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  1. I'm not overly concerned about Goyer or Miller. They seem suited for each other. The crass humor and love for the comic book genre is evident between both. They both are/were major contributors to where the genre is today, for better (and sometimes worse). The creative force behind the film seems well suited for this series. My only concern is how much room they're given while playing in Jim's sandbox. If they're given too much, you get "Genisys". If they're given too little, "Terminator 3" with Sarah Connor. Also, THAT TIMELINE. Someone is going to have to sticky a timeline post before this film is released.
  2. Is this a Joker film, or an unofficial sequel to The King of Comedy? I wonder how much influence Scorsese's original imprint had during pre-production. I'm not complaining, but the parallels (even at a visual level) are apparent.
  3. A trailer isn't required for my attendance. I will be there opening night like I was for the last two. It's goddamn tradition at this point.
  4. Cary Fukunaga directing an R rated Bond film. The rating mostly depending on full frontal nudity with most parties involved. It's gonna happen.
  5. Damon Herriman's appearance in the trailer was the highlight for me. Quentin's casting of beloved Justified actors remains without fail. The Elmore Leonard appreciation continues. Furthermore, I didn't think Damon would make a convincing Manson, but I stand corrected by the few seconds of footage here. PS: We all know Jeremy Davies also starred in Justified, and has remained the most convincing portrayal of Manson. However, I'm willing to give Damon the benefit of the doubt here.
  6. If this is a successful hybrid of BIG and the superhero genre, it could go places in the long run. I don't know about its immediate success, though. I'm gonna wait and see. I like what I see with the clips so far.
  7. Similar to The Last Jedi, the RT audience score is only reflective of kneejerk political speak rather than people who genuinely judge the film after seeing it. All things considered, it looks like it's a proper 3/5 film. I haven't seen it yet myself, but I can assure you that this "backlash" is similar to what happened to TLJ. To be fair, despite Roman Polanski's sordid past, I really enjoyed The Pianist, Ghost Writer, and even The Ninth Gate. You may rightfully disagree with the intentions or past actions of the creator(s), but to prematurely judge something without having seen it...it's all too common an error of judgment in the world of cinema.
  8. Why am I looking forward to this more than any other film so far promoted this year? The trailers shows a solid hybrid of the best parts of Child's Play 1 and 2, but it didn't exactly set my expectations on fire. 2019 needs an early hit, and we've yet to see something of quality.
  9. This is starting to make Prince of Persia look like Lawrence of Arabia.
  10. The scope of the world looks relatively impressive, but anything involving the characters (particularly, Genie) appears to be an afterthought. The marketing of this film so far makes it appear to be a big gaudy mess. My main issue is that Aladdin lacks the affable charisma of the original. The trailer makes him look too stoic and less dimensional than his cartoon counterpart.
  11. A sequel I never asked for, but I'm not opposing to seeing over 19 years later. I watched the original remake in theater, because I was a fan of Boyz and Christian Bale's performance in American Psycho (pre-Batman era). Mark this under "somewhat pleasantly surprised" this even exists.
  12. I'd rather have a man be courageous enough to express his past emotions and how he learned from the errs of his rage than a man who holds the deck close to his chest while enacting upon his darkest desires when preying upon the weak/less fortunate/outcasts/etc.
  13. He didn't need to bring it up, but he did for a reason. I think his reasoning was just in bringing up this little secret from his past (not just in relation to the plot of the film). Agree with you on the second part. There are plenty of people who hold that irrational and ignorant wrath until they die, and it warps into something worse like arrogant racism. They never learn, and then they gravitate to even more sinister measures emboldened by a community that shares the same paranoid tinged racial "profiling". It's a dangerous slippery slope we see time and time again here in the US.
  14. I still stand by my original sentiment. I've seen the original, so my inclination to pay full price in theater is diminished despite the positive majority. The thing that will greatly benefit this remake, from my perspective, is the humor that I didn't entirely grasp from the original. It was clearly a black comedy that worked on many levels, but I feel some of the elements were lost in translation (on my behalf).
  15. This begs to ask the question as to why anime and video game adaptations have struggled as long, if not longer, to find that sweet spot than CBMs. This is James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. These are not journeyman directors, and they can only muster "It's OK." reviews at best. What's the missing ingredient here? I'm still going to see this on the biggest screen possible, and judge it for myself. It just seems like those of us who grew up on this type of stuff are still waiting for the game changer.

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