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  1. I’m very happy that gal gadot is in this. I was worried that they would only focus on the princesses but now it seems that they have another great addition to this film
  2. This movie is very crowdpleasing. 35-40M is my projection
  3. This movie really holds up the second viewing. I saw it for the first time over a Month Ago and just saw it again and loved it even more the second time around. Absolutely amazing film
  4. Amy Adams looks So much more like Sophia lillis. It’s even more underlined in Sharp objects that they should have cast Adams. She just has the Same feeling About here while Chastain just is a much different actress
  5. I don’t understand How people here think this film still Will come out. Fox didn’t even brought this movie to comic con. An event to which they went every time a new x-men movie came out. After there promotion kicked off very early with that entertainment weekly coverage they haven’t put Anything out from the movie which says to me that they already saw this coming. The movie has disastrous buzz and Feige is just gonna go in there and swipe it off the table. I think we all should be happy If this never sees the light of day altough at first i was very very excited for it. This is one of the best x-men stories and i want it to be done Justice.
  6. Just saw it and thought it was great. Surprisingly touching film. This is gonna have great wom. I myself am gonna watch it two more times
  7. I’ve just read the part of this character in the book. And i hoped they would put this in the second movie while they didn’t do it in the mini series. Very exciting
  8. I think chalamet is very good but always see him acting. When i look at him i see very much Timothee chalamet who plays a role
  9. That rendition of ‘Baby mine’ Gave me chills
  10. You can see him at 0:02 and 1:29
  11. What i want is for dark maul and Qi’ra to show up in the obi wan movie. It would cause for Some cross-overs between movies which i think could help in building these spinoffs as a whole
  12. I thought the Story was really boring. Emilia Clarke and Alden Ehrenreich are the best things in the film
  13. Well i can, but i just wanted to say that in the movie i couldn’t Really feel for here because She was just So cold and kept such a distance. For example in the Help i absolutely loved here. It just seems that her leading lady roles in movies are just not Working out. I’d like her to do something original.

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