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  1. What do you mean with workaround? When i want to go to the box office discussion it says error but i can come on this weekend thread discussion
  2. There are Some thriller elements but overall the film continues the ambiance of unbreakable which is more dramatic and focussed On the characters. I thought the film was very entertaining and good but that ending is gonna cause for a lot of division. It’s just a bit weird that that ending was the bigger plan that M. Night had for this franchise.
  3. I think the valentine’s movie Will be that rebel wilson flick
  4. Yeah i totally saw it wrong . But When you look quickly at the poster it seems as If the gloves cover her whole hand
  5. Well it’s not as If the Moana songs Truly blew up. Those were not on frozen or greatest showman level When you speak of popularity
  6. Is there a chance this could become a awards contenter just like Get out? It certainly has an awards-baity cast
  7. Female, So it seems to be Moss because you can see the color of her skin
  8. I absolutely adore Julia Louis-dreyfus
  9. In my country it is a known property mostly because of the stage musical that was a big hit here
  10. I hope it does well So Disney Will use the animation they used for that paperman short
  11. Julian1410

    Artemis Fowl | August 9 2019

    Btw that weird voice is Judi Dench i believe. Why don’t they show her and Josh Gad instead of Hong Chau and that actor who was in GAme of thrones
  12. Julian1410

    Artemis Fowl | August 9 2019

    It’s trending right now
  13. Bohemian rhapsody’s trailer was also Little bit more commercial and flashier Then A Star Is Born. I also think BR appealed to both men and women whereas A Star Is Born appealed to mostly women. I thought they were both great.

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