected that I couldn’t do it for two years in a row, so congrats to the troll, got me with 11+ hours to go, lol. Got too comfortable here, was refreshing this thread too quickly instead of giving a few minutes before reading new posts. Oh well. Gotta say though, the spoiler hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for tonight (hell, I asked off work early for this), so at least there’s that! Let’s go!!! //Whatever. It. Takes.
  7. That really sucks. But thank you to you and others for the warning, as I’ve completely renewed my commitment to stay off YouTube for the next 23 hours. Man...
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