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  1. My grandma wanted to see the movie cause she watched the show when iT aired. She hasn’t gone to the cinema in atleast 20 years. So i Saïd i would go with her but i would first watch the show. I’m now at the beginning of season 5 so two seasons to go. Absolutely marvelous show love iT
  2. Florence pugh has a very deep voice which i think is cool. Scarlett Johansson has the same and what do you know pugh is the new Black widow. Everyone looks very good. Why Eliza scanlen didn’t get a line is beyond me. If you have seen Sharp objects you have to agree she’s such a big talent. Tbh i don’t get the hype for Chalamet like others do. Yes he is good but he doesn’t seen to be doing something new here. Don’t think that Dune is gonna work out for him. IT has massive money losing flop written all over it
  3. I didn’t even like get out. When i got out of the money i was like: WoW is this were people are so buzzing about
  4. Still bummed that colette didn’t get a nomination because iT was a horror movie but Daniël kaluuya did. Kaluuya was good but colette was iconic
  5. Next year Will be a very different year also for Disney. Where iT really played iT safe this year with movies who were always gonna make big bucks, next year they have two experimental Marvel movies, no star wars movie , 3 original animations, a Movie with a Chinese lead , cruella, jungle cruise and Artemis . That is not a line up that says 5 billion dollar movies save for mulan. IT also seems that the studio’s next year Will kick iT up a notch to compete
  6. She does not look like sharon . But neither does Robbie. Rosé Byrne would maybe have been good casting for her
  7. IT seems a little bit disrespectful. Also to the audience who maybe don’t know the Manson murders. I think abroad not many people know what actually happened.
  8. I have not seen iT yet but heard how the Manson murders are depicted. What a mistake of Tarantino. I hope iT works better in the movie
  9. Do not worry about Pugh . people who where at the early screenings for little women are calling her MVP and a lock for best supporting actress nomination
  10. I expected to love iT, i came out hating iT. This is just shameful. Not one scène even holds up to the original. I also did not get how they managed to steal every shot from the original but decided to let the Sun in the opening shot rise in the corner of the screen. What an incredible dissapointment
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