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  1. I would advise to go in as blank as possible. After a night of sleep i am even more realising how crazy it was😂😂.
  2. This film is absolutely batshit insane. So many twists and turns and yes that third act is ridiculously crazy. I really liked it and do not get why this movie will be divisive. The film is very straightforward but i would get that the end twist for some would be a step too far. Great set pieces, it does not only take place at the house but at various cool locations. The music choices sometimes were a little jarring though. The first two acts were also very scary. I would definitely recommend people to watch this in a theater because i feel this is the first really scary ‘hide your eyes’ horror
  3. I think Blankments means that because of many people subscribing to hbomax for the friends reunion these people will also be able to watch conjuring 3 and in the heights on hbomax because they are now subscribed for a month.
  4. Having just finished reading the book, i can say that this movie would have been a flop in theatres. Totally inaccessible, too much exposition and stuff you need to know, almost no action (maybe the movie added more and overall not a very interesting story (my opinion). After the first act the story drags. It is very reminiscent to other sci fi movies. I know this was the original but mainstream audiences do not care about that. It did remind me very much of star wars. It even had an Emperor! I also find the lead character Paul to be not very likeable and very emotionally detached which i know
  5. Ohhh yeah you’re right i did not think about Soul. Haven’t seen Ww84 yet but i’ll wait for theatres on that one. January 20th
  6. Who feels that this would not have a backlash if it was only theaters? I think watching things at home makes it a lot more easier to shit on something because you don’t feel like you bought a ticket so its easier to find something not worthy of your approval. Next to also having not the whole theatre experience
  7. it’s quite frustrating that now the international people(me included) likely will have to wait longer for movies even though their cinema going is getting back on track only because America is not quite there yet.
  8. What if Tenet is not going to do well not only because of the pandemic but also because of bad WOM. Will other movies than move even though a big factor of the bad box office will be that People do not like the movie
  9. I just saw it and thought it was enjoyable but felt very small. Anya Was by far the stand out.
  10. I totally agree but i thought for instance with the flash and black adam movie there would have been more news than what we got.
  11. Am i the only one who finds dc fanfome up until now a little underwhelming? All we got was trailers for movies we already saw a trailer for (justice league and wonder woman) and one behind the scenes clip reel for suicide squad
  12. cinemas reopened here in Holland. So I got to watch Interstellar there. Absolutely beautiful film
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