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  1. The love shown between Craig and Evans in the photo shoots is either a not so subtle hint at character dynamics in the film, OR...they became BFF's on set. Either way, I'll ship it.
  2. Rian is an excellent director. I have pretty much enjoyed all of his films minus some quibbles with The Brothers Bloom. I think The Last Jedi has been placed into an echo chamber of political nonsense. Where the pulp reverence evident in the film is silenced by the naysayers. That being said, I was somewhat underwhelmed by this film's first trailer. I'm glad it's getting glowing reviews. Rian is, again, a very good director. It's going to be hard to market this despite the name power. How can you market a dialogue heavy whodunnit without revealing the ace in the sleeve? I hope it makes a decent profit. I dunno.
  3. Rupert Pupkin is a reflection of most of the users on random internet sites. So, I'm not surprised that they can't handle the reflection of a mirror that is turned upon them. Idolatry is present in many broken people, and it doesn't matter what group they throw themselves into. PS: We all know this Joker is heavily influenced by Rupert Pupkin in King of Comedy. Someone will do a side by side comparison in the not too distant future.
  4. Margot and Pitt radiated off the celluloid like a bright star in this film. I don't know if I'd say their performances were extraordinary, but Quentin utilized their pop iconography to a pitch perfect degree. It's a perfect match of imagined persona and fictional characterization.
  5. If Eddie's Netflix specials hit that sweet spot, this could be HUGE. How many of you use to watch Raw and Delirious on repeat back in the day? If Eddie proves he still has it, the cult will return. PS: I know his brand of humor back then will offend some, but damn if he wasn't the king.
  6. It was somewhat evident in Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown (minor scene from Fonda), but a particular scene in Kill Bill made it quite obvious. Also, we mustn't forget his scene in From Dusk til Dawn. Other than those films, it's not readily apparent. Nicolas Winding Refn loves hands curled as fists. Quentin loves feet. They make good films despite their weird yet harmless fetishes.
  7. I'm not gonna lie. I choked up when Dalton was finally invited to share some time with his next door neighbor. It was as if a ghost opened up the gates to an alternate universe we all want to live in. That was a nice tip of the hat from Quentin. Some might complain about the historical revisionism, but the ending is so sweet and heartfelt in spite of the hardcore violence that preceded it. I really REALLY loved this film. Especially when I think about it more.
  8. I'm just saying the Lovecraft influence is readily apparent. The aesthetic Eggers has chosen, as evident in the trailer, is amazing. At the very least, it makes me want to play Layers of Fear 2 again. Hey, I like it. I will certainly see this on the biggest screen possible despite it most likely being a limited release.
  9. I really enjoyed The Fog, The campfire story at the beginning is classic. It was the first time Carpenter was channeling Lovecraft. I love where this film is heading. I hope it doesn't disappoint. I don't think it will.
  10. They've already sold the cool factor of Cruise doing his own stunts. Now, they need to sell this as the perfect marriage of technology between state of the art cinema and a front row seat into one of the most thrilling experiences of modern human engineering. I know Dunkirk did a damn fine job, but this is like a well oiled machine compared to Dunkirk's classical aviation. Yes, it's a throwback. There's the tint of nostalgia, but they need to ensure that the audience knows that what they're providing is a considerable leap from Tom pretending to be flying in a fake cockpit while the camera shakes around to give the illusion of movement. That's not a knock against the original. I love the original in all of its cheesy chest bumping glory. It's just we have different demands these days.
  11. I am personally getting goosebumps just thinking about witnessing Maverick break the sound barrier in IMAX with no special effects required.
  12. The cinematography. The score. The Cruise. Exquisite. However, I must keep my expectations in check. Kosinski makes good looking films that are rather dull with the human element. Than again, it's Top Gun. Hyped!
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