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  1. Dune is being released in a sea of sequels, regardless of genre. It will grab the attention of the people seeking a new adventure. Does that mean it will be successful? No. It just means it has an edge.
  2. At least he was honest about his jealousy. He was jealous Lynch got the job, but felt at ease when he saw the end product.
  3. Good trailer. Keeps the plot details incredibly vague. Almost too vague, tbh. I understand why they kept the House Harkonnen aspect at a minimum. Paul is a handsome protagonist with familiar resolutions. It's easier to grab the general audience's attention. It seems to have worked based on view count.
  4. Lost Legacy has a strong opening, and one of the best final sequences to the series. It's a nod to the train sequence in Uncharted 2, but it's far more exciting to play. The middle act starts off a little weak. It's just a miniature open world where you kill enemies at certain checkpoints to discover more clues, but it picks up after the elephant chase, I'd rank it above 1 & 3.
  5. The humorous banter and light touches of introspective character growth must remain intact. The gameplay and level design were top notch. However, the series strong suit is that you felt like you were playing actual fleshed out characters rather than stock videogame characters. You instantly could relate with Nate & Co. I don't know how they're going to manage the insane set pieces. I did enjoy the Jumanji films, but I hope they aim for more practical stunts/fx.
  6. Half of the counties in California have supposedly rolled back to phase one. LA county is considering going back to stay-at-home protocols based on this week's results. To put things into perspective, none of the movie theaters were open even in phase 3. Yeah, I don't see an August release in the cards.
  7. It's incredibly weird. I imagine our governor looks at it from the perspective that people need to stay healthy, and staying outside in the heat might incur different health risks for those who can't stay outside for lengthy periods of time (mostly attributed to people with skin and heat stroke issues). Also, there's the issue of social distancing in some parks due to high traffic on small paths. I don't know. It just seems that gyms and theaters are comparable in terms of space management, and the amount of time people stay within the same vicinity.
  8. If someone can fill me in on the details as to why gyms are open but cinemas are not (in California), it'd be duly appreciated. I'm not being snide at people who wish to keep themselves healthy. It's a necessity at this point. However, I'm genuinely interested in the business logic and health risks involved. Does it have to do with the ventilation system of theaters? I'm glad Nolan and WB are being stubborn about having a proper theatrical release. I hope they don't buckle under pressure.
  9. Has Clive Barker seen the remake yet? I eagerly anticipate word from him. Granted, he is partial to his adaptations moreso than Stephen King.
  10. It will be interesting to see how theaters and distributors handle films with big hype surrounding them in the upcoming months. I imagine late summer/early fall is where there will be maximum potential for nostalgia fueled cinematic experiences. That's if we actually start implementing the phases this month or June. Another thing to consider is how to reconfigure the seating arrangement to maximize space between audience members whilst making distributors and theater chains pleased with the altered attendance numbers. Competition for providing extremely comfortable seating arrangements at an affordable price. You're paying for the chair as much as you are for the film, but at a reasonable price. It'll be somewhat exciting to see how theaters modify the environment to suit the requirements of current health regulations/psychology of the people.
  11. The original was no Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and its lasting legacy was contributed by a man who is currently serving time in jail for a lengthy list of sexual abuse. The NBA should consider rebooting Air Bud before this. Reboot it with Cats. It can't be any worse than that awful film directed by an award winning director.
  12. Governor Newsom opened the beaches and parks over the last week. He saw pictures from Newport Beach, which made Florida look like an exercise in control. All California beaches and parks are closed AGAIN tomorrow. I don't see how theaters are opened anytime soon. This scenario provides an interesting dilemma in social control. On one end, you have people who are like "OMG! THERE ARE PEOPLE WALKING OUTSIDE ON A BEACH! OH MY GAWWWWWW...!" The other end is people who simply miss what they were once accustomed to. When you acquiesce the former before easing restrictions, OF COURSE people will flood the very place they were restricted from entering.
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