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  1. Credit is deserved where it's due. The people took the extra measure to entirely change the aesthetic of the lead character, and make scenes more vibrant in nature as evident in vast differences shown from both trailers. They replaced the WILDLY out of place "Gangsta's Paradise" with a more fitting song for the tone. In terms of marketing, Paramount listened to fans and did them right. This looks like a better adaptation than Mario Bros, and despite the low bar...they're doing it RIGHT.
  2. In a world where we have suffered Nintendo and Capcom ignoring fan requests, here is a film that listened. I'll give it that much. Yeah, this trailer looks way better than the initial one.
  3. Saw this last night, and I can safely say Bong has yet to provide a misstep. I will admit the beginning had me scratching my head at the level of praise surrounding the film, but the mid act tonal shift turned it from a comedy on class structure into a full fledged Hitchcockian black comedy. Expertly crafted by both cast and crew. The final message of the film is the cherry on top, though. The epilogue brings it all together beautifully. I will say that if it weren't for the epilogue this film would've merely been a very good suspense thriller. The final "ah ha" moment elevates it to the next level. In terms of films I've seen by the director, I'd rank it: Memories of Murder Parasite Mother The Host Snowpiercer Okja Not a bad film in the lot.
  4. It troubles me when a film gets instant backlash for the sexual orientation or the race of the lead actors. Is this what "anti-woke" culture has come to? Judging a film solely based upon its cast without even watching it? Or convincing yourself that it's terrible, because you wanted it to be. It's a troubling pattern of terrible criticism. They're just ironically performing the same criticisms they themselves wanted others to avoid. I watched the Phantom Menace in theater upon release. TERRIBLE FILM. I watched Terminator 3 in theater. AWFUL. I watched these films in hope of them being good. I didn't peruse a community of people who judge something prematurely based upon bullshit standards. I didn't jump on the hate bandwagon for unreasonable bullshit reasons. I watched them, and judged them based solely on the quality of writing, directing, and acting. Dark Fate not a great film, but it's a solid sequel with strong characters. Linda Hamilton, Arnold, and Mackenzie turn in performances well above the standard this series has set from previous sequels. The action is often better than not. I don't get the immediate backlash from some people.
  5. Genysis was saved by the Chinese box office to become one of the more successful sequels (despite arguably being the worst). This film is far better than the last 3 sequels. It's a damn shame it's going to possibly bomb harder than all of them. It's going to be hard to top Salvation in that department, though. This was a minor yet important step in the right direction for the series, but I imagine fatigue has settled in. It's understandable to a certain degree.
  6. The film starts with some questionable "de-aging" CGI as exposition. Say what you want about Genisys, but they got that stuff right in the intro. Immediately after that scene, the film introduces us to the best original character in the series since the first Terminator (Davis). I hate to say it, but I wasn't a big fan of Connor played by Furlong in Terminator 2. I know plenty of fans of the original who didn't like Furlong's performance. The first 30 minutes are damn near relentless, and breathlessly paced. It got me hooked (despite overt influences from T2). Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton, and Arnold had great chemistry. Natalia Reyes feels like perfunctory filler. No offense to her. She felt like another Terminator plot device we've seen time and time again. She is like the Death Star of the Terminator universe. It gets slightly tiresome. It's a good film. Is it a great sequel? No. Still, it's undeniably entertaining. I know it will divide fans, though.
  7. Phoenix will win for Best Actor. The film will also win some technical awards. If the Academy ignores Joaquin again, it won't be good for them. As previously stated, this performance outdoes Daniel Day Lewis for There Will Be Blood. It would be foolish to ignore this powerful dramatic performance.
  8. I concur with The Mummy comparisons, but this would benefit from a release date in May or June. The Mummy was released at a perfect time. I just got out of school. We wanted a high adventure popcorn film to make us forget the doldrums of school. The Mummy provided everything in spades for that perfect sense of escapism. Here we are 20 years later celebrating that film's anniversary. Don't be afraid of releasing this type of film around the same time as other comic book films. Grow some balls, Disney. It looks like the type of high camp tongue in cheek entertainment we want during the early days of summer.
  9. You quoted me too soon. I was editing before your reply. Anyone who thinks this performance will go unnoticed during awards season is soon to be mistaken. This will be Joaquin's first win. He deserved it sooner, but this is it.
  10. Daniel Day Lewis won an Oscar for his performance as Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood in 2008. Jaoquin will win an Oscar for his performance as the Joker in 2020. The first complex villainous LEADING performance to be won in over a decade. Mark my words.
  11. Wow. I actually quite enjoyed this one. I went in with middling expectations due to some recent mixed reviews. First and foremost, Phoenix is absolutely riveting. As a character study of a man slowly giving into his psychotic tendencies, it's up there with some of the best. Not as sinister as something like "Sleep Tight", but it has a slightly more nuanced central performance. Technically well made as well. I had some issues with a few editing choices, but it's otherwise a very well made film. I can definitely see Phoenix and technical noms for this despite the recent mixed response from critics. It'd be hard to ignore this. Then again Sisters Brothers, one of my favs from last year, was mostly ignored, too.
  12. I didn't know The Nines was successful enough for a sequel, but I'll accept it. I hope I'm not spoiling anything, because this film is over a decade old now.
  13. Films like Solondz's Happiness and Palfi's Taxidermia lack the wide release required for modern social media moral outrage, but that doesn't mean films like that wouldn't spark equal detest and adoration in both extreme measures. These type of films are meant to provoke. Joker has the advantage of its name and massive fanbase for cult status (with the bonus of big ticket sales).
  14. Despite my reservations about extra security, it's hard to blame any theater for trying to provide unnoticeable protection for people who are trying to enjoy a film without repeating the troubles of Aurora in 2012.
  15. Was Taxi Driver this controversial during its release? I wasn't even born yet. I sense it would spark similar controversy despite this MOSTLY being inspired by King of Comedy.
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