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  1. What a piece of crap. There was no reaction of the audience and no exciting chatter after iT. This films makes decisions to explain previous twists but fall flat. I’m just so dissapointed
  2. Everything about this shining sequeel works except all the things that link iT to the shining. Some scenes iT was just sooo bad and iT felt that they Were ridiculing that masterpiece. All the other parts were absolutely phenomenal but man that third act is so not good
  3. Sorry but they should just cancel everything and go in the way where joker left of. To me all the upcoming dc movies seem like a Joke after joker. To go from that movie to this movie full of villains where they have to share the spotlight. Not even talking about that horrible birds of prey thing. Lets get a Harley Quinn in there who understands the character . They only thing i would be sad about going is gal Gadots wonder women.
  4. Just saw iT. I actually liked it. For Some Reading the Third act reminded me so much of the last season of game of thrones in terms of story. There is also a clever Nod to the animated film at the end of the film.
  5. My grandma wanted to see the movie cause she watched the show when iT aired. She hasn’t gone to the cinema in atleast 20 years. So i Saïd i would go with her but i would first watch the show. I’m now at the beginning of season 5 so two seasons to go. Absolutely marvelous show love iT
  6. Florence pugh has a very deep voice which i think is cool. Scarlett Johansson has the same and what do you know pugh is the new Black widow. Everyone looks very good. Why Eliza scanlen didn’t get a line is beyond me. If you have seen Sharp objects you have to agree she’s such a big talent. Tbh i don’t get the hype for Chalamet like others do. Yes he is good but he doesn’t seen to be doing something new here. Don’t think that Dune is gonna work out for him. IT has massive money losing flop written all over it
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