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  1. I am going to reveal the top 69. I am not asking for lists of 69. I’m asking for lists of 40 canon relationships, and/or 20 non-canon relationships. From those I’m gonna tabulate the big giant list.
  2. Yes. I won’t count it against Han and Leia if 5 people put ESB and 2 people put TFA. And when I reveal the results, I’ll make sure on those particular ships, to include the breakdown of which movie they got nominated for.
  3. what else am I supposed to do? Couldn’t see the episode cause it was Solo lighting. 👀👀
  4. Its cause the internet wants to fuck Oscar Issacs. Whether that translates into people actually watching the show, instead of basically just re-blogging all the gifts, is another story.
  5. @RiddlerXXR @Plain Old Tele @filmlover @Eric Riley So I spent a week looking at every website available and think I have looked through like 500 posters or so and I finally found a big one and a small one that I like!!
  6. They’re playing Bad Moon Rising in the TV spot trailers, and tbh, I am sold. Lmfaoooooo. They saw the opportunity, and they took it.
  7. Yes! So @el sid I am looking for lists of either 40 or 20 Canon ships; and 20 or 10 fanon ships. I purposely did it that way because I know sometimes people don’t want to submit like a full list of 100. And I also am trying this way to see if it evens out scoring a list that has 15 and trees the same as a list that has 75 entries. So now it’s just everyone submits 40 (or 20). And we’re going to reveal 69!!
  8. from a real world POV: Hell Yeaaaaaaaaaah. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 it’s what he deserves!!!! from a marvel fangirl pov: M’Baku is part of the Jatari tribe who do not worship Bast, so him being the next **Panther** would be take some in universe jump hoops. But I am all for him as Leader of Wakanda and being in the next five Avengers movies
  9. So sad I can’t make it this weekend. My friend who really wants to see it got COVID and needs to hole up until next Wednesday. So won’t be helping out opening weekend, but definitely going to help out decrease that second weekend drop.
  10. like I’d let you have it. They gave it to ME! 🥳
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