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  1. Good news is that AM&W is doing pretty well on its OD in HK, despite so-so pre-sales. It seems like people would still go to see the movie in theaters, but don't feel the need to buy tickets in advance. After all it is not an event movie like BP or IW. Hope it does the same domestically.
  2. I never think it has a chance to make 100m+ OW
  3. PotC5 should be 14.59 after service fee.
  4. LeoC

    Jurassic World II OS Thread

    Taiwan opening week: 7.9m, SK: 14.2m, per BOM.
  5. 21 and 22? Hope they have a 24 prepared..
  6. The only memorable fight scene from DCEU is WW's warehouse fight. That was astonishingly beautiful, which puts it in line with several of MCU's best fight scenes.
  7. Remind me of the Smalliville fight. Which film are you talking about?
  8. How can I strikethrough text in this forum?
  9. 2.3B is now within reach with an extension! Bravo!

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