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  1. It’s Friday! Any early estimate for CM’s Friday? Seems like it needs really good bumps to get to 35m+. With US breaking out and Shazam previews, it looks tough.
  2. LeoC


    Sorry I don't know India Box Office well enough. Are there many local films joining the competition on Thursday? I thought the Holi would boost the performance.
  3. LeoC


    Mon Tues Wed China $133.8M $135.7M (+1.9M) $137.3M (+1.6M)South Korea $36.9M $37.5M (+0.6M) $37.8M (+0.3M)U.K. $32.1M $32.9M (+0.8M) $33.7M (+0.8M)Brazil $25.3M $26.1M (+0.8M) $26.7M (+0.6M)Mexico $25.2M $25.7M (+0.5M) $26.1M (+0.4M)Australia $18.9M $19.3M (+0.4M) $19.6M (+0.3M)Indonesia $16.8M $17.1M (+0.3M) $17.4M (+0.3M)Russia $16.4M $16.7M (+0.3M) $17.0M (+0.3M)France $15.3M $15.9M (+0.6M) $16.3M (+0.4M)Germany $14.5M $14.9M (+0.4M) $15.2M (+0.3M)India $12.3M $12.6M (+0.3M) $13.0M (+0.4M) Stays flat or slightly decreases in most big OS markets. Perhaps the increase comes from other markets (e.g., Japan). Or the actuals in previous weekdays come higher than estimated and thus are added to Wed's number. Nevertheless, the number is looking good! With holidays in India and Japan on Thursday, and a less than 10% day-to-day decrease in China on Thursday (Finally!), maybe we can expect Thursday to be around 10M?
  4. LeoC


    Increased from Tuesday (10.2m). How? India holiday?
  5. Happy Holi to Indian friends! Sorry for my ignorance, but is Holi a holiday celebrated by the whole country? Or only part of the country?
  6. Do you think Saint Patrick’s Day is the reason why most movies have a worse-than-expected Sun drop?
  7. I have ignored Shayrihi but you guys had to quote him. There should be a new feature allowing us to ignore the post that quotes whoever we’ve ignored. Is there already one out there?
  8. Also, More than Blue had managed to breakout in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and some Southeast Asian markets. So it is actually not totally unexpected.
  9. It is a very targeted movie. It’s a sad love story targeted at young females. Some people really love it and some just hate it. That’s why it only gets a 8.6 on Maoyan. But as long as those targeted audience love it and spread the WoM, it can have a breakout.
  10. I doubt it will go much higher than 51m. I expect a 30% Sun drop.
  11. 72-73m. Pretty good. Back on track for 1b.
  12. https://www.boxofficepro.com/long-range-tracking-detective-pikachu-poised-for-may-breakout-the-hustle-poms-to-court-mothers-day-moviegoers/ 5/10/2019 Detective Pikachu $90,000,000 NEW $250,000,000 NEW – Universal 4/26/2019 Avengers: Endgame $265,000,000 $635,000,000 -9% – Disney / Marvel The long range tracking has A:EG dropped by 9%. Too much competition?

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