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  1. I have seen it twice already! Seeing it again today. I loved it even more a second time. This time i already knew what was going to happen so I was able to be more emotionally tuned to the characters and their actions and loved it even more. It's about very different people seeking their identity and choosing sides in a war that is yet to fully begin. It was a human character study on how difficult and bad choices can lead to horrible consequences for the future in different ways in terms of a potential war or family turmoil. How different types of relationships influence us and make us who we are whether they be romantic or familial. How an intelligent and charismatic man can exploit chaos and use people's vulnerabilities to gain a following and spread division and discord to his own advantage. It was a magical feast full of fascinating political theatre and strife set in a familar world i was introduced to and loved as a child. Its also a very aesthetically beautiful film. It was great in 3D and I usually hate 3D. I loved being a part of this world again. Although not my favourite part of the franchise I appreciated the lightness the beasts gave the film. It was a wizarding world experience and I can't wait to see it again and decipher every moment for clues regarding the future......liked it more than the first one. Regarding ppl hating it, it's because many people don't like Rowling's storytelling which is fine. It isn't everyones cup of tea. Ppl really don't understand it though. It isnt a bunch of random Easter eggs and throw backs thrown together Lol. Much of what ppl think are unnecessary scenes and random additions or "fan service" will be important for future instalments. That's how JKR works. Many hate that type of storytelling but I actually enjoy the suspense it generates. Its also a very different type of movie and ppl dont like that in their blockbusters. I'm not completely blind I can see why ppl think it's muddled and overstuffed but It really is like a book with chapters and there is a lot going on that will only pay off later. John campea called it quite a bold movie and I agree. I admire its originality. I understand many will hate it and do. It relies on ppl seeing it more than once IMO which is dangerous storytelling for a blockbuster and I do agree that it sets up plotlines and character arcs that will only pay off or develop fully in future instalments which I know many find frustrating but for some reason this just makes me more intrigued for future movies. I have never loved a movie that was hated so much by so many before Lol and it is quite disconcerting but oddly enough I have come not to care. If you guys liked the movie too and wanna talk to me about it please hit me up so we can enjoy it together away from the hate and not feel so isolated lol. I have some theories that might rest your mind in terms of the ending and some twists. Rowling said this in an interview, "Whatever you think you know at the end of the film might not be the case" Regarding the box office I think it will drop but I doubt it will be so bad it will destroy the franchise (not sure about its legs. If people see it twice they will definitely like it more so it has some potential in that regard but will they come again (I liked it the first time. Loved it the second)? More importantly will the reviews stop them from giving this movie a chance in the first place?). To be honest I actually don't particularly care about the box office cause I doubt WB will risk angering JKR who has a lot of control over her IP and change the five movie plan (might get a cowriter but that's pretty much it) so this might be my last post here cause you guys are so negative I just can't relate! Lol I guess if you hated it there's nothing I can do. Movies really are subjective. This experience has drilled that into me. 😂 I just hope enough people like it so I'm not so completely alone in my unapologetic love for this movie.........hit me up people and let's talk. 😁
  2. I agree. I dont know why im surprised to be honest. The question is will this impact the box office or will word of mouth help it at all?
  3. Yep i agree. Too early but i think this is most likely. It doesnt mean that it will definitely hurt the box office. I mean venom did well but its not looking good.
  4. Yeah this could go either way. It could improve or it could get worse. Only a few reviews are out so let's see what happens. I have a feeling it could do well with HP fans even those who didnt like the first one. (Although given how toxic the fandom has become who knows?) Not sure about GA.
  5. IGN can be quite harsh so I'm happy with that review. It's looking good so far. Not everyone will like it but it's looking like this movie might be fresh. Might be lower than the first though.
  6. As a fan of both Harry Potter and Comic Book movies can we please stop with the franchise wars? They are far too different to compare and it's a discussion no one will objectively win. Thanks
  7. I agree. Breaking Dumbledore's heart is definitely worse than murder. The bastard. Hair should be ranked higher than murder too 😏
  8. He was too grumpy and irritated to be book Dumbledore in GOF and OOTP but he just lacked the personality and charm of Dumbledore in HBP and DH. Also he didn't have a huge amount of chemistry with Daniel which reduced people's interest in their relationship. I like him as an actor but I feel he was playing a character of his own invention with aspects of book Dumbledore sprinkled in. Jude Law so far has been perfect with amazing chemistry with Eddie and everyone I know who's seen the film seems to say the same so far. I'm happy about that.
  9. It's far too early to judge if this score will have any staying power especially considering mostly super fans have seen this film most having had very positive reactions and more importantly the vast majority of critic reviews as few they were are very positive as well, i would say this score is not a very good indication of what score the film might get in future.
  10. People seem to be completely disregarding evidence now and are just stating their opinions. Nothing will be resolved this way. Instead of engaging in speculation about people none of us know personally and issues we dont know the full story of why dont we go back to talking about the movie?
  11. That statement was full of contradictions that also said there was no intended physical or emotional harm in the relationship. It was a legal document crafted by lawyers to ensure nothing is resolved and it harms neither party and both parties at the same time. It supplies no legal resolution as it is so contradictory. American law is full of legal loopholes that is confusing and very complicated Depp openly claims he was falsely accused here. I’ll be honest with you, I felt bad for J.K. having to field all these various feelings from people out there. I felt bad that she had to take that. But ultimately, there is real controversy. The fact remains I was falsely accused, which is why I’m suing the Sun newspaper for defamation for repeating false accusations. J.K. has seen the evidence and therefore knows I was falsely accused, and that’s why she has publicly supported me. She doesn’t take things lightly. She would not stand up if she didn’t know the truth. So that’s really it. Source: https://ew.com/movies/2018/10/11/johnny-depp-grindelwald-interview/ He goes into further depth in the GQ interview. Mate if you want to die on this cross then go ahead. I'm not going to convince you of anything so why don't we go back to talking about the movie.
  12. Would love to visit Japan and Uganda. So happy about Brazil. This series has an interesting potential future. I'm intrigued.
  13. I know this is a movie channel but these allegations have really negatively impacted the movie so i think its important for people to see all sides of this issue as apparently no one seems to know his side. I am not really a Depp fan and couldnt care less about him to be honest but I dont like when people spread false information. According to court documents, police who were called after the incident saw no signs she was hurt and no signs of assault. The constables were willing to attest to that in court. He has 29 lines of evidence to support his claims he did not hit her and 23 witnesses, according to the documents, willing to give testimony against her claims of abuse including depp and heard's bodyguards who were there at the time and Sources who saw no bruise on her face in the days following the alleged incident. Again please stop spreading incorrect information. Depp and Heard settled their divorce. The charges of assault against Depp were dropped with Prejudice by a judge in court. The money she received was because Depp married without a Pre-nup and she was owed half of what he earned during the duration of their marriage. We don't know what happened, we were not there but please be careful when it comes to condemning someone who hasn't been charged with anything nor did he settle out of court on this issue. Now why don't we move on to what this thread is actually about and enjoy our movie discussions.
  14. True but she liked tweets interpreting her emoji review which called it boring and saying it jumped the shark which is a negative phrase so I'm just assuming she agrees with those tweets. But she did like a tweet saying she liked the beginning, it shocked her in parts but she didn't much like the end as it jumped the shark so it's not a completely negative review; more a mixed one.
  15. We do not fight out of hatred, for magic blooms only in rare souls...... Lol no seriously as I said this film could be crap and she might be right in her criticisms but I just thought people should be aware of certain biases that some might have. She and the others might be absolutely right with their criticisms. It's too early to know.

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