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  1. As in movies about characters we didn't meet before in the Skywalker saga ?
  2. Why did they do that movie ? From the moment it was announced everyone was asking that question Also why didn't they make more movies like Rogue One ? IMO it was the best SW movie, why not make more of that instead ? It's not like it didn't make money
  3. A second weekend of 146 or so is VERY impressive but not when you open a 110 million more than the current second wknd record holder and fail to surpass it's second weekend
  4. It's amazing that people still think that anyone can make sequels that make more money, especially the 22nd movie in a series
  5. One question : What if Avatar 2 made Rogue One numbers ? Seriously, what if ?
  6. Payne, Villeneuve, O Russel, McQueen, Iñárritu, PT Anderson, and Fincher have all made multiple great movies yet people are reluctant to mention them with the greatest directors. Not the case with Nolan fans tho
  7. Wait, why are people mentioning Nolan when talking about legendary directors like JC, Spielberg, Scorsese and the likes ? I'm honestly curious, is he a legend for making Inception and one fantastic CBM out of a trilogy ? Am I missing something here ?
  8. Titanic is one of the most important films of all time, this movie deserves every word of praise and it will forever be JC's magnum opus Avatar was a technical wonder, that's it. It made what it made because it was a movie to be experienced in large screen cinema 3D. It was amazingly well done and cameron even deserved the oscar for best director however, it was not even the best sci fi movie of the year ( District 9 ) JC will get his chance in 18 months or so, lets see how he does this time
  9. I'm sure it will be a decent movie like the first one It won't triumph though , those days are long past my friend
  10. Said this earlier Solo is like origins:wolverine if wolverine was not the most important x men and it came out half a year after x men 3
  11. It really makes sense that Solo is doing bad I mean why go watch it ? I'm a fan of the franchise but not a die hard fan so naturally I'll watch the trilogy in the theater because there is some sense of urgency to them . I attended Rouge One because the idea of unfamiliar places was attracting plus good marketing Now why would a person like me go watch Solo ? No urgency as it does not touch the main story line and it is a damn prequel standalone , the marketing sucked , the reviews aren't glowing and it is following the not so positively received star wars movie This movie is like X men origins Wolverine if Wolverine was not the most important member and it came out half a year after X men 3
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