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  1. Well When you think About it he is taking big risks with alladin and Mulan. Two movies with unknown actors in the lead with two diverse ethnicities who have not proven themselves box office wise domestic. Except of course for crazy rich asians. Also maybe the Elsa becoming a member of the lgbt community is a risk. But indeed the live action remakes have been very lazy even If they look absolutely beautiful
  2. I think Christian bale Will be nominated but not win cause they just rewarded Gary Oldman in a similar kind of transformation role
  3. WoW this movie is absolutely amazing. Bradley cooper and lady gaga for the Oscars!
  4. Well i think there’s a difference between the Calibre of the characters here. Spider man, wonder woman, Black Panther basically sell on the concept of the characters themselves. These are characters that the mainstream audience has never heard of and i think they Will not Get excited About this casting. That’s not to say that they Will do a good job though.
  5. Altough the actresses are good, these aren’t splashy exciting picks for the cast. That the dceu cast these actresses just shows that No big star want to be in the dceu. I loved MEW in cloverfield btw
  6. That looks to be faithful to the original but also fresh
  7. I’m very happy that gal gadot is in this. I was worried that they would only focus on the princesses but now it seems that they have another great addition to this film
  8. This movie is very crowdpleasing. 35-40M is my projection
  9. This movie really holds up the second viewing. I saw it for the first time over a Month Ago and just saw it again and loved it even more the second time around. Absolutely amazing film
  10. Amy Adams looks So much more like Sophia lillis. It’s even more underlined in Sharp objects that they should have cast Adams. She just has the Same feeling About here while Chastain just is a much different actress

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