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  1. I have a feeling Sonic will also underperform, compared to what the trades are saying. 32 million OW.
  2. Having left other movie forums because they descended into toxic stupidity, this seems like a good move to me.
  3. It certainly doesn’t feel like BoP had any less marketing than Joker. Less controversy, certainly... but the actual released trailers, posters, ads etc don’t feel that much different?
  4. It’s the stuff to do with Steve that sounds so bad to me... with the film’s macguffin, and what happens to Diana... 🤮
  5. 😫 There’s some legitimately awful story concepts in those leaks.
  6. Looks like Cosmic (which I agree is hot garbage in every respect) got their story from the Reddit leaks. I have no idea whether they are true or not.
  7. Doesn’t he mean the Reddit leaks from late last year from people claiming to have been at test screenings of the film? I think ViewerAnon verified that they took place, from what I recall.
  8. There are some plot points that I sincerely hope are not true, especially the nature of Steve’s inclusion, and the way it affects Diana.
  9. No, no. You’re quite right. The vision that Snyder had is absolutely being carried on with Wonder Woman and Aquaman. He’s responsible for those films successes. Jenkins and Wan were just there to carry out his vision. Both those films had absolutely no changes made to them because of the backlash against BvS, JL and SS. Everything is going according to his wishes and his master plan. Good lord.
  10. The one two punch of BvS and Suicide Squad hamstrung the entire venture right out of the gate. Those films are HATED by so very many people. WB should have had the foresight to not plan their entire franchise around movies before they had seen how they performed, and then had the guts to pull Justice League completely. Jenkins and Wan are such strong filmmakers that they were able to successfully move their characters away from the Snyder narrative. Reeves will continue that trend... though The Batman looks clearly like a reboot anyway. Bird Of Prey clearly didn’t move away anywher
  11. 😂 sorry... looking back on your comment, the sarcasm is there to see.
  12. They don’t need a Kevin Feige, they just need to properly establish that their movies are now unconnected... instead of half-assing it like they are now. Put the multiverse front and centre, let filmmakers do what they want, and stop trying to have your cake and eat it by still pushing the DCEU, but also claiming to do standalones. One or the other. I thought they were going clean on more standalone projects, but BoP and Twoicide Squad don’t bear this out.
  13. The Batman is the big test, I think. If they get that right, it sets things up nicely for the future. If they screw it up by interfering with what Matt Reeves is doing, or insist on saddling it with a previous continuity, it might kill off Hamada’s leadership. Hell, it’d probably kill off DC at the cinema altogether. They simply can’t afford to mess Batman up again.
  14. I meant more on the story side of things. She has no experience writing movies, and certainly not adapting existing comic book properties to the screen.
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