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  1. Prequelitis strikes again. Hobbit, Star Wars, Fantastic Beasts, and some may argue Alien verse.
  2. I saw the track list. A little disappointed Tessa Thompson only has one song this time. I was hoping they'd use more of her impressive vocal talents this time out. It was integral to the original film. Otherwise, the OST is loaded with top selling artists, so it should do better than the original in terms of sales.
  3. Aside from the robot servant and hazy porn like lighting of the first act, Rocky IV is a pretty damn entertaining piece of pulp sports entertainment. Hearts on Fire's montage is not to be meddled with either. That being said, Creed 2 SHOULD be better. Creed Jr. has a stronger impetus to make this fight happen than Rocky vs Drago Sr., which makes the audience more invested right out the gate.
  4. ThePhasmid

    Instant Family OVER Widows OW

    I voted Widows. Instant Family has a decent message to share, but I'm a sucker for directors who consistently pump out high quality films (despite my reservations for Shame). Call me a glutton of aesthetic.
  5. That's a NAVY beach resort. Either Point Loma or Coronado. All of this is happening within a mile of me, and I still haven't seen the Cruise. Dammit!
  6. Tom is just using it as an excuse to have longer access to military grade fighter jets (even though he won't be flying them in the film). *cough* BS *cough* PS: We all know Cruise will have an epic dogfight in this film.
  7. ThePhasmid

    Overlord | October 26, 2018

    Man, this is going to bomb hard. I can't wait to see it in an empty theater. No, seriously. This will be like that time I saw Stir of Echoes and Dredd. Bad timing and little marketing. Almost no one in the theater, but I had a blast either way.
  8. As previously predicted, McQuarrie is ghosting this project as close as he can. No surprise. He is the Ghost Rider and the Ghost Writer. OHHHHHHHHH!
  9. I don't know how it got this point, but I'm just saying it's easy to balance the deeply personal with the stage presence without sacrificing narrative cohesion.
  10. You lived in Compton during the 80s/90s. I'm sure you have a good idea of what it was like to be raised in that community.
  11. Straight Outta Compton will provide a more compelling portrait of a musical artist struggling with AIDs despite the various historical cornerstones the group was involved with. It's OK. People are just "whining" about important omissions.
  12. Yeah, it will be probably be similar to Venom in that way. Except less of a "terrible mess yet fun" vibe, because it actually contains a decent lead performance that doesn't seem lost in the mix. Still, this is Freddie we're talking about. I feel like a film that circumvents his personal turmoil with AIDs and his sexuality during that time seems like a major missed opportunity. I understand they're trying to celebrate the best qualities, but it seems like they're also avoiding them at the same time. To be honest, this sounds more flaccid than something like Velvet Goldmine.
  13. If you see a high profile thriller set in a wintry wonderland, the odds of it being a remake of a Norwegian thriller starring Stellan Skarsgard are pretty high. 😀
  14. The original was a thick black comedy that had very local humor. This looks like a slick update focused on the persona of Liam Neeson, and I have no qualms about it. Same plot with a different approach. It appears to have enough of its own identity to entice someone who enjoyed (or even heard of) the original.
  15. The only source I have is Bicycle Race, and the fact he did Flash Gordon two years later (possibly in spite?). I don't know. I was just ribbing a bit.

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