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  1. I think we can all agree that this may go down as one of the best romantic dog owner films of all time. Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves, as a couple, are extremely easy on the eyes, too. Especially after you realize they're both hittin' 50+.
  2. Hey, The Fall is as good as Pan's Labyrinth by my meager standards, but I understand why some people may hate it. I was just trying to point out that Singh mastered the awesome sand dune shot before anyone else.
  3. If we're real, Aquaman borrowed from Uncharted 3, which also borrowed from Tarsem Singh's "The Fall". Either way, cool dudes walking across massive sand dunes makes for amazing cinematography.
  4. Best film of 2019 confirmed. I didn't have to finish the trailer. The minute I saw Dacascos giving Keanu that thousand yard stare after the clip with the ninja bikers handlin' katanas, I already reserved a slot.
  5. Aquaman is poised to become the highest grossing DCEU film. I would say I'm surprised, but this film was released at the right time. People tired with politics and overt subtext just wanted silly, gaudy, and visually spectacular escapism the best money could buy. I see some critics calling it "goofy". They're just trying too hard to mask their love for this film with petty adult criticism their inner child is telling them to avoid.
  6. Interesting chamber piece concept that's probably been done better before in films like Cube, Fermat's Room, and even the relatively mediocre Exam.
  7. James Wan is the MVP of the film. It's as if WB threw a constant flow of cash in his direction, and let him run free. The film is simply a treat for the senses. It kind of reminds me of how they use to treat the Wachowskis back in the day, for better or worse. Minimal interference for the creative process.
  8. It's a huge win for visually imaginative storytelling. I mean, this is a film where people wear jellyfish gowns and ride SEAHORSES along laser shooting great whites. C'mon now. That's just awesome. Where else have you seen that, and in a film that succeeds as much as this film does?
  9. It's not a smart film, but it embraces its colorful pulp origins to a level that can only be described as giddy excess. Loved it.
  10. I can see why the Academy skipped it. It's visually sumptuous gaudy excess. It is the closest thing I've seen to Dino DeLaurentiis fantasty styled adventure since I can't remember. It fully embraces its colorful and silly world to a degree I couldn't help but be enamored with its irreverence for anything other than awesome set pieces, static posing, and bright colors.
  11. As a piece of pulp entertainment with its tongue firmly planted in cheek, this easily tops Wonder Woman by a country mile. The technical expertise on display isn't even close. Wonder Woman was well trodden gimmicks played safe to agreeable results. Aquaman is a director playing with all the visual tricks on a large scale in a sandbox that has seldom been played in. It's a more fresh experience than Wonder Woman. A film that plays better on repeat. In short, Aquaman is wholly unique in its world. Wonder Woman is Captain America...with a woman. That's not to offend Wonder Woman's merit, but I'm not like "Oh, that's something different. I haven't seen that before."
  12. Nicole Kidman's one take action sequence in the beginning narration is...pure cinematic nirvana. That is all. I could watch that scene on repeat all day, and not lose the smirk of witnessing overindulgent yet amazing choreography and cinematic tricks.
  13. If Aquaman defeats Poppins domestically, I will personally visit my favorite local Hawaiian BBQ spot to spend as much as possible on Chicken Katsu. I know it's unlikely, but a man can dream.

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