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  1. I do, too, man. I think 90's Fraser would've been the perfect choice, but Dwayne's recent history with pulp action adventure cinema helps him fit into the role like a glove. I think it will find it's footing at some point. Maybe upon the news of Uncharted getting a proper cast and budget. The script is obviously done, and has attracted big talent. We'll see.
  2. The scene where Schofield is running through the ruins as Thomas Newman's "Englander" is playing in the background was absolutely top shelf filmmaking. Many goosebumps were felt in that scene. The whole film is pretty damn stellar despite a somewhat rote plot, but that scene in particular will stick with me as one of the best of this year (or last).
  3. I do remember seeing a photo of Dwayne Johnson at a script reading with Shane Black. That project clearly had a strong foundation. I don't know what happened to it. It could still be in creative limbo.
  4. I would argue that Knives Out is a far superior film than Snowpiercer, but I feel like the internet would...for lack of a better term...be knives out when sharing that opinion.
  5. My concern rests with the cheap digital look of the film. It looks made for TV, and I mean MADE FOR TV.
  6. I don't think I ever saw him say good words about The Mummy despite his involvement with the film. The man doesn't sugar coat doo doo. So, this is relatively good news for Maverick.
  7. LOL. I believe it's in response to the threats made about targeting military assets/personnel. Who knows what intel they've been given. Hell, after yesterday's events, even the local PD is making a greater presence in the area.
  8. I live in San Diego. The psychosphere concerning conflict is palpable right now. All bases on high alert. It's all over the local news. I'm not one to give into hyperbole, but this type of atmosphere hasn't been felt since...you know when (at least some of you do).
  9. If I'm not mistaken, the general was taken out by a drone. This film is about a hot shot pilot who despises drone warfare. It's not like he was a good guy to begin with. The conversation seems petty in relation to the film.
  10. Hooper doesn't have Weinstein to help him out anymore. Game over. P.S.: Social Network and Fincher should've won that year. We all know this.
  11. I really don't wish to generalize, but does this have anything to do with the Bollywood obsessed culture over there? A majority of mediocre musicals manage to somehow pull in decent numbers in the UK (most of the time).
  12. This is the type of marketing they need to pump out. No more trailers for the film. More jaw dropping behind the scene footage. Emphasize the practical sunts/effects, and the IMAX experience.
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