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  1. cinemas reopened here in Holland. So I got to watch Interstellar there. Absolutely beautiful film
  2. Cathy confirmed the rumors in her actual tweets though. What was originally was gonna be in the Diamond was a picture of a Greece ‘naked’ statue of Roman. The diamond was gonna be swallowed by a child. That was at least a bit dubious.
  3. I’ve watched The Leftovers two times. It’s the kind of show you could watch over and over and still discover new things. Absolutely brilliant all around
  4. Ah okay thanks for explaining. Though it is a weird move to have your first look of a movie and then show none of that or at least tease it a little
  5. These look more like photos in a magazine with the theme futuristic dessert than an actual movie. Why is everyone vogueing in these pictures? Still excited though. Rebecca Ferguson= life
  6. If I were Disney I would put Artemis fowl and new mutants on streaming so black widow or mulan can move to Artemis fowl date. Antlers can release any time they want. I want to watch a quiet place 2 in theatres though
  7. Sad that invisible man will not make it to 100 million. Maybe when people start going to the movies again no other movie will have opened yet so they will have to go to the leftover movies. Still TIM is a huge succes for the studio
  8. Now with these two months completely empty, will the invisible man and onward make more money than they would have had if the rest would have come out?
  9. Hmmm maybe they do care about this movie more than one would think. They want it do well for some reason right?
  10. I think they should. ‘no time to die’ is a well but not spectacular well received song. By November the song will be almost a year old. The song will be off the radio by then
  11. It isn’t as if Elisabeth Moss has been lacking good roles. The Handmaid’s Tale alone is one of the best female and showy roles out there right now
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