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  1. You are going solo. A simple trick: using "solo" every time you want to use "alone" makes you awesome.
  2. Given how strong the morning increase is, I think 500M is a reasonable target for today. Anyone in?
  3. Judging from the official APP’s number, I feel like Maoyan has been lowballing today. I suspect it will keep accelerating in the next few hours to catch up. Should still finish around 320-330m. Just my suspicion though, so just take it with a grain of salt.
  4. 330-ish will be a solid drop. Friday and Saturday bump will be good!y
  5. You meant "Plus the midnight previews", right?
  6. Not sure about the average ticket price yet, but OD should be 18M+, or even 20M+. Actual will come out tomorrow. @Olive what’s your estimate?
  7. Sets the new record for OD and single day in Hong Kong.
  8. So my friend said it is actually pretty epic and emotional after he was done with the whole movie! False alarm! Sorry folks!
  9. Sorry! Put them in a spoiler tag now. But can’t hide them in posts where I was quoted. I will be careful next time. I think we will know about the reactions in about 10 minutes. Let’s see how things go!
  10. Do you like the movie? Is it easy to follow for general audience?
  11. Hope you are right. My friend in China texted me saying he was bored. I hope he is an idiot who does not represent at all. Lol.
  12. I have a bad feeling. . Not a good sign for Maoyan ratings. Hope I am wrong.
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