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  1. Since this is a Chinese box office thread, let’s say that most Chinese audience will agree that: HP is not trash JW is not trash SW is trash
  2. Actuals: Monday: 187m Tuesday: 193m Official estimate for Wednesday: 190m (won't be surprised if the actual goes up)
  3. Gavin has a lot of inside information when it comes to CBO, but is not as good at box office prediction as POTUS and a few others are here.
  4. Also, FFH will stay flat from yesterday or see a slight increase. Pretty good.
  5. Maoyan numbers are running faster than the numbers shown in the official app. Maoyan has to slow down. In the official app, FFH is higher than Looking Up. FFH is the only one that is lower in Maoyan than in the official app. So it might be the only one that will get an bigger increase in the next few hours.
  6. And Gong Li, who is conseidered by Chinese audience to be one of the best Chinese actress.
  7. Same here. She looks emotionless in the teaser trailer, which worries me a little bit.
  8. Not sure about reactions, but definitely very much anticipated. View counts are on par with Endgame or even better. And it is midnight.
  9. Solid numbers. Should have better legs than CM. Hope it does better than CM worldwide because it’s a better movie.
  10. Yeah yeah yeah, we all know that you disagree with the majority opinion that the movie is great, as suggested by the 97% tomato score. Your point is now taken. No need to repeat it for a hundred times.
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