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  1. Has Clive Barker seen the remake yet? I eagerly anticipate word from him. Granted, he is partial to his adaptations moreso than Stephen King.
  2. It will be interesting to see how theaters and distributors handle films with big hype surrounding them in the upcoming months. I imagine late summer/early fall is where there will be maximum potential for nostalgia fueled cinematic experiences. That's if we actually start implementing the phases this month or June. Another thing to consider is how to reconfigure the seating arrangement to maximize space between audience members whilst making distributors and theater chains pleased with the altered attendance numbers. Competition for providing extremely comfortable seating arrangements at an affordable price. You're paying for the chair as much as you are for the film, but at a reasonable price. It'll be somewhat exciting to see how theaters modify the environment to suit the requirements of current health regulations/psychology of the people.
  3. The original was no Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and its lasting legacy was contributed by a man who is currently serving time in jail for a lengthy list of sexual abuse. The NBA should consider rebooting Air Bud before this. Reboot it with Cats. It can't be any worse than that awful film directed by an award winning director.
  4. Governor Newsom opened the beaches and parks over the last week. He saw pictures from Newport Beach, which made Florida look like an exercise in control. All California beaches and parks are closed AGAIN tomorrow. I don't see how theaters are opened anytime soon. This scenario provides an interesting dilemma in social control. On one end, you have people who are like "OMG! THERE ARE PEOPLE WALKING OUTSIDE ON A BEACH! OH MY GAWWWWWW...!" The other end is people who simply miss what they were once accustomed to. When you acquiesce the former before easing restrictions, OF COURSE people will flood the very place they were restricted from entering.
  5. Films: Empires Strikes Back A New Hope Force Awakens Revenge of the Sith Return of the Jedi Last Jedi Rogue One Rise of the Skywalker/Solo (slightly enjoyable yet forgettable to a certain degree) Attack of the Clones Phantom Menace Games: Knights of the Old Republic series (1>2) Jedi Knight/Dark Force series (2 > 1 > Outcast > Academy) X-Wing series (Tie Fighter > X-Wing vs. Tight Fighter > Alliance > Original) Rogue Squadron series ( 2> 3 > 1) EA Battlefront 2 > Original Battlefront series > EA Battlefront Super Star Wars SNES games Force Unleashed 1>2 (despite being the only Star Wars games with light saber dismemberment) Rebel Assault series (2>1) Masters of Teras Kasi Prequel Licensed Games (mostly never completed). I completed the isometric Phantom Menace game, because it was released before the film on the PC. Hype purchase. Mediocre game. I never completed Empire at War or any of the RTS games. I did enjoy them, though. Also, never really played the arcade or table top games. I still have yet to even start Fallen Order, but I've heard many good things about it. Shows: I've only seen Mandalorian, and thoroughly enjoyed it more than several of the films. Comic books/Novels: I only collected the Dark Horse X-Wing series.
  6. Theaters will have to invest in large sofa chairs that are given distance from each other. Comfort meets science meets safety.
  7. I understand how the film is overlooked. It was a critical and box office failure at the time, but it is undeniably Lynchian for most of its running time. Similar to most of De Laurentiis sci-fi/fantasy films of that era, it was gaudy, self indulgent, curiously unique, and soon to have a cult following. I imagine most of us fans were introduced to the universe via Lynch's film before deep diving into Herbert's novel, for better or worse.
  8. Stark contrast to Jodorowsky's reaction to Lynch's Dune. I'm actually a fan of Lynch's maligned misfire. However, Jodorowsky expressed relief when he first watched the film, and how he thought it was as terrible as everyone else thought it to be. It was a huge weight off his shoulder to discover his passion project wasn't expertly crafted by a younger version of himself. He eventually enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure (as have most of us).
  9. Dune has an incredibly hardcore fanbase. The general synopsis of the novel reflects this young millennia in ways that not many other popular novels were able to achieve. I tried to read Lord of the Rings and found it boring, but that doesn't mean many people share my sentiments. I suppose it comes down to the attraction of the universe that the novel builds in relation to its audience. I find Frank's vision far more tangible and attractive than anything in LOTR. I'm not saying one is better than the other. It's really apples and oranges.
  10. Tell your local cat lady to stop feeding stray cats at the park. Sacrifices must be made.
  11. A stranglehold of power held by two men who are too old to rule a young country. One struggling with dementia. The other struggling with ego. None of them experienced enough with common struggles to understand those they preside over. The Warrior Poet is a dead icon. Soft men with soft money.
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