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  1. I'm not familiar with Pokemon, but I would call this a moderate success. As some people have pointed out, its success in terms of video game/anime adaptations has been overshadowed by the lofty financial expectations fueled by fandom on the internet. Sometimes the two don't necessarily correlate with the average movie goer (YT numbers, twitter trending, etc).
  2. You could argue F&F, too. I'm thinking of series that present stunts as pure art in breathtaking choreographed and geographically sensible visuals. In this case, I would include the Mad Max series. However, Thunderdome has its rightful detractors.
  3. It now enters that rare echelon of Hollywood action/adventure series that have a consistently solid trilogy. Die Hard, Indiana Jones, the "rebooted" M:I trilogy, and now John Wick. Fans will appreciate one over the other, but the quality is definitely present throughout.
  4. One of my most anticipated films of this year so far, and I'm still out. 45-50M OW. I sense good legs will carry it to victory in the long run, though.
  5. The Continental. It's not entirely official yet, but deals have been made.
  6. The original had a good trailer with a simple and somewhat silly premise. The action scenes presented in the trailer coupled with Keanu's "Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back." was a nice tip of the hat to fans who grew up with his 90's action cinema. Turns out the film was not only littered with excellent action, but had a nice little world tucked beneath all of that bravado. The second expanded that world of assassins with interesting little footnotes. Pop culture latched onto it, and now we have multiple games, comics, and a TV show. Arguably, the most internationally beloved original action character since...Rambo (despite being loosely translated from First Blood). Obviously, this is a better trilogy than Rambo. So, it's never really been a cult thing.
  7. I'm gonna be conservative with a nice little bump from 2's OW. I'll say around 45M. I think this film will have damn good legs. Adults need their summer jam. This is it. Drop the kids off at Pikachu's second viewing while the grown ups rock solid with Wick.
  8. This film sounds like a perfectly self aware tribute to 90s action cinema. If Keanu has a cameo on a motorcycle, I am so on board with this craziness.
  9. Margot as Tate is similar to Blanchett as Hepburn in the Aviator, and that's being extremely generous. Especially when you consider Tarantino said that the Tate-LaBianca murders are more of a backdrop (as the trailer suggests).
  10. Always good to watch a pure action film in the company of fellow adults who grew up on this stuff. It seems like an annual get together for a rare celebration. Opening day as tradition. Last year was Mission: Impossible. John Wick takes front and center for 2019.
  11. Oh. Oh, no. Where to begin with this one? This not only looks like a terrible video game adaptation, but it looks like one that was made in the late 90s. All sorts of wrong here. Granted, Sonic has had many peaks and valleys during his inception. Most of the underwhelming entries relegated to the previous generation when Naka wasn't really involved with Sonic Team. I don't want to talk about the hands either. I mean, what's wrong with gloves? Those hands look creepy on such a character. I initially thought Carrey's involvement would prove to be a sign of some quality, but it might be similar to Raul Julia in Street Fighter. Edit: I braved a second viewing, and did notice gloves during the highway showdown. Yes, that's how bad this is. I'm looking for gloves.
  12. Terror on Haight Street. This summer. Manson is dead. Weed is legal. Your favorite doll is loose! Honestly, I'm hyped for this. Child's Play is a good series to update ever so often, and this looks like a highly stylized update to my favorite Chucky film, "Child's Play 2".
  13. I hope that when a male fan of another popular series is on the verge of tears from the hype generated from a trailer that I'm safe to judge their character, sexuality, and livelihood. I would feel so vindicated and secure in my life to perform such a feat of...wait...what does my life mean to others? It all feels so empty.
  14. Damn. I forgot about that movie. Jason and Chris were the best parts of that film. Best use of Journey of all time.
  15. They need to be more adventurous for the directorial choices. Once the domestic box office dominance is complete, obviously. I wouldn't mind seeing a heavy metal adult fantasy version directed by Panos Cosmatos. If Dune and Blade Runner can choose proper high art directors, so, too, can Star Wars. This series is the ultimate sandbox for the imagination. It's time we close these chapters, and move on to more wild attractions.
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